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Keychron K2 vs K6: Which Is Better? 2022

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, the Keychron K2 vs K6 are two of the most popular options. Both are well-built, reliable, and have excellent features. However, they do have some differences that make one better than the other depending on what your needs are.

The Keychron K2 is a classic tenkeyless design with RGB backlighting, while the Keychron K6 is a full-size keyboard with white backlighting. Both keyboards have hot-swappable switches, so you can customize the feel and sound of the keys. When it comes to price, the K2 is slightly cheaper than the K6.

However, the K6 has more features, such as dedicated media keys and a USB-C port for fast data transfer. Ultimately, the best keyboard depends on your budget and the features most important to you.

Keychron K6 review


  • Space-based products that make use of space
  • Keycaps for Mac that are compatible with the Mac OS as well as an easy Mac/Windows switch
  • Awe-inspiring RGB backlight


  • ABS keycaps are small and have a low-contrast appearance
  • RGB cannot be programmed

1. Keychron K6 Pudding Specifications

When we received the box, we first noticed the package and size. It was smaller than the previous model Keychron K2. The Keychron K6 was extremely lightweight. It weighed in at 1.93 pounds, and with a size 12.3″ wide x 4.8″ high and 1.5″ thick, it was lighter and more compact.

With a keyboard smaller than Tenkeyless (typically is 80percent), Keychron’s usage of space is efficient.

After opening it and opened, we were amazed by its strong aluminum frame and stunning RGB backlight. You can find the USB ports and Bluetooth mode button on its sides to connect wirelessly.

We were also thrilled by its battery capacity of 4000mAh, which can last as long as 72 hours when using its RGB lights and Bluetooth mode! I used it every day for nine consecutive days and never needed to recharge it!

2. Lighting

I am a massive supporter of RGB lighting. It is a debate for fans who feel it’s distracting.

For RGB lighting enthusiasts like me, who like a bit of excitement, K6 is a great choice. You can choose between the kaleidoscope of RGB or a soft white backlight. Selecting the minimalist “Apple Store” white lighting option is also possible.

Although K6 isn’t programmable or customizable, its RGB lighting can be customized to cover various effects tailored to gamers of all ages and fantasies.

3. Inputs

Keychron makes your comfort the top of everything else, giving the user a keyboard compatible with various gadgets.

It also uses the most recent USB-C technology, which is the most popular of all cables! The connection is good, with minimal latency in the corners. However, I’m annoyed by the location on the left side of the inputs since I’m used to having my laptop on my right so wires may be strung.

Additionally, most keyboard inputs should be located in the middle of the keyboard to ensure that they can be reached no matter where the computer is situated and also to offer little distraction from your hands.

Keychron K6 review

4. Accessories

The company has a priority in its multi-connectivity feature. Keychron already has an ordinary USB cable. It is compatible with any personal computer as well as Android-powered devices.

If you’re looking to switch routes or switch between keycaps, it will be much easier. Keychron offers the ability to pull keys.

5. Mac Compatibility

As a working bee myself, it is very stressful switching from the Mac or Windows PC in order to access different files. This is why I never had to fret again with Keychron K6!

Apart from the wireless connectivity, the keyboard has an on-left side that allows easy switching. Additionally, it was my first experience with a keyboard that had a Mac Multimedia keys layout.

The switch on the left of the keyboard lets you switch to the “Mac” and “Windows” modes. All it does is switch the windows and alt keys to the regular Mac control and the option keys. Simple yet effective.

6. Build Quality

Built to last and stand up to the rigors of any gamer. Keychron chooses to use keycaps made of ABS that are made of plastic for K6. Keychron also utilizes an aluminum base that is both light and strong simultaneously.

ABS materials are the preferred substance for double-shot molding because they can be used in various ways. It is a 4000mAh battery which makes it the material to beat. It is not a backlight device it will stay in use for up to a whole week.

7. Switches- Gateron

Switches are the essence of the keyboard. They give it the feel and comfort of users. I like Gateron over Cherry MX switches because it is less expensive and offers the same quality. It is possible to get a lot of criticism for that, but everyone has their preference.

A combination of value and quality is what I’m trying to find.

We tested three switches to find the ideal fitting: Gateron Red Switch, Gateron Blue Switch, and Gateron Brown Switch. Each one performed admirably, but they all have different strengths.

