Remarkable Shot of Giraffe Looming in Mist as Leopard Approaches

by GlitchMind | Last Updated: July 3, 2019

In a very serene and almost haunting photo, a leopard is seen lurking on a South African trail. In the midst, a giraffe stands idle and silhouetted behind the mist.

The photographer Dylan Royal explains how he made this capture:

“We had just found a mother leopard and two cubs in the early morning mist and were following them down the road, when out of the shadows loomed a group of curious giraffes. I hastily grabbed my camera as this moment lined itself up and then disappeared as the leopards continued past the towering giraffe.”

– Dylan Royal

To check out more of Dylan’s fantastic work visit his website at or his Instagram @dylanroyalwildlife.


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