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Is Sea Of Thieves Cross Platform? Tips Full Guide 2022

Is Sea Of Thieves Cross-Platform? Sea of Thieves is a cross-platform game that allows players to enjoy the game on multiple platforms. The game is available on Xbox One, PC, and Mac. The game allows players to connect with friends and play together regardless of their platform.

What is the ‘Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves, a global maritime game shared by many, puts exploration and travel first. The world’s oceans are filled with loot, hidden treasures and unknown shipwrecks. Aspiring Pirate Legends, players can either travel together or compete for solo.

Sea of Thieves, a Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S game, allows you to play online or on the couch with your friends. If you don’t wish to be on the staff or “Captain” trip, you can choose to stay home. All players will share their journey, and the top performers will receive extra rewards.

Sea of Thieves was created to bring people together from all walks of the globe in an unforgettable game. Cross-platform play has been a topic that fans have raised numerous times, without any clear answers. Let’s now move on to the question.

Connecting console and computer pirates

Sea of Thieves has grown in popularity since its June 2018 release on Steam. Rare celebrated the 15 million player milestone. He stated that January 2021 was the highest concurrent player count since 2018.

The Sea of Thieves adventures is more exciting and rewarding because of this substantial increase in player count.

Sea of Thieves success has been determined by cross-play. Rare’s social-driven game was one of the first released on Xbox Game Pass.

It also launched with cross-play between Xbox consoles as well as Windows PC. Sea of Thieves was released with a flexible release strategy that allowed PC and console players to interact with the game without worrying about who was playing on which platform.

Connecting console and computer pirates

Can you disable cross-play in Sea of Thieves?

Cross-play between PC and console players is enabled automatically to ensure quick and efficient matchmaking. Some are concerned about the unfair advantage that PC and mouse/keyboard players have because of the game’s PVP features.

Rare made it possible for players to opt-out of cross-play matchmaking when playing on consoles with controllers.

It is a strange decision that disabling cross-play for Sea of Thieves requires you to modify some system settings on your Xbox console rather than a toggle in the game.

Go to Xbox Settings and select Privacy and Online Safety. After you’re done, go to the Xbox Live Privacy option. Select View Details and Customize.

You can then disable the ability to play with other people in the Communications and Multiplayer section. Cross-play within Sea of Thieves will be disabled by changing this option.

Is Sea Of Thieves Cross-Platform?

Sea of Thieves can be played on Xbox One and PC. This means that friends can join you to tackle any challenge that Sea of Thieves throws at them.

Cross-platform play is possible with friends. You can also use cross-save to continue your progress and characters regardless of whether or not you are playing on Xbox or PC. You must have an Xbox Live account to sign in, regardless of whether you are playing on Steam, the Xbox PC app or Xbox itself.

How do you add friends to Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves allows you to add friends. These steps will be helpful if you’re trying to do it on a PC.

1. How to add friends to your PC

  • Head to the “Social” tab in the Xbox app for Windows.
  • Type in the name of your friend and click on the “Search for people” box.
  • The profile will then be displayed in the list below. Click on their name to open their profile.
  • You’ll find ‘Add Friend’ at the bottom of the screen. Click this.

2. How to add friends to console

You’ll need the following to use console:

  • To open the menu, press your controller’s ‘Xbox” button. Scroll to the second icon with two people at the top of the menu. Choose that.
  • If you have played a game recently with a friend, you can look under the “Recently played” tab. You’ll then be able to add them.
  • You can also search for them using the “Find someone” option.
  • After you have completed the above steps, you can invite your friend to your game by clicking the “Invite Friends” button shown in the picture. The next step is to choose their name from the window. Voila! You are ready to sail the oceans!

How do you add friends to Sea of Thieves?


1. Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform Xbox One and PC

Yes, Sea of Thieves can be played on both Xbox One and PC. This means that Xbox One users can play online with PC players and vice versa.

Sea of Thieves is cross-platform and compatible with Xbox One and PC. Here are the benefits:

You can share your progress across both games, so there’s no need to restart if you switch between Xbox One and PC.

Playing with other skill levels allows you to know that no one is too strong for you, or vice versa.

You don’t have to purchase both versions of Sea of Thieves to play with friends. You also get more players as Sea of Thieves can be played on two platforms.

2. Sea Of Thieves Cross-Platform Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S?

Yes, Sea of Thieves works cross-platform with Xbox One and the latest generation console, Xbox Series X/S.

These are the benefits of Sea of Thieves being cross-platform between Xbox One (and this newer version):

All content is available on both consoles regardless of the one you’re using.

All microtransactions, DLCs, and other transactions will be available on all platforms, so buyers don’t have to purchase them multiple times.

Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S gamers can join the same crews (guilds).

3. Are Sea Of Thieves Cross Platform Xbox Series X/S and PC?

Sea of Thieves can be played on both Xbox Series X/S or PC. All players can play in the same world regardless of their system.

4. What is the difference between cross-platforming and playing with friends?

Cross-platforming allows you to play with other people even if they’re not your friend. They can join your team while playing on different platforms. You can invite your friends to join your team while playing on the same platform.

5. Is Sea of Thieves a cross-progression?

Cross-progression allows you to transfer your progress and saved data from one platform to the next. If you play on a PC and get a new Xbox, you can pick up where you left off. Yes, Sea of Thieves supports cross-progression.


Sea of Thieves, a new and exciting game you can play with friends, is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and Microsoft Windows. You can play it on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Microsoft Windows. Cross-platform mode allows players on different forums to join one playgroup, provided that their accounts are connected.

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