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Best Nintendo Switch Games For Adults 2022

The Nintendo Switch has a growing library of games to choose from, making it a great console for gamers of all ages. But with so many titles available, it can be tough to know which ones are worth your time.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best Nintendo Switch games for adults, which includes a mix of well-known hits and hidden gems.

Best Nintendo Switch Games For Adults

1. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

The Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is a single-player role-playing Nintendo Switch game available in approximately 8 languages. In the Definitive Edition, you join the battle between man and machine, learning about Shulk’s beginnings as he and his friends face off against an invincible mechanical enemy.

In this RPG game, you may strategically place your party members, engage in real-time battle, wield a sword that can glimpse the future, and launch coordinated assaults with your squad.

Shulk realizes that the sword known as Monado can glimpse the future only after Mechon, the mechanical invaders, attack you.

Shulk embarks on a journey to kill Mechon once and for all with this deadly sword. The game now includes a new epilogue that explains what happened a year after the original game’s events. The epilogue focuses mainly on Shulk and his companion Melia.

2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Another intriguing single-player, role-playing, and adventure game is The Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Your task is to instruct one of the three influential houses of a prominent Officer’s Academy run by the Church of Seiros on the continent of Fodlan. These houses include pupils represented by a royal from one of the three regions, and you must lead them in turn-based RPG conflicts and their academic life.

Every move has a distinct strategic need. You know that every time one of your students dies, it’s your responsibility since you’ve been in charge of their development and successes, and you’ve been tasked with keeping them ready for whatever comes their way.

The Fire Emblem: Three Houses is all you could want it to be, from a relationship simulator to a game complete with flirtation, romance, and gift-giving to one of the finest tactical strategy games you’ll ever play. Everything in this game, from the plot to the tactical gameplay to the relationships, is handled as equally vital.

Great Nintendo Switch Games For Adults - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a great multiplayer action and fighting game. In its ultimate multiplayer mode, the game supports up to 8 people. You have access to two new characters, Simon Belmont and King K. Rool, who join every other fighter in the Super Smash Bros. series’ history. The game’s pace has been increased, and new levels have been added.

You may set any famous characters against any other as you see suitable. It’s straightforward to get started, choose a character, and battle. One of the reasons this game is still considered one of the finest is because knowing what the characters can do is simple; you don’t have to master intricate input combos like you would in games like Tekken, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat.

Another significant distinction between this game and many others is that you are not constrained by health bars. The more you strike and assault your opponent, the greater their percentage rises, making it simpler to blast them away with a powerful blow. Essentially, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate shifts your focus away from the fewer chances you have and toward the fact that you always have a fighting chance.

4. Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise

York, you’re an FBI special agent. When you return to work, you must solve a new murder case. You must go throughout the town of le Carre on foot and skateboard often to unearth a murder that is part of a historical inquiry.

The special agent was forced to travel about on a skateboard after realizing it was the only thing left after his automobile was stolen. Aside from his new method of transportation and the rigors of his employment, he finds time to bowl and skip stones.

He was soon joined by a young woman named Patricia. Patricia is the sheriff’s headstrong daughter and the goofiest person York will ever meet. York and Patricia try to solve mysteries and punch chickarees who steal beer and smoke together.

5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is undoubtedly one of the finest single-player switch games I’ve ever experienced. The series’ hero, Link, wakes in a dark carriage, is led to a tablet by a disembodied voice, and uses the tablet to travel to Hyrule.

According to the plot, evil forces devastated most of the planet roughly a century ago, and nature has recovered castles and left abandoned war equipment all over the place. While humans continue to live in stables and small villages, most of Hyrule has fallen under the dominion of monsters, and it is your task as the hero to restore order.

The Breath of the Wild now includes two new features that dramatically alter your perception of the world. You now have a horse and can move quickly. Link can now climb almost any surface, from a mountain to a fortress. Link’s stamina would still need to be supplemented with potions as it grew over time.

The Breath of the Wild is still one of the greatest Nintendo Switch games for adults, and it’s well worth the money. The game takes around 60 hours to complete, making The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild one of Nintendo’s newest masterpieces.

6. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is one of the greatest strategy games you can play on the Nintendo Switch; if you’re searching for a strategy game, you should give this one a go. In this turn-based strategy game, you try to construct an empire that will last the ages. You will be needed to discover new technologies, explore and expand your territory, conquer your opponents, and compete with some of the world’s most powerful leaders.

Civilization VI includes four new content items. Persia and Macedon Civilization and Scenario Pack, Australia Civilization and Scenario Pack, Poland Civilization and Scenario Pack, and Vikings Scenario Pack are all included. You may play as one of 24 distinct leaders from various nations and continents, each with its powers, armies, and infrastructure, and you can play them any way you choose.

