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Best Laptop For Streaming: Top Full Guide 2022

There are a lot of laptops on the market, and it can be tough to determine which one is the best laptop for streaming twitch. Some factors you may want to consider are the laptop’s processor, graphics card, and battery life.

This guide, Glitchmind will help you find the best laptop for live streaming, whether you are looking for a powerful device or one that is more affordable.

Top Rated 10 Best Laptops For Streaming

Top Rated 10 Best Laptops For Streaming

1. Acer Nitro 5 – Best Laptop for Streaming
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  • Processor: Intel Core i7-9570H at 2.60 GHz to 4.50 GHz
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2060, 6 DDR6 VRAM
  • Storage: 256 GB NVMe SSD
  • Display: 15.6″ IPS LCD, FHD (1920×1080), 14 Hz
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Battery life: up to 8 hours
  • Weight: 4.84 lbs

A refresh rate of 144Hz smoothes out streaming. The IPS panel is the heart of the FHD edge-to-edge display. It has wide viewing angles to ensure that crisp colors don’t get blurred.

The Nitro 5 has a dual-fan cooling system that includes four exhausts. This allows for the renewal of the air intake. Acer CoolBoost speeds up the fan speed by 10% when it detects heavy use to reduce the GPU and CPU burden.

There are 4 color-coded zones on the keyboard with highlighted WASD keys. You can customize the backlit keyboard by pressing the NitroSense button. This allows you to adjust the fan speed or monitor the CPU performance.

With its combination of robust components and affordability, the Acer Nitro 5 effortlessly erases any traces of your streaming woes. A 9th Gen Core i7 CPU powers it. The hexacore operation allows background processes to be performed while you stream.

You can move between tasks quickly with 16GB DDR4 RAM. RAM is not the only factor that determines seamless performance. The 256 GB SSD storage here will speed up boot-up times and data transfer speeds.

The Nitro 5’s lid houses a 15.6-inch display. The NVIDIA RTX2060 powers it with 6GB VRAM. This professional-grade GPU can do more than stream video with its AI graphics processing. The show runs at a refresh rate of 144 Hz with a 3 ms response, allowing you to stream more frames per second without any input lag.

A pair of high-quality stereo speakers are essential for streaming videos. Acer’s Nitro 5 has that capability. Acer combines TrueHarmony technology and DTS:X to create two powerful speakers that deliver an immersive soundstage effect.

An HDMI 2.0 port allows display connectivity and 2 USB Type-A ports for data transfer. This laptop also features Intel Wi-Fi 6, which analyses wireless connections and determines best for internet stability.

While I love SSD storage drives, it may not be enough for all video streamers. It should have a Thunderbolt port, as streamers will need a multi-monitor setup to keep up with live chats.


  • Bright FHD display with large viewing angles
  • Perform well
  • High-end GPU
  • You can use these ear-filling speakers to fill your ears.
  • Cooling system for heavy-duty applications
  • Intel Wi-Fi 6
  • NitroSense control panel
  • Keyboard customization


  • Thunderbolt ports are not available for display connectivity.
  • Insufficient storage

2. MSI GL65 Leopard – Best for Streaming Movies
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  • Processor: Intel Core i7-10750H processor, up to 5 GHz
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2070, 8GB GDDR6 VRAM
  • Storage: 512 GB NVMe SSD
  • Display: 15.6 inch IPS-Level LCD, FHD (1920×1080), at 144 Hz
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Battery life: up to 5 hours
  • Weight: 9.13 lbs

The FHD IPS panel provides comprehensive coverage in the sRGB color space. It also grants wide viewing angles while maintaining a 144 Hz refresh speed and a minimal response of 3 ms.

Dual stereo speakers are five times larger than standard laptop speakers and have emphasized bass for clear audio playback. MSI partners with Nahimic to bring a 3D surround sound experience to your headphones if speakers are not your thing.

With eight modes, the RGB keyboard allows for customization of the layout. Presets are available that highlight keystrokes of high importance for streaming video when playing FPS games such as CS:GO or MOBA games such as DOTA 2.

