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Scary Lancetfish Caught In Hatteras NC

A pair of fishermen recently caught a lancetfish off the coast of Hatteras, N.C. The photo was uploaded to Reddit where the community went crazy with an abundance of riveting comments.

Lancetfish have very large mouths with razor sharp teeth that give them an extra-creepy look. They can grow up to six and a half feet and are native to all oceans except the polar seas. Ever the consummate predator, the scary sea creatures are highly adept in the art of ambush. They feast on on a wide assortment including everything from other fish to squid, tunicates, and crustacea.

Lancetfish Hatteras NC

Reddit Had a Field Day with the Photo

u/bbressman2 had an otherworldly take stating “people be looking for aliens in Area 51 don’t realize that the government stashed them in the ocean.”

“Things like that inspire sea monsters,” – u/thehiddenone111.

There was definite agreement that the lancetfish looks eerily similar to a Goa’uld, the creepy ancient alien race in the old series sci-fi series Stargate.

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