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How To Put A Key Back On A Laptop? Tips New 2022

There are a few How To Put A Key Back On A Laptop. One way is to take the key off the keyboard and put it back on the keyboard. Another way is to take the key off the laptop and put it back on the laptop.

Problems With Dell keyboards

These are usually software problems that result from driver or computer update changes or drivers. They can generally be fixed by another update or configuration change.

These tips may not apply if your keyboard is mechanically defective, spilled, cracked, or damaged.

If your keyboard has a hardware problem, you should call a technician to repair or replace it.

Probleme With Dell keyboards

How To Put A Key Back On A Laptop?

How to Fix a Key that has Fell Off the Laptop Keyboard?

1. Only the keycap is loose or fallen off

If the keycap is loose or detached from one side, you can press it down starting at that point. You’ll eventually hear the snap if you press it gently but hard enough. The patching up. I’m glad the key is back in action.

If the keycap is missing and the rest of the components are intact, it’s best to flip the Keycap upside-down and check for damage to the latching points. Yes, flip it upside down and examine it.

A small, plastic lock will be visible. The point where the safety latches to the keyboard and some other joining points will be visible. If the keys are in good condition, you can inspect the keyboard to see if the hooks (or points) where the keycap fits are intact.

Are you satisfied with everything? Now, put the keycap back and ensure the locking points are properly aligned with the keyboard hooks. You’ll feel the keycap snap when you press it lightly.

2. If the Key Retainer has also been detached

These steps will help you determine if the keycap or key retainer has also been removed from your keyboard.

First, try to remove any other keys by yourself. But do it slowly and gently so that the keycap is removed and all other items remain in place. It’s important to thoroughly inspect it and pay attention to how the critical retainer is connected to the keyboard.

A retainer is simply a combination of two pieces connected via hooks, etc. If they are separated, you can connect them back together.

Return to the problematic detached key and assemble the retainer in the same manner as the other—the finely functioning one.

This suggestion is for those who are afraid to do this. You can check the orientation of the connecting hooks on the keyboard, and you will immediately know how to insert the retainer back into the connectors.

The key retainer connects to the keyboard at four points. Line up the critical retainer with the keyboard base and place it correctly. Connect it through all four points.

If you have any issues, remove the rubber nub keypad and make sure you have enough space to place the retainer. Once the retainer has been fitted perfectly, put it back.

Done? Now, place the keycap in its original position, align the latching points and press down. You will notice a slight bounce when you click it several times. It is now working fine. Congratulations!

How to Fix a Key that has Fell Off the Laptop Keyboard?

3. If the Rubber Nub Under the Key Pad is Broken

Although I hope this does not happen, the silicon nub can be damaged. This is because it is the heart of this entire mechanism. It transmits the command to the circuit board when you press the key.

You can also try:

You can get by without a key you don’t need or feel you are unable to live without. First, remove the keycap, then the retainer, keypad, and lastly, the silicon nub.

The nub is attached to the keyboard base by “Glue”. You can then carefully and slowly separate the nub using a knife or sharp-edged knife.

Once you are done, glue the nub’s base to the glue and place the glue on the exact center of the key you wish to repair.

Once the glue has dried, remove the retainer from the keycap and place it back exactly as before. Now your key is ready to be used.

It’s also certain that you will lose another key, i.e., The one that you think you don’t use as much. Be careful when removing the silicone nub. If it gets damaged, you will be left with two keys that were damaged instead of one.

4. If the Keycap and Retainer are lost or damaged

If your keycap’s base (i.e., if your keycap’s latching point is damaged, or if it is missing from one point, or if you have lost both of them, you will need to order replacements.

It’s straightforward to find replacement parts. It’s easy to find the correct details by searching for your laptop model and brand.

How to Fix the Spacebar Key that has Fell Off the Keyboard?

Although all keys work the same way, the spacebar is a different key. It has a different context and requires additional steps to fix it back.

Here are the steps to fix a spacebar key.

If the spacebar key has fallen off the keyboard, turn it over and check for a retainer bar (mostly made of metal) beneath your key.

Use a screwdriver to remove it from the key.

Once the bar is removed, place the long bar on top of the keyboard base. Be aware of its orientation, and then hook it in the hooks.

Done? You can now put the spacebar key in its original place and follow the same steps, i.e., Line up the latching points and press down gently.

It’s done!

If the key doesn’t work after doing everything as instructed, it could be the circuit board. You should contact a mechanic immediately, as any further actions could make matters worse.

How to Fix the Spacebar Key that has Fell Off the Keyboard?

Avoiding Future Keyboard Issues

Here are some simple tips to ensure your keyboard stays in tip-top shape after you have had it repaired and made functional.

Do not install software from unknown sites. This is also true for opening email attachments. Don’t open an email attachment if you don’t understand it. These guidelines are great for keeping viruses away, but you should not install random apps. This can lead to unwanted side effects such as keyboard problems.

Second, don’t eat or drink anything other than water close to the keyboard. While spills can be devastating, accidentally spilling water on wood doesn’t mean the end.

Finally, make sure to clean your keyboard at least once per month using a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol. This will prevent keys from becoming stuck or disintegrating over time.


1. How can you clean your laptop’s keyboard?

Unplug the laptop first. If necessary, remove the battery. Use a 1:1 solution of water/isopropyl alcohol to clean the exterior and display of your laptop. You can either use compressed air or turn it upside down and gently shake it to clean the keyboard.

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2. How can you disable a laptop’s keyboard?

Windows 10 users can go to Device Manager and select Standard PS/2 keyboard > Disable device. You can also lock your computer quickly using Win+L and CTRL+ALT+Delete to prevent accidental typing. MacBook users can temporarily disable their keyboard by closing the lid or using the shortcut Control+Shift+Power.

3. Why is my laptop keyboard not working?

There are several troubleshooting options that you can use if your laptop keyboard doesn’t work. You can clean it, restart the system, and replace any damaged keys. If that fails, you can use the on-screen keyboard on your computer to type (open the Windows On-Screen Keyboard App or go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Keyboard> Enable Accessibility Keyboard for Mac).

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As Glitchmind mentioned, a keyboard is essential to the classic interaction between your computer and you.

You can’t afford to have any problem, whether it is a trembling key or a key that fell off, or worse, when the circuit board begins malfunctioning.

If the circuit board is not working correctly, you should consult a professional. However, if it’s a minor problem, you can fix it yourself.

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