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How To Connect Airpods To Dell Laptop: Tips New 2022

This guide, Glitchmind will show you How To Connect Airpods To Dell Laptop. To connect your AirPods to a Dell laptop, you will need to use a 3. 5mm audio cable. First, plug the 3. 5mm audio cable into the headphone jack on your Dell laptop. Next, plug the other end of the audio cable into the lightning connector on your AirPods.

Is AirPods able to connect to a Dell Laptop?

Yes. All AirPods are compatible with any Dell laptop that supports Bluetooth. Even though not all Dell laptops have Bluetooth technology, the owner can still use an external Bluetooth device to make it work.

Your Dell laptop may not connect to your AirPods because it doesn’t have Bluetooth, or you aren’t correctly pairing them. Before they can pair, both your AirPods and your Dell laptop must have Bluetooth enabled.

Can AirPods Connect To Dell Laptop

How do I connect my AirPods to my Dell laptop?

Do you want to pair AirPods and your Dell laptop? We will help you with the steps of How to pair AirPods Pro or AirPods Pro with a Dell laptop.

First, ensure that your AirPods have been charged. Follow these steps after that:

Step 1: Open your start menu and enter settings. Click on the app to select it, or use the short key Windows + I from your keyboard.

Step 2: Select devices from the settings menu.

Step 3: If the “Bluetooth and other devices” option appears, it means that your laptop is equipped with Bluetooth functionality. If it isn’t, your laptop may not have Bluetooth functionality and use USB dongles. If it isn’t flipped to ON, click on the Bluetooth OFF toggle switch.

Step 4: Click Add “Bluetooth and Other Devices”.

Step 5: Select Add Bluetooth. Choose Bluetooth.

Step 6: Take your AirPods Pro or AirPods Pro, and press the circular button for a few seconds. Your AirPods’ charging light will now start pulsing white.

Step 7:

  • Go to your laptop.
  • Click “In Add a Device Menu”.
  • Select your device.
  • Click on connect.

A notification will appear stating that your device is now ready to go.

Now you have been connected to your airports through your Dell laptop.

When you pair your Airpods, the pairing information will be saved on your computer. It will then automatically connect to the matched laptop that is powered on.

How to Reconnect AirPods With Dell Laptop

How do I reconnect AirPods to a Dell Laptop?

Once you pair your AirPods, they will store Bluetooth information that includes the name of your device. If your AirPods do not connect to your laptop, it means that they have not been paired with your laptop.

  1. Open Start Menu and type Settings or hit Windows + I on the keyboard.
  2. Click on “Devices”, then scroll down to the Audio section. Click on the connect button to select your AirPods. Now your AirPods will work.

How to disconnect AirPods from a Dell Laptop

By disconnecting from your laptop, you can use AirPods with other devices. These steps will help you do this:

  1. Open Start Menu and type Settings or Windows + I.
  2. Locate the device heading in the settings and click on it.
  3. Scroll to the audio section. Click on the AirPods to remove them. Your Dell laptop will be disconnected from your AirPods.

How to Disconnect AirPods From Dell Laptop


1. If I connect my AirPods to my Dell laptop, will they work as well as my MacBook or other Apple devices?


It won’t be as seamless as connecting your AirPods with an Apple device such as an iPhone, MacBook Air/Pro, or an iPad.

It should be able to do the job for any reason that you may need to connect it with your Dell laptop.

2. My AirPods will lose their battery quicker if connected to my Dell laptop?

They may not last as long as you connect them to your Dell laptop.

It won’t cause a drastic drop in battery life, but it will not significantly impact your use of the device. There may be some impact.

3. Are AirPods compatible with Dell laptops?

They work well with Dell laptops. They may not work as well with Apple devices and could lose battery life slightly quicker than if used with an iPhone or MacBook.

4. Does AirPod combined with Dell laptops reduce computer life?

It won’t. However, you might notice a decrease in battery life or some audio drops if you move while AirPods are playing.

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