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Is Warzone Cross Platform? Tips Full Guide 2022

With the release of Warzone, a free-to-play battle royale game, many people are wondering if the game Is Warzone Cross-Platform. The answer is yes! Warzone is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and allows players to squad up with friends regardless of what platform they are playing on.

Is Warzone Cross-Platform?

Yes, Warzone is cross-platform. Warzone was released on March 10, 2020, and has been cross-platform since then. S, PS4 and PS5 can all play together. Cross-progress allows you to transfer your progress from one console to another.

How to Play Cross-Platform?

The whole process can be automated. You don’t need to do much to initiate a cross-platform lobby manually. Add your cross-platform friends and invite them into your entry.

Multi-platform friends can be challenging to add via name search alone. To make it work, you will need Activision accounts. Here’s how to add friends to Warzone.

You will find the Social menu in the upper right corner of your screen.

Click on the Friends Tab to add friends.

In the search bar, add your Activision Account ID and Account Name. It will display the following format:

[Account Name]#[Account number ID]

Activision ID and account information can be retrieved by hovering over the level meter located in the lobby. When entering an ID, the ‘#’ must be entered.

How to Play Cross-Platform?

How to Disable Call of Duty Warzone Cross-Platform Matchmaking?

Crossplay can be disabled or enabled by simply clicking a button. While it is great to be able to play with friends, there are times when you get tired of the robotic accuracy of console players. It isn’t easy to compare platforms and expect them to be fair.

  • Here’s how to disable crossplay in Warzone
  • Click the Account Tab in the Options menu.
  • Scroll down to the Crossplay option.
  • You can enable or disable it depending on your needs.

Crossplay will be disabled by default. This means that your friends from other platforms won’t be able to join your lobby until crossplay is turned back on. It is important to ensure that it is turned back on whenever you need it.


1. Do You require Cross-Play in Warzones?

The game does all the work for you, thankfully! A PS4 player doesn’t need to do much other than add their next-gen PS5 buddy in the lobby. S player with no prior adjustments.

Despite the seamlessness, some players complain about the unfair mechanic.

These issues are real, especially cheating. We’ve been there ourselves. However, we believe that recent acquisitions will simplify things a bit. Fingers crossed.

2. Is it Worth Playing Crossplay on Warzone?

Online gaming has always seen platform wars. An Xbox player will complain about the PlayStation’s ineptness. The PlayStation players are not shy about praising their console’s superiority. A PCMR player, on the other hand, laughs at their naivety, and the cycle goes on.

The war does not stop, but it has also encroached on the Warzone community. You might hear some complaints from Warzone players who are highly skilled in crossplay matches.

It’s still a fun way to have fun with friends. However, your solo experiences might differ.

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Crossplay is possible. Friends can add to their Xbox One or PS4 accounts. Crossplay can be enabled by going to the Account tab on the options screen.

Crossplay allows you and your friends to play Call Of Duty Warzone on any platform. Friends are no longer excluded from the game because they play on a different console. Warzone players around the globe can take part in the competitive battle royale game.

Have any questions about Warzone crossplay? Leave a comment below to let us know. We post videos and blogs every week to help you understand Call Of Duty Warzone.

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