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Dell Latitude 9510 Review: Performance, Design And Screen

Dell Latitude 9510: a blend of sophistication, power, and versatility. This laptop is designed for the modern professional who demands both performance and portability. With its sleek, lightweight design, the Latitude 9510 is as easy on the eyes as it is to carry, making it a perfect companion for the bustling business traveller or the dynamic entrepreneur.

Inside its slim frame lies a powerhouse – equipped with the latest processors, a long-lasting battery, and a host of smart features tailored to enhance productivity.

Dell Latitude 9510 2-in-1 review


  • Unbelievable Battery Life: The Latitude 9510 boasts an exceptional battery life, with PCWorld noting nearly 24 hours of performance on a single charge.
  • Compact and Sturdy Build: It is described as compact and solidly built, making it a durable choice for business and personal use.
  • Comfortable Keyboard and Touchpad: The laptop’s design ensures comfort and ease of use, which is essential for prolonged usage.
  • Neat Software Features: It includes advanced software features, with a specific mention of the use of AI to enhance user experience​


  • High Price Point: The major downside of the Latitude 9510 is its price. As configured, it’s considered too expensive for many consumers, which might limit its appeal to a more niche, professional market.
  • No 4K or Discrete Graphics Options: If you’re a visual professional or a gaming enthusiast, the lack of a 4K resolution option and discrete graphics might be a deal-breaker.
  • Unremarkable Display: Despite its bright display, it doesn’t stand out in terms of resolution or colour accuracy when compared to other laptops in the same category.
  • Subpar Webcam: In an era where video conferencing has become more crucial than ever, the Latitude 9510 falls short with its webcam quality.


  • Processor: Intel Core i7-10810U (6 core, 12M cache, base 1.1GHz up to 4.9GHz, vPro)
  • RAM: 16GB, 2133MHz, LPDDR3
  • Storage: M.2 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD
  • Graphics: Intel UHD graphics
  • Display: 15-inch 16:9 touchscreen, 1920 x 1080
  • Ports: one USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A with PowerShare, two USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 with Power Delivery and
  • DisplayPort, one HDMI 2.0, one wedge lock slot, one microSD reader
  • Cameras: 720p IR camera
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds (1.68 kg)
  • Dimensions: 13.39 x 8.49 x .32 (front) and .55 (rear) inches (340.2 x 215.8 x 8.23 (front) and 13.99 (rear) mm)
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro

1. Price

Let’s break down the Dell Latitude 9510’s pricing. In the UK, it starts at a hefty £2,173 ex VAT, while the US price begins at $2,928 before tax.

This gets you an i5, 8GB of RAM (a sweet 16GB in the States), and a 256GB SSD. Sounds pricey, especially when you stack it against a 13-inch MacBook Pro M1, which boasts 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD for just £1,899 or $1,899.

But here’s the kicker: Dell’s offering some juicy discounts right now. In the UK, prices have dipped to as low as £1,102, and in the US, you can snag one for $2,049.

Fancy a more powerful setup? We tried out a model with a Core i7, 16GB RAM, and a 512GB SSD. Usually, it’s £2,727/$3,655, but currently, it’s down to £1,772/$2,319.

And for those in the UK eyeing the 2-in-1 version (Core i5, 8GB, 256GB), it’s down from £2,358 to £1,532. Over in the US, the same model, but with 16GB RAM, is reduced from $3,238 to $2,759. Plus, US buyers have the cool option to add 5G – a bit tricky though, as you need to play mix-and-match with parts on Dell’s site. This 5G-ready beast lists at $4,221.

So, while the Latitude 9510 might start pricey, these discounts are sweetening the deal!

2. Design and screen

Let’s take a peek at the Dell Latitude 9510 2-in-1 from the outside in. At first glance, it’s pretty unassuming with its plain metal exterior.

It’s not feather-light at just over 1.5kg, but it won’t break your back either. Twirl it around, and you’ll spot a decent array of ports: two Thunderbolt 3, one USB 3.2 Type-A, a full-size HDMI 2.0, a micro SD slot, and a headphone socket. Plus, there are some sizable vents near the hinges at the back.

Now, the real magic happens when you lift the lid. The first thing that’ll catch your eye is the screen. It’s a beaut – a crisp 1080p display that’s nicely non-reflective, with super slim side bezels. The top and bottom bezels are chunkier, though. Up top, you’re greeted by a somewhat underwhelming 720p webcam and its mic, an IR camera for Windows Hello, and a nifty proximity sensor that locks the laptop when you step away and wakes it up on your return.

But here’s a quirky bit: the lid’s catch. It’s a small slider that you need to nudge to the right to open up, and it also covers the webcam. Word of advice? If your fingers are a bit greasy or wet, this catch can be tricky. So, maybe give your hands a quick wipe before tackling it.

Flipping open the lid does more than just reveal the screen; it boots up the laptop too. Thanks to the NVMe SSD (a 512GB unit with 474GB usable in our model), startup is quick and smooth.

