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Amazing Footage of a Sunset From Mars

Elon Musk has ambitions through SpaceX to one day colonize Mars. Suppose humans ultimately do become a dual-planet species, have you ever wondered what a sunset would look like from the horizon of the red planet? Thanks to Don Davis, we don’t have to imagine anymore.

NASA’s InSight Lander was commissioned in May of 2018 to travel to Mars for data collection and study of the planet’s deep interior.

Fortunately for Earthlings, this lander has a camera attached to its utility arm. The pictures taken from the Martian surface have been publicly released by NASA. Mr. Davis combined these images with other shots of Martian sunsets previously gathered. After expert splicing and digital manipulation, the result of Don’s work is a marvelous rendition of a sunset as viewed from the surface of Mars.

Check out the video from Don Davis below and be sure to give him a follow on twitter @DDAVISSPACEART

Martian Sunset by Don Davis