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Digital Viewing – The Future of Weaponry?

Electronically enhanced guns are usually reserved for futuristic action films. What about present-day weaponry?

TrackingPoint is a weapon-tech company based out of Pflugerville, Texas that has the distinction of creating the world’s first Precision Guided Firearm (PGF).

Their smart rifles have a digital component built into their scopes. This enables the shooter to share their experience and give the viewer first person visuals of the shot via the ShotView™ App. The app securely streams real-time audio and video from the weapon’s scope directly to a tablet or smartphone via WiFi.

The shooter in the video below appears to be utilizing Google Glass (or something similar) in combination with one of TrackingPoint’s rifles.

With eye wear on, the gunman can stay almost fully protected while maintaining accuracy.

Google Glass has been phased out by the tech giant, however the firearm company did for a brief time produce an eye wear product their own called “ShotGlass” pictured below.

We can’t find a link to this product on TrackingPoint’s website, so the assumption is that this also is no longer in existence. While that may be the case, it’s an interesting concept that could pave the way for a future of digitized weaponry.

“We see a day in the not too distant future, where all rifles are precision-guided,” John Lupher, TrackingPoint CEO.