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How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use? Tips New 2022

In this article, Glitchmind will tell you the answer to the question: How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use?

Laptops are personal computers typically smaller in size than desktop computers. They use a variety of power sources, depending on the model. Some laptops use an AC adapter to plug into an outlet and get power, while others use a rechargeable battery. Laptops typically use less energy than a desktop computer.

Factors that Influence Energy Consumption in Laptops

Before we dive into the various factors that influence power consumption, there are several things you should consider. There are many laptop manufacturers every year. As the technology improves, these companies have tried to create a better laptop that consumes as little power as possible but still works as well as any other laptop.

However, your laptop’s type will affect how much energy it uses. It will consume more power if it has more external hardware. Let’s now look at the factors that influence power consumption.

1. Types of Laptop

This is a significant factor in determining energy consumption. If you use fundamental laptops such as NoteBooks, they usually consume 60 watts an hour. Gaming laptops consume more.

Some models can consume up to 100 watts an hour, which is why many laptops get very hot and require a cooling pad. You can also affect the power consumption if your computer is charged.

2. Graphics card type

A high-end laptop usually comes with a GPU and a CPU. The GPU comes with a higher display quality and greater battery capacity in most cases.

High-performance graphics cards consume more power, particularly when gaming. The GPU will provide better visuals so that you need to use more energy.

If you combine all of these, you get a very energy-intensive laptop. Gaming rigs and working stations use more energy than essential laptops, while 2 in 1 laptop consume less power than those 2.

Factors Of Energy Consumption In Laptops

3. Adapter Wattage

The charger and adapter for your laptop have a set of watts. A 60-watt adapter will make your computer use less energy than laptops with 90-watt adapters. The energy consumed per hour is determined by the number of watts in the adapter.

4. Type of CPU

A laptop’s CPU type is an essential factor. Simply put, a slower CPU uses more energy than the CPUs that do fast computations. A laptop’s CPU is more powerful, so the higher its power consumption, the lower the laptop’s energy consumption.

How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use?

Another important category of laptops deserves special attention. Gaming laptops are robust and require special assembly. You can see that a gaming laptop is essential to play high-end games.

Gaming laptops can be heavy because they are loaded with the best. Gaming laptops are equipped with everything from powerful processors to powerful batteries.

You can check the charger to see how much power your gaming laptop consumes. Acer Predator Helios 300 is a highly-respected gaming laptop. It comes with a charger that has 180W power. It consumes a minimum of 180 Watts an hour.

How Do You Calculate Watts Consumed By a Laptop?

It all boils down to knowing how to calculate the actual wattage of your laptop. You can determine the exact wattage by knowing your laptop’s charger power consumption and other factors. You can also use an electricity usage monitor to determine how much power your computer uses.

1. Manual Calculation

Simply by looking at your laptop’s charger (adapter power), you can quickly estimate the amount of energy it consumes. You will need to consider other factors if you want a more precise number.

As an example, we will use the Acer Predator laptop. It comes with a charging adapter that consumes 180 watts per hour. It is important to remember that the main components, such as the GPU and CPU, tend to increase power consumption.

Most systems use an Intel processor, NVIDIA graphics cards, or AMD. For information on the power consumption of these components, you can search the official site or open the back panel to check.

The CPU uses 45W to 50W, and the GPU consumes 745W to 8W. Combining these two components can increase the laptop’s wattage by more than 10%. These are only average assumptions. Your actual usage may vary depending on which features you use.

Let’s not forget the screen brightness. It consumes power at a rate of 11W to 15W an hour when it is set to maximum brightness. These are only a few of the components that were considered. Many other details such as RAM, HDD/SSD, and RAM make it difficult to determine exact numbers. However, an approximate value can give you an idea.

We know it consumes 60 Watts of electricity (equivalent to 0.06 kWh) and will cost 6.76 cents per day to run. We use an average energy cost of 12 cents/kWh.

How to calculate Watts Consumed by a Laptop


2. Monitor your electricity usage

An Electric Usage Monitor can provide a more precise calculation. It can be placed over the power socket. This device can tell you how many watts your laptop was using while charging. The best thing about the calculation is that it includes everything since all power consumed, is from one socket.

This device could be used to monitor appliances in your home. Although it may not be required, it can satisfy your curiosity.

It is easy to use. Stick the device on the wall socket and plug in your laptop charger. The device will automatically detect how much power your charger draws from the socket. It would display the default wattage for your charger adapter.

This device can also monitor your laptop’s battery usage and help you calculate how much power your computer uses over time. This device can be purchased on any e-commerce site like Amazon.

How to Use Less Power on Your Laptop?

You may be able to reduce the power consumed by your laptop if you already know the amount of energy it uses. There are many ways to reduce the power consumption of your laptop. We’ve tried them all.

  • When your laptop is fully charged, make sure you take out the plug.
  • Don’t overcharge your laptop. It can cause battery damage and increase power consumption.
  • When the charge is at 10%, plug the charger. Don’t wait for the charger to turn off. This takes more effort to charge the battery and consumes more power.
  • To keep your laptop cool and charged, you can purchase a cooling pad.
  • Allow the laptop to cool off before you start working again. This will help reduce your consumption.
  • To avoid system stress, update your processor and other hardware.
  • Use the original charger supplied by the company.

You can do many other things to use power. High brightness screens can use a lot of energy. This can be avoided by dimming your screen when it is not necessary. It will also protect your eyes.

How To Consume Less Power On Your Laptop


1. Is it essential to set up when dividing power between laptops and desktops?

The setup of a system for manufacturing electricity determines how much electricity it can produce. The output and the internal configuration determine how much electricity is consumed.

The desktops come with 7 stars for energy efficiency, but some computers have hydro cooling systems or other features. These PCs consume more power than the average 3-4 laptops.

The activity you are doing will affect the power draw. The power draw of a laptop that plays a game at maximum settings will be greater than one that surfs the internet or is idle. A desktop running a game at max settings would draw more power than idle surfing the net or playing games.

It is all relative. It all depends on the parameters that you provide for the comparison.

Some laptops have higher specs than average, such as the alien-ware and predator series. These laptops consume more power than your average desktop or laptop.

2. Are Desktops more power-intensive than Laptops?

Laptops are more energy-efficient than desktop computers. The way they consume power is also a critical factor in laptops being less potent than their desktop counterparts. Desktop computers are tied permanently to power sockets because they require more power than laptops.

There is an energy efficiency difference between desktop and laptop models. While laptops consume more energy than desktops, laptops with higher energy consumption use less energy than desktops.

A laptop can only use 60 watts an hour. However, a desktop computer consumes about 300 watts an hour. If you have a large monitor or dual-set-up monitor, that’s another 50 watts. A laptop computer is 20% more efficient than a desktop computer.

3. How does the Laptop’s Wattage Differ between brands like Acer, Dell, and ASUS?

No matter which brand you have, whether your laptop is from HP, Lenovo or ASUS, Acer, and MSI, the watt usage rules will remain the same. The consumption will be higher if the laptop has high specifications and a high GPU. The wattage of a computer made by two different brands with the same specs won’t vary much. See more comparing some outstanding brands such as MSI vs ASUSHP vs DellLenovo vs Dell

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