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Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform? Tips New 2022

Gang Beasts is a multiplayer party game with a variety of quirky characters and environments. The game has gained popularity for its chaotic and physics-based gameplay.  One of the questions that has been on many players’ minds is whether Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, at this time Gang Beasts is not cross-platform. The game is currently only available on PC and Mac. However, there have been talks of the developers adding cross platform support in the future.

Gang Beasts – A Rare Hit

The game may not seem like a strong contender for the title of one of the most talked-about online multiplayer games. The game lacks the usual elements such as giant sandboxes, intricate skill trees, complicated plots, loot boxes, and complex plots. Why is Gang Beasts so popular right now?

Its simplicity may be its secret colorful, gelatinous characters fighting each other in melee combat and trying to eliminate each other from the many dangerous environments. It is set in the fictional Beef City and relies on players having fun with absurd fight sequences without any backstory or competition against each other.

Boneloaf, Gang Beasts’ developer, set out to create a funny multiplayer game where you could personalize your character and fight your friends for hours.

What Are Beat ‘Em Up Party Games?

What’s the Beat ’em Up party genre? The focus of the Beat ’em Up party genre is to beat your opponents in melee fighting. Usually, you will need a group of at least two players to win.

The objective is usually to knock out other players, either by making them unconscious or throwing them off the map. Secondary goals can also be accomplished along the way.

Think back to the Capcom titles of old like Streets of Rage, Double Dragon and Final Fight. These were all great beat ‘em-up games that dominated arcades during the 1990s.

Gang Beasts gameplay is a step up. It focuses on providing essential, campy fun with a wide range of supported controllers for the player.

Why is the cross-play feature required in the game?

Why is the cross-play feature required in the game?

Users of the game may not have all the necessary gaming equipment. Users have either a PC, PlayStation 2, or Xbox. The devices can be different depending on the needs of the users. The creators created the cross-play feature to combine them all.

Crossplay will allow users to have more people competing against one another. The game would be dull, and many users wouldn’t download it. Crossplay will enable players to find plenty of battles on the servers.

Crossplay allows game creators to update the same game for all platforms. Usually, they would have to create an entirely new update for each platform. This will help developers save money, and consumers won’t have to buy a second device. The updates will be seamless across all platforms so that users will have no issues with any unintended consequences.

The gang beasts do not have cross-play at the moment, but cross-play will be possible from all devices in the next update.

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Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform?

Gang Beasts currently is not cross-platform. Gang Beasts developers stated that the next update would add the cross-platform feature. One more thing: Gang Beasts won’t bring cross-platform support across all platforms.

PS4 users won’t have the ability to play against Xbox One or any other platform. However, Xbox One players will be able to play against PC players and vice versa.

This update was a huge success, and players can’t wait to see the next version. Gang Beasts is cross-platform, which has many benefits.

Even on different platforms, the player can still play with their friends.

People may want to experience Gang Beasts but aren’t sure which system is best. Cross-platforms allow them to test out which method is best for them, and they don’t need to purchase a console.

Because players can compete against each other on different platforms, the game will be more competitive.

There is also a greater chance that Gang Beasts will be played simultaneously.

Developers will be able to make updates faster because they won’t have to create separate versions for each system.

Developers will save money by not needing separate hardware for each system.

Gang Beasts does not currently have cross-platform functionality. It will be available soon. Wait for the next update to enjoy Gang Beasts on any of your preferred systems.

This blog post will provide more details about the platforms Gang Beasts has introduced cross-platform.

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Would Upcoming Versions of Gang Beasts will be cross-platform?

Gang Beasts is not currently cross-platform. Gang Beast’s creator indicated that cross-platform support would be available in the next version. It won’t support cross-platform support on all platforms. PS4 users won’t be able to compete with Xbox One and any other platform.

Xbox One gamers will, however, be able to compete against PC gamers and vice versa. This takes time and, more importantly, money. Is it fair for a studio to spend more time on a completed game? It’s going to be more expensive for them.

Other than that, console developers are not helping matters. Recently, console companies have imposed licensing fees for cross-platforming on their platforms. These fees are an additional cost for cross-platform capabilities. This is not an option for a gaming company.

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Would Upcoming Versions of Gang Beasts will be cross-platform?


1. Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform PC & Xbox One?

Gang Beasts is currently not cross-platform for Xbox One and PC. Gang Beasts’ next update will include a feature that will allow it to be cross-platform on both Xbox One and PC. This means you can play on PC with Xbox One players and vice versa.

This is a relief for PC gamers who will now have an opportunity to compete with Xbox One users. They have no chance of competing against them in the update.

2. Are Gang Beasts Cross-Platform on PS4 and PC?

There is currently no cross-platform support for Gang Beasts PC or PS4. This means that you can’t play with PS4 and PS5 users or vice versa.

Gang Beasts’ next update will include cross-platform support for Xbox One and PC players. PS4 is not included in the cross-platform update.

Sony does not allow people from different platforms to play against each other on their PSN service (for Gang Beasts). This means that you cannot play against your friends on PS5 if they play with you.

PlayStation users are advised to wait patiently as they may soon receive the feature.

3. Are Gang Beasts Cross-Platform PS4 & Xbox One?

Gang Beasts is not compatible with Xbox One and PS4. You will not be allowed to play with your friend who is a PS4/PS5 player, but you can’t do so if they are on Xbox One. If you want to play with your friends, ensure that you have the same console.

4. Are Gang Beasts Cross-Platform Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S Compatible?

Gang Beasts is compatible with both Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. This means you can play with friends who own an Xbox One and an Xbox Series X/S. No matter which console they use, you can play together.

This update is a good one for all those who waited for it. They can now play with their friends who have the Xbox Series X/S.

5. Are Gang Beasts Cross-Platform PS4 & PS5?

Gang Beasts can be played on both PS4 and PS5. This means that you can play with your friend who is a PS4 and your friend who is a PS5 player.

6. Are Gang Beasts Going to Cross-Platform on All Devices?

Today’s announcement has not made any concrete plans for universal cross-functionality among Gang Beasts. There is little chance of change due to the intricacy of the platforms’ architectures and the financial barriers that prevent cross-play.

Universal cross-play may not be a good idea for a game like Gang Beasts. Fans can still enjoy silly multiplayer gameplay with other players on the same platform.

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