I had the privilege to test the 10th Gen Core Intel i7 processor’s unrelenting horsepower. The processor’s architecture gives it an extra edge, with a burst frequency up to 5 GHz.

Two 8GB sticks DDR4 RAM is available for seamless multitasking. With 512GB of SSD storage, it’s unlikely you’ll run low on hold. SSDs are great for streaming video because they allow you to buffer faster with higher read and write speeds.

MSI Laptops elevates its 15.6-inch FHD display by adding 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, which houses high-end NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics. The FHD display covers 94% of the sRGB colors gamut. This means that color tones will be created exactly how they are intended.

The dual-fan cooling system incorporated into the GL65 Leopard makes heat go away. MSI also enhances the cooling process with seven heat pipes distributed between the GPU and CPU.

If you need to separate audio channels, the GL65 Leopard has two jacks that can be used for both headphones and a mic. You’ll also find a USB Type-C port to transfer data, three USB Type-A ports for peripherals, and the Mini DisplayPort, which allows 4K display connectivity.

The high price is the only thing I have to complain about. The cooling fans can get so loud when you use them a lot. Unfortunately, you won’t control the fan speed like in the Acer Nitro 5.


  • Strong Core i7 10th Generation processor
  • Upgradable 16 GB RAM
  • Large SSD storage
  • High refresh rate FHD display for crisp images
  • Cooling system for heavy-duty applications
  • Superior connectivity suite
  • Keyboard customizable per-key
  • Audio of the highest quality


  • Prices high
  • Loud fans
  • Battery life is very short

3. ASUS ROG 531GT – Best Gaming Laptop to Stream
2019 ASUS ROG 15.6" FHD Gaming Laptop Computer
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  • Processor: Intel Core i7-9570H at 2.60 GHz to 4.50 GHz
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM
  • Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD + 1TB HDD
  • Display: 15.6 inch IPS LCD, FHD (1920×1080), 120Hz
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Battery life: up to 4 hours
  • Weight: 5.30 lbs

ROG RangeBoost technology increases wireless range by 30 percent with four internal antennas. This technology allows for streaming video without stuttering and helps to maintain a stable wireless connection.

ROG G531GT features a dual-fan cooling system that eliminates dust accumulation. To prevent thermal throttling of the GPU, the bottom bezel houses 5 vents.

For streamer-friendly WASD keys, the markings are transparent and easy to see. The zonal keyboard offers 7 animated animations for the RGB light, including Static, Breathing, Music Production, and Smart.

The ASUS ROG series is an excellent choice for performance, despite the lower specs than the older laptops. With its 12-way processing power and 16 GB of RAM, the 9th Gen Core i7 processor is still with us.

The hybrid storage makes this laptop stand out. It combines ultrafast SSD storage with traditional HDD storage. This gives it 1.5 TB of storage. Perfect for kids laptops that stream Disney, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

The display can stream videos to large audiences and is supported by the NVIDIA GTX 1650. The show runs at 120 Hz, but the refresh rate drops to 60 Hz when you unplug it.

Two side-firing speakers are included in the ROG G531GT. ASUS uses Smart Amplifier technology, which delivers nearly three times the volume and a calibrated dynamic range to minimize distortion. ASUS’s speakers are a great idea. They have helped me stream with ease and captured the subtleties.

This laptop doesn’t have Type-C or DisplayPorts, so I can’t say that I’m pleased with its connectivity. There are only three USB Type-A ports available for data transfer and peripherals and one HDMI port. It only lasts for 4 hours.


  • Processors with high-end specifications
  • Hybrid storage that is sufficient
  • Vibrant FHD display
  • High-resolution dual speakers
  • Strong wireless connection with RangeBoost
  • High-quality cooling system
  • Preinstalled animations on RGB keyboard


  • 60 Hz refresh rate with no power source
  • DisplayPort and USB Type-C is not supported.
  • Battery life is concise.