Civilization VI now has cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, allowing you to team up with other players to compete or collaborate for dominance.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection

7. Diablo III: Eternal Collection

Diablo III: Eternal Collection is a multiplayer action, role-playing, party, and adventure game for up to four players.

You’ve been entrusted with standing up amid Santuary’s gentle and evil to battle against the Lords of Hell, walking corpses, fallen seraphs, and horrific cultists to prevent them from recovering the earth that angels and demons spawned years ago.

The Diablo III: Eternal Collection includes the Rise of Necromancer bundle and the Reaper of Souls expansion. The Eternal Collection for Nintendo Switch includes the Cucco companion pet. This transmogrification set lets your heroes don Ganondorf’s armor, a Triforce picture frame, and distinctive cosmetic wings.

You must choose one of seven dark fantasy classes with several methods to kill. You may go through the epic star narrative, try new skill combinations, add to your gear collection, race through various dungeons, and play at your difficulty level.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection is still one of adults’ greatest Nintendo Switch games. That’s how fantastic it is.

8. The Outer Worlds

If you want to play an FPS game on the Nintendo Switch, you should try The Outer Worlds. In this game, you emerge from slumber on a colonist ship that has been lost in passage to Halcyon, the galaxy’s furthest reaches. You found a plot to destroy Halcyon, and as you investigate, you discover more and more groups battling for control of the colony.

You have complete control over how the tale evolves for each character you choose. Your decisions have an impact on the story’s outcome as well. This game has an intriguing feature in that you may explore and choose from several defects. If you pick the Raptiphobia fault, you will get debuffs when confronted by Raptidons, but you will also receive benefits such as extra character bonuses.

You may also encounter other characters that desire to join your crew in the Outer Worlds. You will be able to lead them, but they will have their powers, tasks, motives, and beliefs. Overall, The Outer Worlds remains one of the finest Nintendo Switch FPS RPG sci-fi games.

9. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 2: Wild Hunt is one of the finest offline switch games. Wild Hunt has garnered over 250 Game of the Year honors and is an excellent role-playing game. You’d be playing as Geralt of Rivia, a mercenary monster slayer with all the equipment he needs to fight monsters.

You have several alternatives, including powerful battle spells, razor-sharp swords, fatal concoctions, and crossbows. You’re ready to confront a continent scarred by battles and now overrun by monsters. Your mission now is to find the Child of Prophecy, a human weapon with the power to change the form of the planet.

If you’re searching for a game that you can play on several devices simultaneously, Wild Hunt has Cloud Saves, which enables you to store your progress and play on the Nintendo Switch and PC while streaming the game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt takes around 150 hours to finish, and throughout, the game provides some of the most dramatic, plot-driven gaming experiences I’ve encountered. It’s worth a shot.

10. Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars is another intriguing strategy game worth checking out. This game takes place in a gloomy vampire world that is in conflict. This game blends empire building with turbo-powered fighting.

There are around 12 painstakingly created missions in Vampire Wars, and you may pick between four distinct vampire rulers. You may pick between three vampire clans, each with its own set of troops, abilities, personalities, and play styles.

You may also command your armies, acquire new technologies, recruit new troops, and play variants like the skirmish mode, which puts your abilities to the test. Overall, Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars is one of the greatest strategy games I’ve played since it takes a different approach to strategy gaming.

Bayonetta 2

11. Bayonetta 2

Are you ready for some hack and slash? Bayonetta, and its sequel Bayonetta 2, are ideal games for getting your hands on the meat of what the Switch has to offer.

When you pick up the two games, you can see they’re not for youngsters. Bayonetta is a hell-bringer who will shoot, whip, slice, and burn every angel in the path of discovering her past.

The game might come off as campy since her weaponry, style, and moves are a little over the top, but it’s a great game that will keep you entertained for hours. To get more bang for her buck, Bayonetta may slow down time to halt assaults and inflict Torture Attacks on her adversaries.

It’s no surprise that it’s not a children’s game. Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 are also available on the Switch, and it doesn’t matter where you start.

This game is intended for a more adult audience. Bayonetta’s clothing is formed of hair, and some of her more powerful strikes may leave her, well, exposed. But who wouldn’t want to be a foxy, fierce witch capable of annihilating her foes by summoning Infernal Demons?

12. No More Heroes III

Don’t you despise it when you’re not at the top of your game? So does Travis Touchdown, the protagonist of No More Heroes 3. Even after advancing through the assassination tiers in previous games, there are still more enemies to face.

