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Bill Gates Is a Straight Up Savage

Apparently when you’re worth upwards of $70 Billion, it doesn’t warrant your time to pick up a $100 bill. Assuming a 6% rate of return on $72B, the Microsoft CEO earns about $114 per second.

A Few More Reasons Bill is a Bad Ass

He Has a Real Life Periodic Table of Elements in His Office

When you count yourself as a distinguished member of the tres comas club, your office is likely going to be decked out to the nines. This is evidenced by a piece of spectacularly cool decor as seen below.

Tres Comas – Just Billionaire Stuff……..

This awesome display showcases real samples of all the elements in the periodic table unless too dangerous. Having mercury or polonium readily available could get dangerous pretty quickly…In those cases replications are exhibited.

Bill Gates Periodic Table

Further Proof Bill Gates is a Boss

He Got Arrested and No One Really Knows Why

Allegedly the Microsoft CEO ran a stop sign. If history tells us anything, tech’s biggest bad boy probably did something far more sinister – just look at that charming smile.

He Effortlessly Jumped Over This Chair With the Grace of a Cat


He Dances Better Than Most Pop Stars