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How To Start A Gaming Channel? YouTube Gaming Channel In 2022

How To Start A Gaming Channel? With the rise of online gaming, many people are interested in starting their own gaming channels. However, there are a few things to consider before starting a channel. First, decide what type of games you want to play. There are many different genres of games, so it is important to choose the ones that you are most interested in. Once you have decided on the games you want to play, research how to start a channel and what type of equipment you need.

How To Start A Gaming Channel?

1. Concentrate on One Game to Expand Your YouTube Channel

It will be tempting to play every game you possess when you start your YouTube channel. Because of the game’s massive popularity, you may like to post some Fortnite videos. After two weeks, it may seem like a brilliant idea to add some Minecraft content.

But take note of our caution, makers. Choose only one game to play on YouTube if you want to expand your gaming channel.

From a technical standpoint, this is sound advice. YouTube’s algorithm is complicated, but it rewards a straightforward content approach. It won’t hesitate to promote your films to like-minded viewers if it learns you’re a game producer generating movies on Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for example.

2. Obtain the Appropriate Equipment for Your Gaming Channel

What do you need to start a gaming YouTube channel? Not much. However, a few elements will improve the quality of your videos:

Microphone for YouTube videos: Many gamers include voices in their videos, mainly while actively playing a game. Invest in high-quality audio so that viewers can follow along with the action.

Software for screen recording: When you play video games, you’ll need software to record the activity on your console (PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, etc.).

This may be a DSLR camera, mirrorless, or webcam. You’ll need one if you want to record

yourself playing video games.

YouTube video lighting: Don’t leave your audience in the dark. If you intend to display your face, choose a well-lit photo.

Green screen: Gamers often use a green screen for live broadcasting. It eliminates the backdrop behind the streamer, leaving just their figure visible against the gameplay.

How To Start A Gaming Channel?

3. Names of YouTube Gaming Channels: Concentrate on Keywords

One of the most crucial things you’ll do on YouTube is named your channel. The method isn’t difficult for gamers. If you follow our first recommendation (create gaming content around a single title), you’ll already have a great place to start: the video game you’re now playing.

So, what kind of game do you want to play? Minecraft? Roblox? What about Pokémon Go? When you’ve decided on a game, utilize its title to develop distinctive YouTube channel names.

Example 1: The 100% Zelda channel publishes Zelda gameplay lessons.

Exhibit 2: The Poke Daxi channel, which distributes Pokémon Go cheats.

Using the name of your game as a YouTube keyword boosts the visibility of your channel in search results.

In addition, here are some pointers for coming up with influential YouTube channel names for gaming:

  • Make it simple to spell.
  • Make it simple to remember.
  • Allow it to reflect the game you’re playing.
  • Make it no more than 70 characters long.
  • Use appropriate keywords.
  • Avoid using profanity or inappropriate words.

4. Avoid the “Let’s Play” Pitfall

Many gamers like uploading let’s play videos. We can’t blame them. They’re more enjoyable to create and more straightforward to edit than other forms of videos.

For example, have a look at the video below from iJeven. Most lets plays are similar to this one in that the player broadcasts a task from the game. Some designers break missions into “episodes” to promote uploads, even if episodic video titles aren’t the ideal technique.

But that isn’t the main issue with let’s play. The problem is garnering a respectable number of views from that sort of video.

It’s ridiculous to anticipate 200,000 views on a let’s play if you’re new to YouTube. That strategy works for large channels but not for contemporary artists with no subscribers. Nobody knows who you are just yet.

Most of the time, people are looking for specific game features rather than an entire gaming episode. Make the video searchable if you wish to conduct a let’s play. Include a lesson or a hack to create an appropriate title for YouTube’s search engine.

5. Participate in a Gaming Community to Discover YouTube Video Ideas

The most challenging aspect of developing on YouTube is coming up with video ideas. But there is a simple solution: don’t do it alone. Starting a YouTube gaming channel in the company of other gamers is the most excellent way to get started.

To begin, consider joining an online community such as Discord. Find a group based on the game you’re playing, and then pay attention to what they say.

You’ll learn:

  • The game will be receiving significant improvements.
  • What parts of the game pique people’s interest?
  • Newcomers’ questions regarding the game
  • These three elements – particularly the final one – may lead to intriguing video ideas. If newbies have questions about a game, YouTube videos might help.

Don’t forget to check out the gaming communities on Reddit and Steam!

6. Publish Weekly Gaming Videos

Before you start a gaming YouTube channel, commit yourself to uploading regularly. To create and expand a YouTube following, you should upload at least once every week.

Why is this number chosen? On the other hand, YouTube has grown quite excellent at presenting material to the correct audience. So, whether you publish four videos per month or one video per day, YouTube will promote your material repeatedly.

Don’t exhaust yourself by blogging daily. Take it gently. You’ll know how YouTube fits into your life, whether it’s balancing school, work, or family time.

