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Tesla Reveals the Model Y

The long-awaited unveiling of Tesla’s Model Y took place last night in Los Angeles.

CEO Elon Musk was present to reveal the sleek new electric SUV.

Photo: Frederic J. Brown / AFP/Getty Images

Sleek in its look, the newly released Y is more compact in its design than its cousin Model 3. The Y is also wider, with greater fender curvature.

Perhaps, one of the coolest features of Tesla’s fleet is the futuristic self-driving capability. The new SUV will of course be fully equipped with this ability and as soon as regulations allow, the Y can drive itself to you upon your exit of an establishment. No more looking for your car in a crowded parking lot.

Seating is abundant as it can comfortably fit 7 passengers with its functional third row. Additionally, the second row seats fold flat for extra cargo storage.

Safety is one of the electric car company’s key focuses. Blind spots are significantly limited with nearly full 360 degree unobstructed views.

The Y is equipped with an all-glass roof and a 15 inch touchscreen display.


After a 15 minute recharge, drivers can log another 168 miles on their journey. Recharging is available at one of the 12,000 worldwide supercharging stations, with 6 more opening every week.

Specs on the Performance Model

The Performance Model Y is the top-tier of the newly announced SUV. Below are the major specs:

  • Acceleration: 3.5s 0-60 mph
  • Range: 280 miles (EPA est.)
  • Drive: Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive
  • Seating: Up to 7 Adults
  • Wheels: 20″ Performance Wheel
  • Max Cargo Volume: 66 cu ft
  • Top Speed: 150 mph
  • Display: 15″ Center Touchscreen
  • Supercharging: Pay Per Use

For further information and to view specs of the Long Range AWD, Long Range RWD and Standard models, check out tesla.com/modely.

This mid-size electric SUV will be in consumer’s hands in the fall of 2020.

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