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MacBook Pro vs Gaming Laptop: An In-Depth Comparison

Laptops are vast and diverse, accommodating different user needs from graphic design and video editing to gaming and everyday use. A pertinent debate gaining traction amongst tech enthusiasts is the comparison between the Apple MacBook Pro and gaming laptops.

In this article, Glitchmind will delve into a comprehensive comparison, analysing key features, performance metrics, design, and cost-effectiveness of the Macbook Pro vs gaming laptop.


Apple MacBooks were never designed to function solely as gaming laptops and were never explicitly designed for this purpose. Since they are primarily MacBook models rely upon integrated graphics cards manufactured by Intel that could be more robust.

It’s no surprise the fact that integrated graphics cards are only a few suitable options for gaming. Even with the latest APUs, they won’t function efficiently. Although every iMac comes with its own graphics card, the machine can’t play most of today’s most popular games.

However, Apple has made significant progress towards achieving its dream of gaming with MacBooks in the past few years. Many gamers think the MacBook is an excellent choice for gaming and highly recommend it. Concerning the hardware, specific models are better than others in this regard.

There are MacBooks available on the market that can play games very well. But, the cost of buying one of these laptops will often be significantly higher than comparable gaming laptops.


A user-friendly, more efficient OS: While it may not offer a similar range of apps, many prefer MacOS over Windows because it’s an easier-to-use operating system that is more efficient, simpler to use, and more pleasing to the eye. Some typical applications are exclusively Apple-based, and you cannot access them with Windows laptops (including gaming laptops).

Retina Display: In general, MacBook displays are superior in terms of clarity of images due to the Retina Display technology that Apple employs for these displays. Retina displays have a larger pixel count than you’d generally observe. They also typically possess a very bright and high-pitched brightness, certainly compared to most gaming laptops, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Superior speakers: It’s recognized that MacBooks set a new benchmark for laptop speakers, with only a few Windows laptops coming as close. Gaming laptops are often compared the least favorably since the quality of speakers is regarded as an unimportant factor by most manufacturers since they assume that gamers will use headsets.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. ASUS gaming laptops tend to come with decent speakers. However, they need to improve the quality of those on MacBooks. MacBook.

Quality design and build: You can find some gaming laptops with a plan and build quality comparable to the Apple MacBook range (The Alienware X14 or X15 and X17, for instance). They don’t all compare.

Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are lightweight and portable laptops with a built-in screen designed to permit gaming when the user is traveling or in places where a desk is not available. A gaming laptop is a much superior laptop to a normal one. It also provides better performance for gaming as well as everyday tasks due to this more power.

Using a regular laptop or gaming laptop to perform everyday tasks and engage in video gaming is possible. The primary difference is that gaming laptops can run the latest games on video and show them in a spectacular manner on the screen, whereas regular notebooks can’t. If you succeed in getting a challenging match running, the graphics will look poor.

It will likely be able for games at least two and three years old on a high-performance level. Pay attention to their value even if you’re not looking for new AAA games. Plenty of great games are created independently, which you can continue to play for a long time without getting bored. Gaming laptops are built to withstand long, intense performance and use. They’re also more durable and can withstand many punches.


Access to Windows gaming Laptops work as Windows laptops, and Windows devices can access a more excellent range of applications than those available on MacOS.

Games compatibility: The truth is that there are far lesser games you could play with the MacBook when compared to the Windows gaming laptop that can be used with almost every game. However, even the games that technically work on Mac often need to improve, causing crashes, bugs, or simply less-than-expected performance (more on later).

The hardware and the OS are optimized for gaming: It’s evident that gaming laptops are better suited to playing games, but it’s vital to know the reasons. Windows is the operating system that gets the most from the GPU, CPU, and additional internal parts than MacOS in gaming.

This means that a MacBook with similarly powerful internal components can’t play games at the same FPS as you’d find on a Windows gaming computer, and it’s often not compatible with features such as Ray Tracing to the same extent or has features like the MUX Switch.

The most powerful GPU, CPU RAM, SSD, and CPU choices: You’ll be capable of getting more powerful specs in gaming laptops than you will with the MacBook, which results in more performance when playing.

A higher maximal refresh rate A few of the MacBook Pros can increase their speed to 120Hz, however, most are limited to 60Hz. This is lower than expected in a competitive shooting game, as it limits your game to 60FPS. Gaming laptops generally feature a minimum 120Hz and typically 144Hz-165Hz refresh rate displays.

This is sufficient for the majority of gamers. Those who want to maximize their gaming performance will have 300Hz, 240Hz, or 360Hz choices.

