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60 vs 65 Keyboard: Which Is Better? 2022

When it comes to keyboards, the debate between 60 vs 65 Keyboard models is never ending. Both have their merits and drawbacks, so deciding which one is better ultimately depends on your specific needs.

The 60-key keyboard is more compact, making it easier to transport and store, while the 65-key model offers a wider range of keys, allowing for greater versatility when playing music or gaming. The 60-key keyboard is often cheaper, too, but its lack of keys may be an issue for some users.

On the other hand, the 65-key keyboard has additional buttons and controls that can provide an even deeper level of customization. Ultimately, the best keyboard will depend on what you’re looking for. Consider your budget, preferences, and needs carefully before choosing either a 60 or 65-key keyboard.

What Is a 60% Keyboard?

The 60 percent keyboard is available with a design representing 60% of a typical-size full-sized keyboard. It’s mechanical with no arrow keys. This type of keyboard features each key you’d expect to encounter on a keyboard, except critical functions (F1 up to F12) and arrow keys. Navigation keys for pages, Numpad delete, insert, scroll lock and put sc keys.

While the designated keys might be unavailable, you still have access to their capabilities. But you’ll need a different key or combination to create the same result. A majority of 60 percent of keyboards have up to 61 keys, compared to the typical keyboard, which features the keys 105.

The 60 percent layout is a simple keyboard, ideal for those with small space on their desks. They’re light and straightforward to carry around, which makes them an excellent accessory for gamers who compete.

What Is a 65% Keyboard?

The keyboard that is 65 percent is the 60 percent keyboard but with more buttons. Although the sixty percent keyboard features 61 keys, The 65 percent keyboard usually includes 68 keys. These additional keys could include Numpad, arrow keys or a few specifically designed to perform macros.

If it’s a keyboard with a 60% percent which is designed with arrow keys, or any additional keys, it’s classified as an 85 percent keyboard.

What Is a 65% Keyboard?

What is the Difference Between 60 vs 65 keyboard?

1. Size

60% keyboard

Suppose you remove the Numpad and Navigation cluster. In that case, you can gain approximately 15 centimeters (approximately 6 inches in freedom units) in the horizontal area for your mouse while keeping your keyboard in the same place. This lets you keep your hands closer to each other, which is more ergonomic and comfortable. Have you ever seen professional gamers use this type of keyboard angle?

This is because they’ve become accustomed to desks with narrow spaces in LAN setups and have had to come up with a method to create more space for their mouse. A slight tilt of your keyboard can free the space needed for the mousepad. At 60%, the problem is virtually eliminated.

Its small size is also ideal for carrying it around alone. If you spend a lot of time writing on your computer, then you may be interested in an 80% keyboard to accompany it – it will barely fit in your bag and will be more comfortable to type on than the keyboard on your laptop.

65% keyboard

Since the 65% figure is quite close to 60% physical size and weight, the same benefits are applicable. It has similar ergonomics as well as more mouse space. Additionally, the 65% could be a more effective laptop companion since it comes with a primary navigation cluster, which I have found invaluable when working on laptops.

2. Options

This keyboard can be customized. They generally have standard layouts and enjoy the benefits of being compatible with almost every custom keyboard. There are also a variety of keysets that are 60% only, which, naturally, set prices lower as they are only equipped with the keys to making the 60 percentage keyboard.

Customized cases are also a standard feature for 60% of keyboards since they all utilize the typical screw positions, and for this reason, there are many alternatives to make the look of your keyboard something distinctive.

The best part about these cases is that they come with many options, some of which are considerably less costly than the usual full-sized keyboards. The most popular budget keyboards include the Anne Pro 2 and the (now older) Poker 2.

What is the Difference Between 60 vs 65 keyboard?

3. Programmability

Because this form factor is required to be sacrificed so much to create a minimalist appearance, keyboard makers have created an easy solution to make a programmable layer.

This is usually in the form of a PN key, and when you hold it, its functions are activated with each critical shift. Nearly all keyboards can be equipped with this function, and the most significant benefit is the ability to customize the layer however you’d like using a couple of simple keystrokes.

They can usually record basic macros directly on the keyboard, with no requirement to install complex software. Programmable layers are both the solution to a problem and have a unique advantage that allows you to alter and adjust the layout according to your preference.

4. Advantages

60% keyboard

If I were to choose one of the main reasons to buy 60 percent keyboards, it’d refer to their size. One of the first things you’ll notice about a keyboard that tiny is the amount of space there is for your mouse.

65% keyboard

Form Factor Form Factor: The physical size of the keyboard, which is 65 percent, is very similar to the one you will find with the version with 60 percent. Because of this, you can take advantage of the same advantages, including ergonomics, comfort, and ample space to place your mouse.

Another benefit is that the keyboard with 65 percent is equipped with a navigational cluster, making it more suitable for your laptop than the 60 percent version.

Additionally, Keys Many players use the keyboard with 65 percent over 60 percent because it is equipped with critical arrows. There is no need to think of keys to play your game.

Although the fact that key arrows are similar to the alphanumeric clusters could take some time to become used to, you’ll be able to be assured that the arrow keys are available to assist you when you’re playing.

