20 Of The Coolest Gadgets On Amazon

by GlitchMind | Last Updated: October 28, 2020

It can be easy to let lost in the sea of Amazon. There are tons of cool items and countless ways to spend your money. With that, here are 20 of the coolest gadgets on Amazon you can buy right now.

Coolest Gadgets On Amazon

1. Voice translator earbuds

Talk about game changing. These translator ear buds are a must have for frequent travelers or anyone that needs instant translation.

2. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is one of the marquee names in console entertainment. Their switch allows you to take your gaming with you wherever you go. A solid handheld console perfect for long trips.

3. Coffee mug warmer and cooler

A cup of hot coffee is a true morning comfort. When it cools down, not so much. This mug warmer is essential if you need to keep your cup of joe warm without zapping it.

4. Vector robot with Amazon Alexa

This robotic companion is powered by AI and advanced robotics. He is “alive” engaged by sight, sound, and touch.

5. Money clip with built-in knife

This is just cool. Every guy that is in need of a new wallet should check this out.

6. Magnetic pickup tool

Super helpful tool for picking up car keys, etc.

7. Nitro cold brew coffee maker

If you’re a fan of nitro cold brew, this is a great addition to your kitchen. Easily have the access to the from the comfort of your own home to make and enjoy nitro coffee.

8. Self-cleaning water bottle

Using a water bottle for an extended period of time can cause bacteria and mold to form in hard-to-clean smaller places. This awesome self-cleaning water bottle is the solution you have been looking for.

9. AboveTEK Long Arm Aluminum Tablet Stand

Holding your tablet can get cumbersome. This tablet stand is the solution and has 360 degree swivel versatility.

10. Pop-up fire pit

Everyone enjoys a nice hang out with a fire pit. This portable fire pit is perfect for beach or camping trips, or even for use at home. It’s portable and very easy to set up.

11. Indoor smart-home camera

This indoor smart camera is a great feature to add so you can monitor your residence when you’re not there.

12. World’s smallest laptop charger

Convenience and portability are the two words to describe this laptop charger. Small enough to take with you on all excursions.

13. Windproof jet lighter torch

How many times have you used a lighter only to have the wind immediately blow out the flame? Problem solved with the windproof jet lighter torch.

14. Aisuo night light and lamp

The perfect combination of night light and lamp, the Aisuo’s ambiance will flatter any setting you choose to display it in.

15. Travel power strip

Another convenient tiny piece of technology that is great for those on the road. This power strip makes plugging in multiple gadgets convenient and easy.

16. Water-resistant travel backpack

A sleek walnut docking station for all of your accessories. This includes a charging station for your smart phone, hooks for keys, and a change tray.

17. Natural walnut docking station

A sleek walnut docking station for all of your accessories. This includes a charging station for your smart phone, hooks for keys, and a change tray.

18. Silent alarm clock

Waking up to an obnoxiously loud alarm clock can be a rough way to start the day. There is a better way to do it and this silent alarm clock is it.

19. Mini-hammer multi-tool

The all-in-one mini tool set. Perfect for small jobs of any kind and extremley portable.

20. Floating globe

This floating globe is an aesthetically pleasing excellent addition to your desk.

There are 20 of the coolest gadgets on Amazon. We hope you enjoy!

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