More affordable: While the cost of gaming laptops differs greatly but most can provide core specifications that are comparable to MacBook MacBook but for a lot less amount. The most you’ll pay for the price of a MacBook is the brand name, which doesn’t translate into real performance.

Macbook pro vs gaming laptop

Gaming Laptop
Apple MacBook Pro
Battery Life
Port Selection

1. Performance

A laptop’s performance laptop gaming or a MacBook is measured by the gaming experience they’re offering users. This Apple MacBook Pro is the most rugged and powerful laptop in the MacBook series. This article will look at the most powerful gaming laptop with a processing capability similar to Apple’s MacBook Pro (A string of MacBooks).

2. CPU

With the robust Intel Core i9 CPU, MacBooks and gaming laptops are packed with storage capacity and DDR4. Both laptops’ performance is excellent and satisfying due to their massive quantities of memory, random access (RAM), and enormous storage capacity.

There isn’t a single apparent difference in the processing power of central processors (CPUs) found in MacBooks and gaming laptops.

The speed of the CPU and cooling systems also have a significant impact on the laptop’s performance.

Winner: Tie

3. GPU

In this case, a gaming laptop designed with a focus on the graphic processing unit (GPU) is the better alternative. The most recent NVIDIA graphics processor (GPU), GeForce GTX1070 Max-Q, is part of a premium gaming laptop equipped with Intel’s UHD Graphics 630.

Additionally, this premium laptop comes with a minimum graphics card memory capacity of 6 gigabytes. This makes it capable of offering the most immersive gaming experience. It also comes with a GPU processor is available.

However, graphic processing units (GPU) on the Apple MacBook are less well-known since the laptops aren’t designed specifically for gaming. Its Apple MacBook Pro is equipped with an AMD Radeon Pro 560X GPU. It is a mighty graphics processing unit appropriate for gaming but does not match the performance of a gaming laptop.

Finalist: Gaming Laptop

4. SSD

It’s impossible to find a laptop for gaming that is comparable to MacBook’s SSD memory and performance that is the MacBook. The MacBook is the only gaming laptop that comes as close. In general, Apple’s Macbook has more storage space provided with SSDs than gaming laptops.

But, it’s not an issue of the cause. For gaming laptops is possible to add more SSD storage as long as it’s in sync with your computer, which allows the computer to perform better. But Apple’s Macbook remains superior to its competitors in performance.

Winner: MacBook

5. Battery Life

Because gaming laptops are equipped with gear that consumes a substantial quantity of energy, it is best to expect the longevity of batteries to be a manageable length.

In typical, continuous usage, a standard gaming laptop’s battery lifespan could last as long as three or four hours. However, it is predicted that the latest versions will feature a higher battery capacity, allowing for uninterrupted use for seven and five hours.

Additionally, the MacBook makes sure that power is utilized efficiently and results in a higher battery lifespan than other models. While macOS is designed for users with technology that demands lots of energy and battery power, the MacBook will last longer than gaming laptops.

Winner: MacBook

6. Port or I/O Choice

The minimalist and sleek design of MacBook Pro’s elegant and understated design MacBook Pro does not conceal an abundance of possibilities for connectivity.

It is equipped with 4 Thunderbolt 3 connections and one socket that can be used as a headphone jack which gives the impression that it’s pretty up-to-date regarding connectivity possibilities.

Dongles are essential when using the mouse from an external device or disk drive with your laptop. The MacBook comes with a smaller selection of connectors.

However, a laptop designed for gaming usually has a variety of ports that can be utilized for various reasons. It simplifies the ability of customers to connect their devices to the internet without spending any money.

A standard gaming laptop typically has the following ports that include Three USB 3.0 ports, One Thunderbolt 3.0 port, a headphone jack HDMI 2.0 mini DisplayPort, and a graphics port.

It’s a good idea to get a gaming laptop preferred in case you’re reliable or are comfortable with the range of ports.

Finalist: Gaming Laptop

7. Longevity

Apple MacBooks typically last significantly longer than gaming laptops. Their operating system is more durable, the quality of their products is top-quality, and they offer outstanding customer service. MacOS is similar to Windows, if not better than Windows, regarding the availability of security features and the ability to withstand adversity.

There’s no additional software to install while the system itself has been tuned to maximize the performance of the available hardware. It’s not uncommon to find MacBooks that range from three to eight years old still perform at a high level of performance.

A default version of Windows comes with a significant amount of unneeded software. The laptop may become less efficient if it cleans up all leftover information after removing programs.

The greater ease of use of Windows compared to MacOS is a significant advantage. Windows is capable of running almost any program. The capabilities of macOS are limited, and the usage of specific applications is limited.