4. ASUS TUF 505DT – Best for streaming Netflix and Twitch
2019 ASUS ROG 15.6" FHD Gaming Laptop Computer
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  • Processor: AMD Ryzen5 R5-3550H processor, 2.3GHz to 3.7GHz
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM
  • Storage: 256 GB PCIe SSD
  • Display: 15.6 inch IPS-Level LCD, FHD (1920×1080), 120Hz
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Battery Life: About 6 hours of video playback
  • Weight: 4.85 lbs

ASUS Hypercool technology uses a dual-fan internal setup to reduce overheating and dust.

The TUF is strong! The rigorous MIL-STD-810 testing proved to succeed, and this laptop passed. This laptop has passed individual temperature endurance, humidity, solar radiation tests. It is built to withstand the test of time.

The ASUS TUF 505DT is a budget-friendly option for reliable streaming video. This laptop comes at a reasonable price with the AMD Ryzen5 R5-3550H maximum clocked at 3.0 GHz and 4 cores. It also has eight threads to withstand any task you may throw at it.

The SSD storage capacity is 256 GB. It connects directly to the motherboard and uses SATA cables to transfer data faster. Due to the 8GB RAM, streaming may be slowed down slightly.

The 15.6-inch FHD display uses the NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650 GPU, found in the ROG G531GT laptop. The 120 Hz refresh rate ensures that you won’t miss a beat.

ASUS and DTS:X team up to improve the audio experience with the TUF FX505DT. This device delivers theater-grade surround sound through the stereo speakers. You can adjust the sound profiles using an equalizer and preset audio profiles available for video streaming.

The port accessibility of the ports on this laptop was only one-sided, which I found very pleasing. You’ll find the USB 2.0 port, two USB 3.2 ports to connect peripherals, and an HDMI 2.0 port to display connectivity.

Although I was hopeful that ASUS would ditch the USB 2.0 port in favor of a USB Type C port or Thunderbolt port (or both), my expectations were too high. The 256GB storage capacity is also a problem.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Balanced performance
  • Speakers with a beautiful sound.
  • Hypercool technology
  • RGB-backlit keyboard


  • Thunderbolt and Type-C ports are not available.
  • Insufficient storage

5. Acer Predator Helios 300- Another Good Streaming Laptop
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  • Processor: Intel Core i7-9570H at 2.60 GHz to 4.50 GHz
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX1660 Ti, 6GB GDDR6 VRAM
  • Storage: 512 GB PCIe NVMe SSD
  • Display: 15.6 inch IPS-Level LCD, FHD (1920×1080), at 144 Hz
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Battery life: up to 6 hours
  • Weight: 5.29 lbs

This 15.6-inch display is ideal for streaming video. It has a wide viewing angle and minimizes color shifting when you move. Screen tearing is now a thing of the past with a 3 ms response speed.

AeroBlade 3D by Acer relies on ultrathin blades measuring 0.1mm to provide a more efficient cooling process. It also produces less fan noise. Two vents are located near the GPU and CPU to disperse heat.

RGB-backlit keyboards are not new. They have high-priority keys and come with a backlit keyboard. If you are looking for the maximum performance of the Helios 300 streaming for extended sessions, then take a look at the Turbo button.

No matter what the environment, a predator is always a predator. Acer’s Helios 300 has the same 9th Generation Core i7 processor that we recommend. It clocks at 2.60 GHz for streaming and at a higher frequency of 4.50 GHz for heavy-duty tasks that require maximum power. The futureproof 16GB RAM and sufficient 512GB SSD storage are still available.

When you flip the lid, you’ll find a 15.6 inch IPS display with FHD resolution. NVIDIA GeForce 1660T powers the display and provides a remarkable color reproduction with almost complete coverage of the sRGB gamut.

Acer’s Helios 300 is even more advanced than the Nitro 5. It includes the DTSX Ultra in its Helios 300. This makes the speaker more resonant and enhances the sound reproduction of any headphones that you connect to it with custom EQ controls. You can bring your surround sound speculation to life.

Since I didn’t need to miss my Type-C cables on my desk, I couldn’t complain about the ports. We also have 3 USB Type-A ports for peripherals and an HDMI 2.0 port to display connectivity.

We do not have an SD card reader with a connectivity suite. Yes! For experienced video streamers who are concerned about multi-monitor setups, we get a Mini DisplayPort that supports a refresh rate of 240 Hz.


