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Step-by-Step Guide: How to factory reset Asus ROG Ally?

How to factory reset Asus Rog Ally? In the ever-evolving world of technology, staying updated and maintaining your devices in optimal condition is crucial. For Asus ROG Ally users, one essential maintenance skill is knowing how to perform a factory reset. Whether you’re troubleshooting, preparing to sell your device, or simply starting afresh, a factory reset can be a vital tool.

Understanding Factory Reset

A factory reset, also known as a hard reset, restores the device to its original system state by erasing all the information stored on the device. This process is useful for removing glitches, erasing data, or just giving your device a fresh start.

When to Perform a Factory Reset

  • Troubleshooting persistent software issues.
  • Preparing the device for resale or transfer to another user.
  • Removing personal data for security reasons.
  • Improving device performance by clearing clutter.

Preparing for a Factory Reset:

Before initiating a factory reset, it’s crucial to back up all your important data, as the process will erase everything on your device. Ensure you have all your photos, documents, and other important files saved elsewhere.

Soft Reset – The Quick Fix:

A soft reset is a quicker way of resetting your Asus ROG Ally. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour and removes all data, settings, and the Windows account linked to the device. This method is best for minor issues or quick refreshes.

Step-by-Step Guide to a Soft Reset:

  • Back up your data.
  • Go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery.
  • Under the “Reset this PC” option, click “Get started.”
  • Choose to remove everything, and then select “Just remove my files” for a quicker reset or “Remove files and clean the drive” for a more thorough reset.
  • Click “Reset” to start the process.

Hard/Cloud Reset – The Thorough Approach:

The hard or cloud reset is more time-consuming but is effective if you’ve forgotten your Windows password or need a more thorough reset. This process involves booting to BIOS and selecting a cloud reset, which will redownload and reinstall a fresh copy of the Windows OS.

Step-by-Step Guide to a Hard/Cloud Reset:

  • Ensure your device is connected to a power source and the internet.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Hold the volume down button, then press the power button to boot into BIOS.
  • In the advanced menu, select the cloud reset option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset.

Post-Reset Steps:

After the reset, your Asus ROG Ally will be as good as new from a software perspective. You will need to:

  • Reinstall any previously used apps and software.
  • Restore your data from the backup.
  • Reconfigure your settings according to your preferences.

Troubleshooting Common Reset Issues:

Occasionally, you might encounter issues during the reset process, such as the device not responding or the reset not initiating. In such cases, ensure your device is charged, check your internet connection, or seek technical support.

Maintaining Your Device Post-Reset:

Post-reset, it’s important to maintain your device’s health by regularly updating software, managing storage, and running antivirus scans.


Knowing how to perform a factory reset on your Asus ROG Ally properly is an invaluable skill. Whether you’re troubleshooting, wiping your data, or giving your device a fresh start, the steps outlined above will guide you through a hassle-free reset process.

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