Gateron Red has a linear design and 45g of operating force. Blue RGB has a clicky feel and 60g operating force. In contrast, RGB Brown has a tactile operating style, making it feel more sturdy.

8. Keycaps-ABS

After conducting field tests that K6 had conducted, I was amazed by its use of ABS plastic to make the caps. Despite its low cost, the product did not skimp in its quality. Also called “Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene” It could maintain its shiny and light appearance in comparison to the matte finish of PBT.

K6 also had keycap fonts that were tiny and sharp, providing the keyboard with a sleek and comfortable feel for work.

Switches- Gateron Keychron K6

9. Form Factor & Ergonomics

Compared to the last version of K6 compared to the previous edition of the Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard, K6 is smaller with an 85% layout.

It’s still got the duplicate multifunctional keys. However, it does not have the traditional number pad and top row of characters. However, using the number keys on your keyboard, you can use the “fn1” and “fn2” hotkeys that are compatible.

I like this design due to its convenience, even if it takes some time to become accustomed to it. The added benefit of adjustable feet height makes this layout more comfortable to type on.

There are two options for the stand beneath, one offering a more manageable incline and the other with the user a greater inclination – it’s an efficient and intelligent design!

10. Unboxing Process

I’ve done several unboxings in the past however I have to declare this to be the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had! The box’s top is removed in a sealed manner, similar to the majority of high-end smartphones.

It was also packed in the cleanest and most professional-looking case with black foam. The box was well-designed – not overly flashy, and with just enough details.

Keychron K2 review


  • Modernized ergonomic design
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Wireless connectivity
  • RGB lighting (optional)
  • Aluminum frame (optional)
  • PBT keycaps (optional)


  • Stabilizers that are slightly rattly
  • Sound hollow

Keychron K2 Version 2 (K2v2) is a keyboard with 75% of the keys that is loaded with the most excellent features like an aluminum construction, three-color keycaps, and much more.

We were impressed by how simple it was to set up the wireless connection and switch effortlessly between wired and wireless connections. In addition, the longevity of the battery in the K2 is impressive.

RGB lighting really stands out and adds energy to your desk. The K2v2 will look stunning together with the rest of your Mac components. The keyboard is compatible with each Windows and Mac, and you can switch between the two operating systems by using the slider button on the right side of the keyboard.

This new design for ergonomics is inclined rather than flat as the original design. This helps make the keyboard more comfortable for wrists, and the feet are equipped with two different adjustments so that you can find the ideal typing angle.

The only issue with the K2 v2 keyboard is that the keyboard is thin. However, that’s only one nitpick. I needed to think of things I didn’t like about the keyboard, didn’t I?

In all honesty, for the cost and the number of features included in this keyboard, it is tough to resist it.

Keychron K2 was an excellent keyboard. Keychron has upgraded it to 10% more by introducing the most recent version. You can find the K2 version 2 on the Keychron site or Amazon at a reasonable price.

To make the keyboard more comfortable, look at the wrist rest K2. It’s highly fashionable and comes in a wooden style.

1. Unboxing the Keychron K2

The process of unboxing the Keychron K2 was quite exciting. It was like opening the gift of Christmas morning. The keyboard arrives in a delicate package together with some useful accessories.

You will first see the dust cover that will shield your keyboard from dirt and particles even when it isn’t being used. It’s a nice thing to have in your it is handy. Some companies do not usually offer this feature, making it an excellent bonus.

A tidy USB-C cable comes with. It is used to power or charge the keyboard. It comes with a braided appearance. The braided cables make them more durable, and the soft feel of the cable is pleasing. The USB-C cable’s head cable is also located at 90 degrees so you can connect it to the back of your keyboard.

K2 has been designed to work for Mac and Windows, and, as such, it comes with additional keys that let you switch between Mac and Windows keycaps. You can also switch between the modifier keys. The K2 is among the keyboards that are easily compatible with both platforms.

In addition to these features, you receive a comprehensive operating manual in various languages to set the keyboard to your preferred use effortlessly.

Keychron K2 review

2. Build Quality

Its K2 version 2 comes in a range of different models, so based on your budget, you can choose different qualities. The basic model comes with an aluminum case and is the least expensive choice. The plastic case feels elegant and does not stretch significantly.