  • High-quality performance with 16 GB RAM, 9th Generation Core i7, and top-of-the-line performance
  • Stunning IPS display with precise color tones.
  • Fast SSD storage
  • DTS:X surround sound
  • Superior connectivity suite
  • Advanced cooling system


  • No SD card reader
  • Battery life is shorter than advertised.

6. Dell G5 15
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  • Processor: Intel Core i7-9570H at 2.60 GHz to 4.50 GHz
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM
  • Storage: 1TB SATA + 2256 GB SSD
  • Display: 15.6 inch IPS anti-glare LED backlit, FHD (1920×1080), 60Hz
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Battery Life: Video playback up to 10 hours
  • Weight: 5.18 lbs

Eye strain is reduced by the anti-glare display that emits less blue light. FHD IPS panels provide extensive coverage of the sRGB color space, ensuring accurate tones and wide viewing angles.

By combining SSD and HDD disk drive drives, you can get more storage space. This allows you to download streaming videos offline or export live streaming sessions.

The Dell G5 15 can last up to 10 hours at low brightness levels. At maximum brightness, it will last around 6 hours.

The Dell G5 15, at first glance, will seem like a simple office laptop. But you’ll soon discover what lies inside. The computer still features the 9th Gen Core i7 processor and 6 cores, unalterable in streaming tasks. You can also enjoy seamless performance thanks to the 16GB RAM.

Like the ROG G531GT, this laptop has a hybrid storage configuration with a 256GB SSD drive and 1 TB SATA drive (which is an HDD). The SSD storage is slower than I expected, as it connects via cables to the motherboard.

The IPS panel displays a high contrast ratio and wide viewing angles. Thanks to the NVIDIA GTX1650 Ti GPU, the laptop can stream and edit graphics-intensive content.

Dual-fan cooling is a feature of the G15 15. Internal pipes disperse heat between the fan modules. The cooling system is simple but efficient for streaming long streams.

The laptop can be used as a mobile battalion and has ports on all sides. The connectivity suite contains 3 USB Type-A ports to connect peripherals, an HDMI port to display connectivity, a thunderbolt port for data transfer, and 4K display connectivity.


  • Amazing performance
  • Wide angles on FHD displays
  • Powerful graphics
  • Dual-fan cooling
  • Longlasting battery
  • Hybrid storage
  • Excellent connectivity


  • Slow-performing SSD
  • Mediocre audio quality

7. MSI GF65
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  • Processor: AMD Dual Core A4-9120 processor, 2.2GHz to 2.5GHz
  • RAM: 4GB DDR4
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon Graphics
  • Storage: 32GB eMMC
  • Display: 14 inches HD WLED-Backlit Display (1366×768)
  • Operating System: OS
  • Battery Life: up to 9 hours and 15 seconds of mixed usage
  • Weight: 4.10 lbs

This FHD panel is an excellent choice for streaming videos, thanks to its 120 Hz refresh rate and wide viewing angles.

On a 2-hour charge cycle, the MSI GF65 can provide up to 7 hours of mixed-use. It can only charge for 5 hours when used extensively wirelessly and at high brightness.

NVIDIA’s RTX 2060 offers ray-tracing at a competitive price, accurately tracking lighting elements for lifelike graphics rendering.

MSI offers an MSI GF65 with almost the same high-end specs as the GL65 Leopard but at a much lower price. The 9th Gen Core i7 is at the heart of this laptop’s performance, delivering a powerful boost frequency that will conquer any task you have ever feared.

We get a fast NVMe SSD drive, which is a better option than the G5 15. This allows for quicker loading times and faster boot-ups. It has 512GB of storage. The display is edge-to-edge and has thin bezels. The NVIDIA RTX2060 is added to the collection. It runs at a 120 Hz refresh rate, allowing smoother playback on video streaming platforms.

The slim bezels are a reflection of the GF65’s overall profile. It is fragile and only 4 lbs, compared to the 5+ lbs for the other options. MSI also brings the GL65 Leopard’s efficient cooling system and Nahimic sound calibration to this laptop. You can hardly find any compromises between the two laptops, except the 8 GB RAM.

