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How To Use a VPN For Cheaper Flights

Want o know how to use a vpn for cheaper flights? You’re in the right place.

Flights can be outrageously expensive, and depending on where you’re purchasing from, flat out unreasonable. That is why using a VPN for cheaper flights is something you should absolutely be doing.

VPNs do a lot more than safeguard your online privacy. They come in handy for all sorts of things from streaming Netflix to scoring cheaper travel.

It’s been speculated that travel sites and airlines factor in cookies when pricing flights. This has been largely denied.

With that said, some find it strange that you can browse flights, then fifteen minutes later the same flight can be hundreds of dollars higher in price.

Airlines have confirmed use of dynamic pricing, which takes into account user shopping trends and location to create and set prices. So, while the use of cookies to manipulate prices has never been confirmed, the more you search for a specific flight, the higher the price may become.

What about location of purchase? As touched on above, location is part of dynamic pricing. Can buying your ticket from Los Angeles cost more than buying from Toronto? Absolutely. User location is one of the specific factors that play into plane ticket price.

A little-known life hack is that you can actually appear to buy from a different location, and thus, reduce the cost of your airfare.

How can you employ this strategy and start saving money on your airfare right now? You have to use a VPN. Once you unlock the magic of using a VPN for cheaper flights, you will never go back.

Our friends at ExpressVPN put together this simple and effective guide to save on airfare.

Quick Tips:

  • Use incognito mode
  • Delete your cache and cookies
  • Buy on Tuesday

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