The next level will be the aluminum frame which is a bit more. The aluminum frame provides a bit of strength in addition to weight. construction. If you’re on a budget, I suggest opting for the aluminum frame; however, the plastic is appealing. You won’t be disappointed with either. But if you can afford it, aluminum is the best choice.

The first Keychron K2 (version 1) had a flat case, which was the minus-degree mark. There were a few complaints that the keyboard could have been easier to type because of the design. In addition, the case was too thick.

Its K2 version 2 solves these issues by using a new case with a slight angle. This makes it easier on the wrists and more ergonomically friendly. Additionally, it features multi-level adjustment settings instead of just one which was present in the K2 version 1.

Overall the ergonomics and build quality of the keyboard has been dramatically enhanced. I suggest buying a wooden wrist rest. It makes typing more comfortable to use.

I want to congratulate Keychron for taking the time to go back and adjust their designs. The willingness of the company to take feedback from customers and adapt accordingly is very impressive.

3. The Keycaps

Keycaps on the K2 are made from ABS plastic and are available in different colors of grey. They also have several keys in orange to make everything pop. The keycaps appear stylish, but they could be better.

The top row of keycaps includes media keys that can be accessed at a lower level. This allows you to adjust the sound settings and brightness levels without having to do it directly on your PC.

ABS is usually thought of as less durable plastic when it comes to keycaps. It could result in the legends breaking down rapidly and leaving a shiny fingerprint-like residue on your fingers. This is why many people prefer PBT over.

The K2v2 is fortunately equipped with an additional feature to change your keycaps with a PBT set. This is cool since it’s tough to locate keycaps that work with the exclusive 75 percent layout.

It is possible to shell out a little more, but you want to get a better high-quality feel and durability of these PBT keycaps.z

4. The Stabilizers

The stabilizers of Keychron K2 could be more impressive. Keychron K2 is nothing to be proud of. They’re okay and feel good; however, they’re not phenomenal.

The spacebar and the other large keys occasionally rattle with each keystroke, but this needs to be clarified. I want to see Keychron give the stabilizers more attention; however, in the final analysis, users overlook the stabilizers.

The stabilizers are available in the usual Cherry style, which makes them compatible with virtually all other keycaps. They’re colored black, and match the design of the overall construction.

The Stabilizers Keychron K2

5. The Switches

Switches on the Keychron K2 come in several different Gateron switch choices. There are a variety of those switches.

Gateron Blue: Clicky switch that emits an audible sound with each keystroke. It’s not ideal for working in the office or with others—fantastic audible feedback for typing.

Gateron Red: a quick and flexible linear switch. Gamers typically prefer it due to the constant action and the absence of a tactile bump. Not ideal for typing, as it can result in a downward slope.

Gateron Brown: A reasonably quiet switch with tiny tactile bumps at the top of each button. It provides the sensation of tactile feedback and informs you that the switch is activated. Ideal for those who type.

Gateron switches are regarded as to be Cherry MX clone switches and can last for 50 million strokes. These switches can be used for an extended period before they begin to fail. Gateron switches are also more smooth than Cherry MX switches, so they’re a great choice to be included on the keyboard.

If you’re considering using your K2v2 to play we cannot recommend Gateron Red switches enough. Gateron Red switches enough.

6. Wireless Connectivity

Keychron K2 Version 2 connects to your phone, computer or tablet via Bluetooth 5.1 connections. You can connect the device to the keyboard using the instructions on the box.

It is possible to connect up to three devices so that you can switch between devices with the click of one button. Ideal for those who like to make notes on their mobile and then send an email via their computer.

Did you know that you are able to utilize the K2 for both Mac as well as Windows?

The battery in the K2 is also massive. It can last for an extended period between charges, so it’s unnecessary to fret about it going out during your day. With the RGB illumination on, your keyboard could easily last for weeks.

Keychron K2 vs K6

Keychron K2Keychron K6
Compatible DevicesLaptop






Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth & USBBluetooth
Keyboard DescriptionGamingMechanical
Special FeatureWirelessWireless



ColorBlue SwitchGateron Brown Switch
Number of Keys8468
Item Dimensions LxWxH12.32 x 4.84 x 1.52 inches4.21 x 12.48 x 1.46 inches
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


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