There are plenty of connections available in the connectivity suite, including two USB Type-A ports for peripherals and two USB Type C ports for fast data transfer. Additionally, an HDMI port supports 4K display connectivity at 30Hz.


  • NVIDIA RTX 2060
  • SSD with super-fast NVMe SSD
  • High refresh rate FHD display
  • Reliable battery life
  • Slim profile
  • Excellent audio and cooling systems
  • Multifunctional I/O ports


  • Price: Low RAM capacity
  • Loud fans
  • Keyboard in one color

8. ASUS ZenBook 14
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  • Display: 14-inch 1920x1080p Full HD
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-1165G7
  • Graphics NVIDIA MX450 2GB RAM
  • RAM: 16GB LPDDR4
  • Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Battery Life: More than 16 Hours
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs

It is lightweight and slim. This laptop is lightweight and powerful enough to handle the streaming live video without any problems. Asus is powered by the Intel Core i7-1165G7 11th Generation processor. It can also be paired with the Nvidia GeForce X450 graphics card. ASUS ZenBook 14 has eight threads and four cores. It is also designed using the latest 10nm technology by Intel. With the Intel Turbo Boost technology, you can achieve a clock speed of 4.70GHz. This laptop also has 4GB of video memory.

You will also receive 16GB DDR4 RAM and a super-fast NVMe SSD of 512GB. You cannot upgrade the storage drive due to its design. The Asus ZenBook 14 has a 14-inch FHD IPS LED screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. It is an ideal display for productive work, offering a 100% sRGB gamut and a 92% screen-to-body ratio. Professionals such as photo and video editing will find it a practical choice.

This laptop also has a secondary display. Its 5.65-inch trackpad functions as an FHD+ touchscreen. You can control many functions, such as Numpad and switch apps. This laptop also comes with a 62Whr lithium battery that can last more than 16 hours. It weighs in at 2.62 pounds. It weighs in at 2.62 pounds. The device also features a microSD card reader but no power delivery port. It supports USB C charging. You will also have fast Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and Bluetooth 5 connectivity.


  • USB Type-C Charging
  • Slim & Lightweight Design
  • 11th Gen i7 Processor
  • Amazing Display
  • Thunderbolt 4 Port


  • Touchpad deceit
  • Fingerprint Magnet Body

9. Apple MacBook Pro M1
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  • Display: 13.3-Inch 2560x 1600p QHD+
  • Apple M1 Processor
  • Graphics: Integrated Graphics
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4
  • Storage: 256GB NVMe SSD
  • Operating System: macOS
  • Battery Life: More than 10 hours on a single charge
  • Weight: 3.0 pounds (1.4 kg)

This is the latest MacBook Pro with the M1 chipset. Apple recently began developing chipsets to fit their MacBooks. The M1 chipset uses the ARM architecture with the most recent 5nm TSMC technology. Thanks to this new technology, the MacBook lineup is given a new lease of life. It has eight cores and a maximum clock speed of 3.1GHz. The chipset also includes eight GPU cores. There is no dedicated graphics card. It also comes with a 16-core Neural engine to speed up Artificial Intelligence. This chipset increases overall performance up to 11x.

This MacBook Pro also has 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD fast storage. It features a 13.3-inch LED-backlit display with 2560x 1600 resolution. The panel has a 16/10 aspect ratio and supports full P3 color gamut support. This display has 25% more colors than full sRGB and 500 nits peak brightness.

The display also features the Apple True Tone technology, further improving its quality. Its high-resolution display makes the machine ideal for streaming video, such as watching movies, Youtube, Netflix, and similar content. This new MacBook Pro also features a revised keyboard mechanism. It now offers more excellent travel feedback.

This new MacBook supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 for seamless wireless connectivity. You can stream live without buffering or lag. This laptop has two USB Type C ports, Thunderbolt 3 support, and one USB Type C port. These ports are used to charge the battery.