3. Usability And Performance

Gaze below the screen of the Dell Latitude 9510 2-in-1, and you’ll land on the keyboard, snugly nestled between a surprisingly impressive pair of stereo speakers. Despite their placement above the USB/Thunderbolt ports, these speakers deliver quality sound that’s more than what you’d expect. Also, the large trackpad is a joy to use, smartly ignoring any accidental palm touches while you’re typing.

The keyboard itself? It’s got a nice, comfortable travel to it. Sure, it makes a bit of noise during use, but nothing too disturbing. And here’s a neat feature: the power button doubles as a fingerprint reader, and it’s slightly stiffer than the other keys. This design is pretty clever, especially since it sits right next to the Delete key. Without this extra resistance, you might accidentally put the laptop to sleep when you’re just trying to trash a file.

Under the hood of our review model, we found a solid setup: a six-core/12-thread tenth-generation Intel i7 CPU paired with 16GB of RAM. This CPU chills at a battery-friendly 1.1GHz but can boost up to 4.9GHz when needed. The result? A responsive machine that handles office work and web browsing like a breeze and even steps up for some image editing.

Benchmark-wise, it scored 1733 in Cinebench R20, putting it in line with desktop i7s from a few years back. Not too shabby for a laptop chip! The only downside? The GPU. It’s an integrated Intel UHD, which is pretty basic. While it can handle a 4K 60Hz external monitor, gaming on this bad boy, especially something like Cyberpunk 2077, is a no-go. On the connectivity front, it’s equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard and Bluetooth 5.1.

4. Battery Life & Noise

Alright, let’s chat about the Dell Latitude 9510’s battery life. I had it unplugged and working hard from 9 am to 5 pm – think external monitor, heaps of tabs open in Edge, working away in Google Docs, and doing some heavy-duty internet digging. Started the day at 100%, and by quitting time, it was hanging on at 15%.

Now, Dell’s site touts an eye-popping 34 hours of juice, but let’s be real, that’s in ideal lab conditions with an i5 processor and a beefier 88W/hr battery. The one we’re dealing with here is a 52W/hr unit, and nope, you can’t just pop it out and swap it.

The laptop’s got this smart piece of kit – the Dell Optimizer. It tweaks performance based on what you need, focusing either on power or battery longevity.

Now, about those fans – I didn’t even notice them until I put the laptop through the Cinebench R20 wringer.

The design might not win any beauty contests with those wide vents at the back, sitting right next to the shiny hinges that let the screen do a full 180° flip (and yes, there’s a 2-in-1 touchscreen model that goes all the way around), but hey, they get the job done, keeping things cool without cranking up the fan noise.

5. Luxurious Keyboard, Many Speakers

Cracking open the Dell Latitude 9510’s lid is a breeze, thanks to its reliable twin hinges. Once you’re in, the modern design touches stand out.

Let’s talk about the keyboard and touchpad. Honestly, they’re some of the best I’ve ever used. The backlit keyboard is right up there with the top-notch ones on Lenovo’s ThinkPad T-series and X-series, boasting solid switches and no annoying flex in the middle.

Even better, I find it more comfy than the MacBook Pro’s Magic Keyboard, thanks to its deeper key travel.

The touchpad? It’s a winner, too. A smooth glass surface makes for effortless swiping, and the click action is satisfyingly solid. Unlike some other models, this one skips on separate left- and right-click buttons and doesn’t have that pointing stick you might find in the middle of other Latitude or Lenovo ThinkPad keyboards.

Audio-wise, the Latitude 9510 packs a punch with a total of four speakers. Two are tucked beneath the speaker grilles flanking the keyboard – where you’d usually find a number pad on bigger laptops.

The sound it delivers is pretty powerful, easily filling a small conference room or a large office, though the bass can’t quite match up to the MacBook Pro’s dedicated woofer. Plus, there are four microphones built in, making for clear conference calls with good noise cancellation.

Around those speaker grilles, you’ll find antennas for the optional 4G LTE radio, neatly integrated so they don’t mess with the laptop’s sleek design.

Dell’s also got plans to add 5G connectivity to the 9000 series soon, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 modem in the works – though it wasn’t available at the time of this review. And for connectivity, this laptop’s got eSIM support, alongside Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and Bluetooth.


The Dell Latitude 9510 might not be designed to set your heart racing, but it’s got its fair share of exciting features. Think giant battery life and, for the lucky folks in the US, the prospect of 5G speeds. It’s not just about these headliners, though; this laptop gets a lot of things right.

Using the Latitude 9510 feels like a solid laptop experience. It’s the kind of machine you can rely on all day without it becoming a nuisance or drawing unnecessary attention. That’s not exactly the stuff of adrenaline rushes, but it’s exactly what you need from a dependable office laptop.

Now, let’s talk price. At its full sticker price, it’s hard to call it an out-and-out winner. If you spot it on sale, though, it becomes a really attractive option. At its regular price, it’s impressive, no doubt, but many users might find they get just as much satisfaction from less pricey options.

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