So the only way to reach number one is to eliminate everyone above you. You don’t even have to use your great lightsaber-like katana. You’ll get the opportunity to learn some of the best wrestling maneuvers, such as Power Bombs and Brain Busters.

There’s no way you can’t win with so many methods to murder people. No More Heroes 3 introduces us to the main character, who loves technology but is socially uncomfortable. This action game will provide you with the R-rated entertainment you want.

13. Metroid Dread

After years of waiting, we have a new, authentic sequel to the 2D Metroid franchise. Metroid Dread announced and published in the same year, is the game that franchise fans have been waiting for.

The series is famous for giving birth to the Metroidvania subgenre. Still, Metroid Dread demonstrates not only that Samus remains the queen of these search-action-style games and that this series is far more mature and challenging than most Nintendo franchises, thanks to the new EMMI enemies that hunt you down.

Metroid Dread is ideal for both handheld and docked play, with a massive environment to explore, loads of upgrades to gather, secrets to discover, and enemies to defeat. Even though the game uses 3D models, the photography is stunning, and the tale is fascinating.

14. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Okay, this post may not be persuasive, but bear with us. Imagine you live in a world where you can pay your bills, spend time with friends, garden, and enjoy life without feeling stressed.

That is an adult’s fantasy. The game will provide users a cathartic experience of doing housework and outside tasks while still having fun with pals. Although Animal Crossing: New Horizons may not seem like an adult game, its malleability allows players to transform it into one swiftly.

You are essentially in command of a desert island. You may shape and change the island into anything you wish. This has given players a lot of leeway in terms of what they can accomplish.

It has become a concern in several ways. Players may use Island Dream Codes to share their island with anybody who wishes to participate. This allows players to either visit a particular island or a random island that the game thinks would be enjoyable to visit.

The issue is that some youngsters are making their way to islands where they should not be. Parents have reported these islands, so Nintendo has suspended Dream accounts and removed islands from dreams.

What do you think of the place on our island that isn’t a murder hotspot?

15. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Okay, so Mario Kart 8 is a game for all ages. It’s incredibly entertaining to watch small children become enraged. Mario Kart is the game to play when friends come over, and you want to show them the ropes. This Mario Kart game, on the other hand, has a distinct vibe.

Previously, participants could estimate who would finish first or second, depending on how the race progressed. However, Mario Kart 8 does not do so.

You may be in 12th position for two and a half laps and then receive a lucky break in the last second that puts you first. Although this element adds to the game’s enjoyment, it also adds to its frustration.

Nothing irritates you more than seeing your buddy fall from first to eighth place because of a single red shell you tossed. However, playing with friends may be a lot of fun.

BioShock: The Collection

16. BioShock: The Collection

Do you need to shoot something? Good news: many shooters to test out on the Nintendo Switch! Bioshock: The Collection is one of the finest shooters. This game contains all three Bioshock games, allowing you to play through the bizarre storyline without stopping.

You’ll meet insane people, Big Brothers who can beat you up, and little sisters you hope aren’t related to you. The game also contains a lot of fascinating backstories.

Although you may encounter some pleasant things, they generally disguise some nasty jokes at your expense. Furthermore, the plot has several twists and turns.

The game will persuade you to believe that one notion is propelling your main character, only for the tale to pivot and alter course abruptly. It might make you feel uneasy but in an excellent way!

17. Resident Evil: Triple Pack

Resident Evil has finally made its way to the Nintendo Switch. It is now available on the Switch.

You can go toe-to-toe with the Umbrella Corp. to demonstrate that rescuing the earth from the infected is more vital than letting it rot. This game is intended for adults only.

The game is filled with terrifying zombies, jump scares, and just plain badness around every turn. There’s also gratuitous violence, which may be entertaining and therapeutic, especially after a long and stressful day at work.

18. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Perhaps you prefer something a bit more thoughtless. South Park: The Fractured But Whole is a never-ending stream of adult humor.

This incredibly provocative superhero game will have you wanting more. You may personalize your image and join the South Park superhero squad of Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman.

You’ll have to fight the evil that has taken over South Park and stop it before it’s too late. Those who have seen South Park will understand why this game exists.

It’s a quirky fighting game with sophisticated combat mechanics. Some of the jokes, though, may make some people uncomfortable. Although this game may not be for everyone, it is a fun adult-oriented game for the Nintendo Switch.

19. L.A. Noire

Are you looking for a dark and brutal crime thriller? It would help if you played LA Noire. The game, set in the 1940s, follows officer Cole Phelps as he seeks the truth in a city where everyone has something to conceal.

You’ll see Cole at work for Traffic, Homicide, Vice, and Arson. Each new department will provide Phelps with a new companion to assist him in navigating the cases.