It can charge the battery for up to ten hours on one charge. You can use it for several days without charging. This multi-purpose streaming machine can be used for streaming videos and other professionals such as teachers, students, and content creators.


  • Amazing build quality
  • M1 chipset with powerful features
  • Adequate Audio Output
  • Bright & Sharp display


  • Both RAM and SSD can be soldered.
  • Ports not available
  • Not for Gaming

10. Lenovo Legion 5
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  • Display: 15.6 inches 1920 x 1080p (165Hz).
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5800H
  • GPU: NVIDIA RX 3050Ti 4GB DDR6
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200MHz
  • Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Battery life: Lasts for more than 5 hours
  • Weight: 2.5kg / 5.5lbs

Another gaming laptop that uses an AMD processor. AMD chipsets are available on most gaming laptops. They are more potent than their Intel counterparts. The AMD 5000 series Ryzen 7 5800H processor drives the Lenovo Legion 5. It has an octa-core CPU that runs at 3.2GHz base speed and a maximum clock speed of 4.4GHz. This chip is undisputedly superior to its arch-rival, the Intel Core i7. It comes with a dedicated Nvidia RTX3050 Ti gaming laptop with 4GB GDDR6 RAM.

Lenovo Legion also comes with 16GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB fast SSD storage. It has a 15.6 inch Full HD display with a 165Hz refresh rate. This makes it suitable for gaming laptops for smooth scrolling. This panel has 100% sRGB coverage, which will provide you with great results for 4K video editing, photoshop, and AutoCAD, as well as other tasks that require good color calibration. It is a gaming laptop with RGB lights throughout the keyboard. It also comes with the Lenovo TrueStrike technology keyboard.

This laptop is a powerful gaming machine that can run for over five hours on one charge. You will receive every type of port you would expect from a gaming laptop, including a Gigabit Ethernet port. It also has Wi-Fi 6 (and Bluetooth 5) capabilities, which allow for high-speed wireless connectivity. You will also find the pre-installed Windows OS and essential ports, durable design, dual speakers, and Windows OS. It is recommended for streaming for $1000.


  • Powerful Ryzen 7 Processor
  • Dedicated GPU with 4GB VRAM
  • Fully-Fledged 4-zone backlit keyboard
  • Many USB Ports
  • Highly competitive price


  • Heavyweight Body
  • No Micro SD Card Slot
  • Average Audio Output

Things to Consider While Choosing Best Laptops for Streaming

Things to Consider While Choosing Best Laptops for Streaming

It is challenging to choose the best streaming laptops. There are many models on the market. The top ten best streaming laptops that we have reviewed in this post will help you narrow down your choices and find the right one for you. I recommend sticking to the budget and choosing the best laptops below $1500. They can stream all types of videos and games.

1. CPU

A high-end CPU will allow your laptop to run applications smoothly and not freeze or lag. The CPU can run multiple tasks simultaneously and switch between them quickly.

Higher CPU speeds mean faster laptops when streaming video or playing games.

There are two types of CPUs: quad-core and dual-core. A dual-core processor works better for streaming video because it consumes less power and has a faster processing speed. The quad-core processor, however, requires more energy and can perform better.

2. RAM (Random Access Memory).

Your laptop’s RAM determines how fast apps load and how smooth they run while you stream or play games. DDR4 RAM, which is more advanced than DDR3, works better. Your laptop will respond faster if you have more RAM. A minimum of 16GB of memory is required to stream videos and run apps smoothly.

RAM is not as susceptible to aging as CPUs, so it will continue to function even after many years of heavy usage.

3. Storage Space

Although all laptops come with a storage drive (not all are equally good for streaming), not all are the same. An SSD is more reliable than an HDD.

SSDs (Solid State Drives) will allow you to access apps quicker than an HDD.

SSDs can be more expensive than HDDs and have less storage capacity.

A Solid-State Drive (SSD) is required for your laptop if you plan to store and stream games. This makes it easier to access files than older hard drives. If you are able, purchase at least 512GB of storage space. 1TB is a better option if possible.

A laptop with at least 1TB storage space is recommended for gamers who stream many popular games.

