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Is Battlefront 2 Cross Platform?

Is Battlefront 2 Cross-Platform? Cross-platform play has been a contentious issue in the gaming community for years. Some gamers are proponents of the feature, while others decry it as a hindrance to the gaming experience. However, there seems to be a general consensus that cross platform play would be a good thing for the industry as a whole. Battlefront 2 is the latest game to enter the cross platform fray, and it has been met with a mixed reception.

What is Star Wars Battlefront 2 exactly?

Battlefront 2 is an action shooter that’s based on Star Wars. This video game is based on Star Wars movies and will be a hit with Star Wars fans. This game was released in 2017. It was developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts.

This series’ first part was released in 2004. It became a massive hit with gamers and the star wars community. Battlefront 2 is the newest addition to this series. It is also the fourth main installment of the lineup. The latest addition to the series includes new characters and weapons straight from The Force Awakens movie.

The game was released globally and is available now for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PS4. The plot and battle between good and evil are set in space and on other planets of the universe. Battlefront II offers both single-player as well multiplayer modes. Star Wars Battlefront II is the first game of this series to feature a single-player story after Return of Jedi.

First, the single-player mode allows for three ways. You can play in Instant Action, Custom Arcade and Battle Scenarios. On the other hand, the mass multiplayer mode will enable you to play more than 12+ modes. The Supremacy mode supports more than 40 players and 24 AI-supported players in one game. Let’s look at the next section to find the answer to your question about cross-platform support.

Is Battlefront 2 Cross-Platform?

Battlefront 2 does not support cross-platform play. This means that players from different platforms can’t play together in Battlefront 2. This game’s developers haven’t yet discovered a way to do this, at least not for now.

Cross-platform playability is becoming more popular. It’s not hard to find players who want to connect with their friends regardless of which platform they use.

Battlefront II is unable to provide this feature for now. You can wait until a future installment in the series offers cross-platform support. You can also play with friends on different platforms.

The developers have many reasons why Battlefront II cannot offer cross-platform functionality.

First, no unified platform provides the same experience across all platforms. This will take a lot of effort, and not all developers are ready to tackle this challenge.

Second, many gamers are not interested in having other people play these games on their consoles, such as Playstation, Xbox or PC.

Third, developers cannot provide the same gameplay quality for different platforms.

Fourth, due to technical issues, cross-platform games cannot be run on different platforms.

Fear of cheating is the fifth and final reason.

Why Is Battlefront 2 Crossplay Impossible?

Why Is Battlefront 2 Crossplay Impossible?

Apart from the fact that the publishers and developers have told us that it won’t happen, the root cause of the problem is Battlefront 2 servers.

Hackers can increase the chance of your game being kept on one server and then allow other platforms to access it. EA, a trusted company, will not take that much risk.

Developers should be discouraged by the security risks alone.

There are currently separate Battlefront 2 servers available for each console and platform. This makes it easier to protect against hackers due to a smaller user base.

Developers also face other challenges.

Prepare updates for each platform individually.

Console players are at an advantage over PC players.

The already pervasive problem of ‘loot buying’ will only get worse.

How to overcome the limitations of each console

This should clarify all confusion regarding Battlefront 2 cross-play gaming. We also want to dispel a false rumor claiming that Battlefront 2 servers have been shut down.

It won’t get any more content but the multiplayer server is still available and will continue to live until Battlefront 3 comes out, which seems unlikely.

Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer Mods

Crossplay is not allowed in Star Wars Battlefront 2. The multiplayer isn’t boring. Star Wars Battlefront 2 has many multiplayer options available online. Here’s a listing of all Multiplayer options in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

  • Galactic Assault
  • Supremacy
  • Starfighter Assault
  • Heroes vs. Villains
  • Hero Showdown
  • Hero Starfighters
  • Missions of Cooperative
  • Strike
  • Blast
  • Extracting
  • Ewok Hunt
  • Jetpack Cargo

Galactic Assault: This mode has 20 attackers and 20 defenses. While the attackers must achieve an objective, the defenders must stop them.


This model has 20 players, each team with 12 AI characters. Each faction will fight for control of the Command Posts located on the map.

Starfighter Assault features 12 attackers and 12 defenders, and 20 AI ships. Each team has its own AI chip. This mode is very similar to Galactic Assault but has a few changes. These starfighters are space-based and take place in the stars.

Heroes vs. Villains

Heroes vs. Villains allows you to pit four heroes against four villains. The team with the most eliminations will win the match.

Hero Showdown:

This mode allows two heroes and two villains to battle one another. Players cannot respawn after being defeated.

Hero Starfighters:

This model has 4 hero starfighters against 4 villain starfighters. If a team loses all of its hero ships, it is over.

Co-Op missions:

Co-Op missions are a player vs. The Entity game mode that lets you play as a team with four players or AI bots against your opponent. The attacking team must capture at most one of the three Command Posts, sometimes only one or two.


This mode allows for 8 attackers and 8 defenders in close-quarters battle situations.


8 players in 2 teams can use this mode. This is a standard deathmatch between groups.

The extraction model involves 8 attackers as well as 8 defenders. The attackers are given a mission, and the defenders stop them from completing it.

Ewok Hunt:

In this game mode, two Ewoks will play against 18 stormtroopers. The Ewoks must defeat all stormtroopers. Only one stormtrooper can be allowed on board the ship if the stormtroopers are not eliminated.

Jetpack Cargo allows two teams of eight players to compete to capture cargo.

Is Battlefront II Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?


1. Is Battlefront II Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

The Battlefront II is not compatible with Xbox One or PC. Friends will still play Battlefront II on different platforms. It is impossible to play Battlefront II on the same computer as Xbox One.

If you are a vast Battlefront II fan, you can play with your friends. Cross-platform support might be available in the next installment of this series. Your friend can purchase the game for you to enjoy on their platforms.

2. Is Star Wars Battlefront II Cross-Platform PC and PS4?

Battlefront II doesn’t support cross-platform play between PC and PS4. This means that you cannot play with your friend on PS4/PS5 if you play on a PC.

If you both buy the game, you can only play together. There are no restrictions on playing with friends on other platforms.

3. Is Battlefront II Cross-Platform PS4 and Xbox One?

Battlefront II can’t be played on Xbox One or PS4/PS5 consoles. Two people cannot play the same Xbox One game if they play the same PS4 game.

This is due in part to the different networks that each console uses. The PS5 uses a closed system to connect to Sony’s servers. On the other hand, Xbox Live is an open platform that connects with Microsoft’s servers.

4. Are Battlefront 2 Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Battlefront II is compatible with both PS4/ PS5. This allows PS4/ PS5 users to play together.

5. Is Battlefront II Cross-Platform Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S Xbox One?

Yes, Battlefront II is compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. If you play on Xbox One and your friend is playing on Xbox Series X/S, you can play together.


This article will cover everything you need to know about Star Wars Battlefront II. Battlefront II is a great action and shooting game that you might consider playing in 2022. The series’s latest installment features the Force Awakens movie-inspired characters and weapons. The article above will provide information about Battlefront 2 and cross-play compatibility.

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