Apple’s MacBooks with an aluminum unibody enclosure are built to the highest standards. Due to their design, Apple MacBooks are very mobile and feature a low profile.

Since different manufacturers are responsible for the production, gaming laptops be other in terms of structural quality.

Winner: MacBook

8. Keyboards and touchpads

The Keyboard is functional and suitable for most users. The thinner profile of the Keyboard on the MacBook is the only drawback to its Keyboard. This results in lesser travel when you press the keys.

Adjusting this may take some time if you’re accustomed to keyboards designed for desktops with more supple keys. MacBook comes with the same excellent trackpad. Its glass structure makes it simple to use.

The multi-touch trackpad can detect zooms, pinches, and other actions, employing more than four fingers.

Gaming laptops, like Acer’s latest Predator Helios 700, include the ability to transform your keypad as well as a keyboard.

Moving the keys forward will reveal fans underneath the Keyboard, which improves the cooling capacity and performance.

The Keyboard features unique “MagForce keys” that feature linear switches. A quick test with Helios 700 revealed that the sliding Keyboard could be a good alternative for those who prefer its standard position towards the back of the laptop’s base.

This laptop with a palm rest dramatically enhances the user’s comfort with a keyboard mounted on the front.

The winner: Gaming Laptop

9. Benchmarks

Let’s first explore the audio-visual content. It is the Apple MacBook Pro is the most advanced computer. The IPS display included in this MacBook Pro is not just stunning, but it also features Apple’s distinctive Retina Display.

This gives you the possibility of experiencing the most impressive displays ever seen on a portable computer. The music is transparent and clear, hitting all the notes required for an integrated speaker system. The quality of the sound is fantastic.

Is an external audio system likely offering better sound quality than Macs? This is certainly the situation. However, you can be confident that your experience with media will be pleasant when you purchase a Mac.

In terms of gaming, it is clear that this MacBook Pro could do better. Many laptop manufacturers have developed gaming laptops with a specific goal at the forefront from the beginning. Since the laptops are equipped with graphics cards made from NVIDIA and AMD, the users can enjoy an unbeatable gaming experience using these machines.

You can’t play the latest games at ultra-high quality on a laptop equipped with a graphics card in the mid-range to high-end model. However, you can play these games.

It is also evident that the size of gaming laptops isn’t restricted to any extent. They have unrivaled venting capabilities, made possible by integrated cooling systems or a thermal throttling application.

This allows games to work without glitches at any time they are needed. The Mac cannot even come close to competing with the vast range of games available on Windows. Even Microsoft offers a few of these games.

Apple has focused more on the MacBook Pro’s design and its homogeneity. But, it’s not able to hold temperature in the same way that gaming laptops.

It isn’t necessary to be concerned about the damage you can do to the MacBook Pro if you use it for moderately light, intense, or sometimes tough jobs. It’s capable of handling all the above tasks perfectly. But if you continue to expose it to extreme activities and have a heated metal body, it could rise to an unsafe degree.

This model comes with a graphics card with four gigabytes. The problem, however, lies in the fact that Windows and Mac have different amounts of games. Therefore, we are operating under Windows. Windows operating system. Additionally, you can stream games using services to cloud gamers.

Let’s say you locate the game you’re searching for on Mac. Let’s suppose you decide to purchase the game. However, the MacBook Pro only has a screen refresh rate of 60Hz which is a bit slow. The phrase “Screen Refresh” refers to the times the screen is updated in one minute.

In games that feature a speedy action sequence, like shooters, the refresh rate of laptops for gaming is set at 120 hertz to avoid screen tearing and ghosting.

The enjoyment of multimedia experiences is best done using a MacBook. If you’re looking for media processing like video or image editing, Macbook Pro is the best choice. MacBook Pro is the most important choice you can make.

If you are a video gamer and gaming is your top priority, consider buying a Windows laptop specifically designed for gamers and equipped with an integrated graphics card with an internal memory of at least 4 gigabytes dedicated to it.


It isn’t easy on whether to purchase the most expensive Gaming laptop and MacBook Pro. It’s never been the case. Just think about the specifications you’ll require from the computer.

Suppose you have work and want a laptop suited to your job profile and requirements. You will unlikely purchase gaming laptops since your primary focus is your work, not gaming.

However, MacBook Pro only allows a few applications to run on macOS, thus limiting user possibilities. If that’s the situation, it’s possible that MacBook isn’t the right choice for users with a specific type of user. Yet, MacBook wins the competition in several areas but isn’t ideal for any user.

Every person has different requirements and work styles, so depending on your needs, select a specific laptop.

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