4. GPU

Your computer’s graphics card is an integral part of its hardware. It plays an important role when everything happens on your screen. A high-end GPU will allow your laptop to run applications smoothly and play games without stuttering, freezing, or other issues. Thanks to a powerful GPU, you can stream HD videos with no lag and broken frames.

While most laptops come with an integrated GPU, some models also include a separate video card that can be upgraded or removed if necessary. A dedicated graphics card will make your laptop run smoother and with less lag.

NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon are possible options for GPUs. On some laptops, you can switch between NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards (in-built vs. external).

Get a laptop with at least 4GB VRAM and an Nvidia graphics card if you have the budget.

5. Connectivity

Streaming is dependent on bandwidth: the faster your internet connection, the better. The quicker your downstream speed (20Mbps or higher) will allow you to stream more efficiently. You should consider getting a faster rate, at least 50Mbps if you do a lot of streaming.

Laptops with Ethernet ports are ideal for streaming, as they can be connected directly to the router without any interference.

If you have a fast internet connection, ethernet can play any game you choose.

Look for a laptop with an integrated Wi-Fi port if you buy one with an Ethernet port. If the room in which you stream is not near the router, you can still use Wi-Fi from other house rooms.

Many laptops come with Wi-Fi adapters or Wi-Fi built-in. You should ensure that it is compatible with your router’s frequency and can be used with other devices.

6. Ports

There are many ports on laptops, but the most important is the USB port. You can connect other devices to your laptops with more ports.

You can connect your laptop via HDMI to an HDMI port on some laptops. Ensure your computer has an HDMI port if you plan to use it. You can connect your TV to your laptop via HDMI ports on some HDTVs.

7. Webcam

Your viewers can see you streaming from either the built-in or external camera. A resolution of at least 720p is recommended. If the camera supports 1080p, it will be even better.

For convenience, consider a laptop with an embedded webcam if you are able. Some laptops do not have an embedded webcam, so be sure to verify before you buy it.

If you are looking to stream live from a higher level, get a laptop with an external webcam. This allows you to stream from more angles and better quality.

8. Battery Life

While the battery life of a laptop can be overlooked when buying it, it can significantly impact how it is used. People forget to charge their laptops when streaming. A laptop that can flow for 4 hours continuously on one charge is an excellent choice to avoid running out of power. Keep your battery charged if you intend to stream while gaming.

9. Simultaneous Keyboard and Touchpad

If you plan to play video games on your laptop, you will need a good keyboard as well as a tilt/adjustable stand. You can use some laptops with removable keyboards for gaming. It all depends on the model.

You should make sure your laptop has the right keyboard for you if you plan to stream games. You can stream on your mobile device by looking for a laptop with an adjustable stand and touchpad.

Backlit keyboards are available on some laptops. This is useful if you have a dark streaming area and can see which keys are pressed.

Are you willing to spend a lot of money stream video?


1. Are you willing to spend a lot of money stream video?

It all depends on the type of stream you are looking for. If you are streaming videos, you can spray with a Chromebook for under $500. You won’t be allowed to play any games on this Chromebook. If you need a more powerful machine, it won’t cost you more than $1500. See also some gaming laptop products under 1500$.

2. What are the essential parts of a laptop that streamers need?

It is crucial to have a combination of a powerful processor and a graphics card to stream gaming. You will also need high-speed internet connectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity.

3. Which laptops are best for streaming movies and videos?

The Apple Macbook Pro is a clear winner in streaming movies and videos. It is truly an all-in-one package that can stream multiple streams. Unfortunately, this device does not allow for gaming. Thanks to its excellent audio output, the super-sharp display is a great entertainment hub.


This list, as stated previously, is not in any particular order. We tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible to accommodate different preferences. Although there are many streaming sites, this review doesn’t cover them all. We’ve focused on the best tools to flow fast and comfortably.

We considered the performance of different laptops, battery life, and connectivity when deciding on the Best Laptop For Streaming in 2022.

You can now follow your favorite movies and share the love of watching them with loved ones. And can stay informed on various topics, from archeology and zoology.

You can make your surroundings vibrant and colorful by streaming music.

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