7. Keep your video introductions concise and entertaining.

Audience retention is crucial on YouTube since poor retention sends a negative signal to YouTube’s algorithm. It suggests that your video may not deliver on its promise and should not be recommended above someone else’s.

Create a good introduction for each video to avoid this happening. Go right to the point instead of displaying your game’s menu screen while you speak. As you describe the topic of today’s video, move your character(s) across the game’s area.

The idea is to prevent someone from clicking away. Your video’s title conveys a promise to viewers, and you should keep that promise early and frequently.

8. Make Appealing YouTube Thumbnails and Titles

Video titles and thumbnails are what attract viewers. They persuade users to click on your material. Therefore this potent duo should be maximized at all times.

A video title isn’t just for show; it may also help you rank higher in YouTube search results. You’ll be one step closer to producing excellent, click-worthy titles if you can uncover popular keywords on YouTube that aren’t too competitive.

However, ranking better on YouTube is just half the fight. Once you’ve done that, the thumbnail for your video should inspire more clicks.

Keep the visual basic yet eye-catching to perform your best in this area. It should be simple for viewers to grasp in a matter of seconds, such as this one:

9. Before you press the record button, research video topics.

Before you start making a video, come up with some title ideas. This may seem strange at first, but believe us when we say you need this hack. You’re better off creating headlines and researching popular keywords for that subject.

This strategy drives you to create the most acceptable video possible without your knowledge. First, you’ll uncover valuable keywords to optimize your content for YouTube’s algorithm. After that, you’ll do some YouTube searches to check what other producers have uploaded. All of your investigations will inform you whether or not the video is worthwhile.

10. Make YouTube Videos Based on Gaming Trends

A trendy subject provides an excellent chance to increase your YouTube views. You may use pop culture, holidays, gaming news, or anything else that will offer something nice (yet relevant) to your channel.

11. Play around with YouTube Shorts

Shorts are intended for folks who watch YouTube on mobile phones. They’re ideal for producing short, hilarious films, explainers, or anything else that doesn’t need a full, conventional video.

They’re also ideal for members of the gaming community. YouTube Shorts capture the funniest, gut-busting moments in video games, such as a character falling over a cliff or strange, unexpected errors. You may videotape instructions even if you have nothing humorous to contribute.

When you’re finished, upload some Shorts to your YouTube account. We’ve seen gaming channels increase due to this material, and we’re not talking about minor increments here and there. To begin with a few hundred subscribers, it is conceivable and grows to one million in three months.

Also, keep in mind that the most OK YouTube gaming channels have:

  • Popular search terms
  • A memorable name
  • A strong emphasis
  • Frequently occurring uploads
  • Titles and thumbnails that are appealing

3 Best YouTube Gaming Video Editing Software

3 Best YouTube Gaming Video Editing Software

1. PowerDirector – Best All-Around Software

Editor’s Choice & Best of the Year 2021 in PC Mag PowerDirector stands out among video editors as the ideal option for users of all ability levels. Its one-of-a-kind design makes it suitable for novices to use. It simply takes a few minutes to get acquainted with its editing capabilities and make professional-quality films.

PowerDirector has all of the most recent editing capabilities. It comes with video themes optimized for gaming channels, drag-and-drop video transitions, effects, motion graphics, and a royalty-free stock library where you can add music, photos, and even films to your material without worrying about breaching any copyrights.

PowerDirector is the best choice for video editing software that includes all of the tools you’ll need for your YouTube channel. Download this award-winning, well-reviewed software for free and take your gaming channel to the next level.

2. Corel VideoStudio – Recommended for Intermediate Editors

Corel VideoStudio is a substantial improvement over editing applications such as iMovie. It is suitable for individuals who have some editing experience but do not consider themselves professionals or have advanced expertise.

Players may make shared movies with effects, graphic titles, transitions, and more in the simple editing panel.

VideoStudio is available in two editions: Pro 2021 and Ultimate 2021. Despite a lack of complex capabilities, both versions include increased color correction and project templates for creating exciting video clips.

3. Pinnacle Studio 25 – Recommended for More Experienced Editors

Pinnacle Studio’s video editing software is a potential choice for gamers who have editing skills and know what they’re doing. The program’s design tools provide consistent performance, particularly after the software upgrade.

You may rotate, cut, combine, and flip movies with the program. Before uploading your work, add motion graphics and other overlays.

Additionally, content makers will like the hundreds of effects to improve their movies while editing.

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Starting a gaming channel is similar to starting any other company. It needs determination, tenacity, and vision. This article discussed the necessity of developing your pipeline in four steps, beginning with research and progressing to essential equipment, branding and name, and eventually releasing and expanding your channel.

The time commitment, passion, and attention that goes into developing a channel is a constant thread in every streamer’s success story. So make sure you’re doing something you like, consider how your brand and position your work wisely. Aside from that, best of luck and happy gaming!

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