You’ll also get flashbacks of Phelps’ wartime experiences. This game will take more patience and problem-solving skills than most children possess.

You’ll have to study the situation thoroughly to determine what occurred at each crime scene. There will also be a few dead bodies and women of the evening.

20. DOOM 3

If you’re seeking the perfect first-person horror shooter, Doom III is the game for you. Set in the year 2145 on Mars, you’ll discover that a portal to Hell has been opened.

A military-industrial corporation established a scientific research laboratory to investigate teleportation, biological research, and new weapon designs. What could go wrong?

Apart from a cataclysmic invasion of Mars by demons. The game is ideal for horror fans. The animals are nasty and unforgiving, giving you much to strive for. You may join some pals to compete in an epic death battle. Are you prepared to confront hell beasts?

21. Dark Souls: Remastered

If you’re not into horror and gore, how about an action role-playing game that can make you cry? The Dark Souls series is highly challenging while being perhaps one of the finest games of all time. If you played Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and thought it too challenging, you should skip Dark Souls.

The game takes place during the Age of Fire. Humans have begun to ascend to power but are thwarted by an undead curse. This curse would continually resuscitate individuals after death, ultimately causing them to lose their brains, a condition known as “hollowing.”

The bad news is that you’ve been cursed with hollowing. To make things worse, you begin your ordeal in an institution. To begin the narrative, you must escape. Dark Souls is an enticing and engaging hardcore fantasy role-playing game. It’s not for the faint of heart or the young at heart. Prepare to face strong foes and adamant bosses.

22. Cuphead

There are several reasons to like Cuphead. The art style is based on Disney and Warner Brothers in the early 1920s. As you face off against apparently everyday items and people, the jazz music flickers and jumps.

However, the game’s concept is that Cuphead assists the devil in reaping the souls owing to him to avoid a terrible destiny.

The plot, albeit small in the game, is not something youngsters should be too familiar with. Furthermore, each encounter in the game seems like a boss battle.

There isn’t a single aspect of this game that should be deemed simple. Each encounter encourages you to try something new, and it frequently seems like you’re simply becoming a little bit better each time. Because of this, as well as the game’s plot, we would not suggest it for children.

23. Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat has a reputation for being one of the most brutal fighting games. This reputation has been maintained throughout the series, and Mortal Kombat 11 is no exception. Mortal Kombat is fun and well-crafted fighting game with hundreds of distinct characters to discover and utilize in battle. The game costs $49.99 to purchase.

24. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is now playable on almost every game platform, including the Nintendo Switch. The game is an open-world fantasy RPG that is very popular due to the flexibility provided to the user to do anything they want. The primary premise of the game centers on your character as a Dragonborn on a journey to slay the World-Eater dragon.

If you’re a fan of The Legend of Zelda, you’ll recognize some of the game’s features included with the Nintendo Switch edition. You can utilize a Master Sword, a Hylian Shield, and the Champion’s Tunic to battle. Skyrim is the ideal Switch game to demonstrate that it isn’t exclusively for kids. Skyrim is available for $59.99 on the Nintendo Switch.

25. Dead by Daylight

It’s a horror multiplayer game that’s nothing special, but it’s a lot of fun to play on the go, especially when your friends are present.

And although the Stranger Things chapter was deleted last year, there are still many fantastic outfits and chapters to go through. I believe the Silent Hill skins were a necessary and charming addition, if only because I enjoy James and Heather.

What are the greatest games on the Nintendo Switch?

If you’ve come to our list of the top Nintendo Switch games to uncover the best selections, we’ll save you some time. Our top selections are the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Metroid Dread, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They’re all quite diverse in style, ranging from a massive 100+ hour RPG to a dense and tightly-packed action-adventure to an island management sim, but they’re all sure to give you hours and hours of top-quality fun.

If you like multiplayer games, there are many additional major Nintendo titles at the top of the list. The series’ most extensive collection of playable iconic characters from Nintendo games and beyond is available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Meanwhile, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe remains the quintessential kart-racing game, and it’s about to become much more significant with a new set of expansion packs.

For those searching for anything other than standard Nintendo fare, the Switch features a surprisingly extensive library of titles for a more adult audience. Heaven’s Vault delivers tricky language-based puzzles in a point-and-click type adventure. At the same time, Cuphead and Celeste offer platforming action that needs much more accuracy and patience than the ordinary Mario game.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the games of the renowned plumber. Super Mario 3D World Plus Bowser’s Fury is my personal favorite on the list. The 3D world is a delightful mix of 2D and 3D Mario-level designs that can be played with up to four people. At the same time, Bowser’s Fury is an entirely new sort of open-world experience for Mario games that shakes up the platforming with perilous surprise visits from a furious Bowser.

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