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Elon Musk Tweets – 10 Amusing Remarks To Enjoy

Elon Musk and sleep don’t really mix. In fact, he has been known to hallucinate on Ambien, but that’s excusable as he is pretty busy running SpaceX, Tesla and a few other massive companies. Through all of that, the Martian-hopeful still manages to run an awesome Twitter account that consistently provides quality entertainment. Below are 10 Elon Musk tweets that are as interesting as they are hilarious.

Elon Musk tweets

A mathematical play on words while paying a bit of tribute to Mr. Joe Rogan.


Yeah what even is J.D. Power? A Participation trophy?


Elon wants to go to Mars…no secret there, possible it’s his home planet.




An appreciation for Ryu is always appreciated.


Good Question, Elon! These flags are nearly identical. Apparently the Chadian flag’s shade of blue is slightly darker.


I would assume he already has a volcano lair…


These Boring Company flamethrowers sold out in just four days..


Elon trying to downplay the Area 51 raid since he is probably an alien.


A.k.a. allow me to go back to my homeland.


When Elon Musk tweets, you can count on amusement. The man is a boss.

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