5. Disadvantages

60% keyboard

The opposite aspect of the coin. The keyboard is giving, and the keyboard takes away. While the size is the main draw, it is also responsible for the most significant drawback.

The size implies that you’ll have to give up dedicated keys for the F-keys, your navigation group (the Arrow keys, the plethora of navigational buttons on top), and the numbers pad. However, you still have access to the functions listed above; however, it’s more complicated than an actual size keyboard.

For instance, the F-keys can be accessible by holding the FN-key (you’ll already know the FN-key if you are operating laptops) while pressing numbers 1-9. along with the symbols that comprise the remainder of the row.

Similar to the arrow keys, they are typically used by holding the FN key and mimicking the arrow keys in the keyboard. This requires finger acrobatics that put your pinky on the line, as it has to be held by the PN or FN keys to perform different functions.

65% keyboard

Its 65%-sized keyboard can trade off a few things to make room for the keyboard’s arrow keys. This is the only drawback contrasted to the 60% design. The primary issue is that there are few options for customization.

The arrow keys being fitted usually means that the right-side modifiers are squashed in and that the navigation cluster keys are in the wrong rows, which causes customized keysets that won’t be a good fit or appear odd when they fit.

About 65% of keyboards prevent this issue by creating weird gaps between some of the most awkwardly-fitting keys, like the Varmilo VA68 above.

60% and 65% Keycap Compatibility

6. 60% and 65% Keycap Compatibility

One thing to be aware of when buying 60 65-65% keys is keycap compatibility. The model you buy, certain 60 percent and 65% keyboards, may have minor deviations from the typical layout.

When you purchase these kinds of keyboards, it’s crucial to avoid purchasing keys that are 104 since they are designed explicitly for full-sized keyboards. They do not come with the additional keys these keyboards require.

When it comes to what keyboard sets you should purchase, it is a matter of being sure they include a 1.75U right shift and additional 1U keys. It is important to note that the 1.75U right shift can be utilized by a majority of keyboards that are 65 and some keyboards that use 60% with the arrow keys. The additional 1U keys will benefit 60 and 65 percent of keyboards with 1U modifiers.

Who should buy an 85% Keyboard?

If you’re not interested in the 60 percent-sized keyboard as it doesn’t have Arrow keys, but you would prefer an instrument with a smaller size of 65%, then the keyboard’s dimensions are perfect for you. Be aware that it will be challenging to modify the keyboard, and you might need help finding a suitable case to protect the keyboard.

However, keyboards with 60 and 65 percent are fantastic choices for gamers, mainly when you play FPS or MOBA games. The games in these categories only feature a few combinations of keys, and a handful of games utilize the F-row.

7. Gaming Performance

The sixty and the 65 percent keys do not have limits in terms of performance.

But, since they are smaller designs, you’ll initially notice the absence of Fn (F1-F12) functions keys. Or the numbers pad to the right, typically found on more prominent keyboards.

After a couple of days, you’ll get used to these smaller, more modern layout alternatives. With the 60 percent layout gaming keyboard, you will not have the traditional keyboards that gamers need to use.

To do this, you could utilize the other keys. For gaming, the 65% key is a good number.

Also, you will understand what it would be like in actual use when you select one of these keyboard layouts.

Is a smaller keyboard better?

8. Typing Performance

Are you searching for the right keyboard to increase speed and make your typing more precise?

If yes, then you could be wondering if there’s any difference in performance between 60% and keyboards that are 65.

The keyboards with 65% are slightly better at typing speed. This is because the keyboard, which is 65%, features several additional keys that aid in specific tasks, such as editing text and inserting certain characters.

It is crucial to remember that every person’s typing style is different. You may not notice any difference in the performance between the two keyboards.

If you’re unsure what keyboard to choose, it is worth looking at both options to determine which is most comfortable and natural.

Consider the Brown switches when selecting the keyboard to type on, as they offer the feel of a real keyboard without too much background noise.

You can pick wireless keyboards to use 60 percent or 65 percent keyboards. An excellent choice would be the Anne Pro keyboard and Keychron K6 keyboard.


1. Is a smaller keyboard better?

Many people the mechanical keyboard prefer keyboards with 60-65% % of the keys over an entire layout. Full-size keyboards typically have more than 100 keys. Many users prefer keyboards with 65 percent or less to increase effectiveness. Also, a 100 percent keyboard layout is a lot of the space needed for mouse movement.

2. Is a wired keyboard faster than a wireless one?

Many gamers in the keyboard community opt for wired keyboards to reduce the lag in input. Although wireless keyboards generally provide a wide range of features, the wired keyboard with linear switches provides the best user-friendly design for keyboards.

3. Are Tenkeyless keyboards best for gaming?

Tenkeyless keyboards for gamers are the most popular option; however, there’s an excellent reason. Because tenkeyless keyboards do not have an individual number pad, users can use more space to play competitive games.


The 60 % and 65 percent keyboards make great space-saving devices. There’s plenty of room for your mouse without stressing about your comfort or sitting in a specific way to play games or work.

If you’re a lover of navigation buttons and arrow keys, The 65 percent keyboard should be your preferred small keyboard. If you can do without arrow keys and prefer to customize your keyboards, the 60 percent selection is the best choice.

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