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60+ Video Game Trivia For Kids Questions In 2022

If you’re looking for a fun and educational activity for your kids, look no further than Video Game Trivia For Kids! This activity will not only teach them about different aspects of video games but also help them improve their memory and critical thinking skills.

Video Game Trivia For Kids

1. What was the original video game where Mario became a character?

Answer: Donkey Kong

Fact: The main character must navigate a construction site. The Jumpman was initially unnamed, but he became well-known.

He must rescue a woman who is trapped with the villain. Later, the name of the main character was changed to Mario.

2. What famous video game features Solid Snake as the main character?

Answer: The Metal Gear

Fact: He is a fictional character from The Metal Gear series. He is a skilled soldier who specializes both in stealth missions and espionage.

And He is a twin brother to Liquid Snake. He is believed to be the second product from Les Infants Terribles, a secret government project to create soldier clones.

3. With what did Nintendo begin its journey?

Answer: Selling playing cards

Fact: Nintendo was initially founded as Nintendo Karuta to produce and market traditional Japanese playing cards.

These playing cards were trendy, leading to the company’s first-ever expansion in this segment. Many Nintendo characters were introduced.

The company launched its first console, the Nintendo 64, in the 1970s.

4. Astro Boy is what kind of video game?

Answer: An action video game/Arcade game.

Fact: The future is the setting for this series game. Robots can co-exist alongside human beings in this world. This game follows Astro Boy’s adventures through various missions.

5. Which is the most lucrative game?

A: Pokemon

Fact: Pokemon is so popular that it’s hard to imagine any other video game as successful. It is a favorite of both children and adults.

It has been constantly improved to incorporate new Pokemon.

What year was the debut of Call of Duty?

6. What year was the debut of Call of Duty?

Answer: 2003

Fact: Call of Duty, a first-person shooter video game, was released by Activision.

It began with World War 2. Then, it expanded into other areas such as the cold war, outer space, and futuristic space.

Black ops were the most recent release. It was made public in 2020.

7. Alex McLeish, the Rangers football club manager, was made aware by his ability ratings on Football Management. Who was this player?

Answer: Lionel Messi

Fact: Jon, the manager’s son, kept pushing him to sign his first character.

Messi was a prolific scorer and wanted that player to be part of the international football team his father managed.

The Rangers didn’t try to sign him, as it would have been a costly deal.

8. What date was Super Smash Bros first released?

Answer: 2014

Fact: Fighting games created by two studios are among the most well-known crossovers.

This game features action-game superstars who use their geographical location and powers to inflict war and danger on other players.

Since its launch, many versions of this video game series have been launched.

9. What took Markus Perrson so long to create the first Minecraft version?

Answer: One week

Fact: Minecraft was founded by Markus Perrson. He is a well-known game developer and known as Notch in gaming circles.

It took him about a week to make the first version.

It was released to the market in 2011. And It was launched in 2011.

10. Who is the voiceover for the movie Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Answer: Ryan Reynolds

Fact: Ryan Reynolds provided the voiceover for the entire movie. It was a huge success, and many generations have enjoyed it.

11. What company created the first console for video games?

Answer: Atari in 1972

12. What is the original name of the hedgehog?

Answer: Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog

13. What was the time it took to create Mortal Kombat?

Answer: Ten months

14. What game is Guinness’s most played multiplayer online role-playing game?

Answer: World of Warcraft

15. Which console can you play Crash Bandicoot on?

Answer : Sony play station console

16. Which character in the game league of legends was named after the designer director?

Answer : Zilean

17. Which year was the invention of the Pac Man?

Answer: 1980

2021 Video game trivia

18. Who is on the FIFA 2021 cover image?

Answer: Kylian Mbappe

Fact: The Frenchman has been on the FIFA 2021 cover because of his incredible performances in the past year.

19. What popular game was bought by Microsoft for over 1 billion dollars?

Answer Minecraft

Fact: Sales were high. The retention rate of users was also very high. Microsoft had every reason to offer Minecraft for sale.

20. What was the name of the athlete on the NHL 21’s cover?

Answer Alex Ovechkin

Fact: In the last season, he scored 48 goals and won the ninth Rocket Richard trophy. He was the obvious choice to be the cover star of the magazine.

21. What are the versions of Grand Theft Auto that have been released?

Answer: Fifteen

Fact: Grand Theft Auto has been released in many different versions over the past decade.

The most well-known of them all is San Andreas and Vice City. They were launched when gaming was growing in popularity among youth.

22. What are the levels in Modern Warfare 2’s Modern Warfare 2?

Answer: 70

Fact: Modern Warfare 2 is a popular game due to its complex character designs and large demographics.

To be crowned champion, a player must pass around 70 levels.

23. Question: Which is the most popular video game console?


24. Question: What was Mario’s very first job?

Answer: Carpenter.

25.Question – In which game will players compete in the future version soccer with cars?

Answer: ‘Rocket League’.

26. Question: What game was published in 1996 by GT Interactive?

Answer: ‘Quake’.

27. Question: When was the original ‘Call Of Duty” video game released?

Answer: 2003.

28. Question: Which is the first ever video-shooter game?

Answer: ‘Wolfenstein 3D’.

29. Question: Rangers tried signing which star after Alex McLeish was alerted through the video game “Football Manager”.

Answer: Lionel Messi.

30. Question: Piemonte Calcio represents which real-life club in the “FIFA 20” video game?

Answer: Juventus.

31. Question: Name the most popular sport video game ever after a former professional coach?

Answer: John Madden.

32. Question: Who, other than Universal Interactive Studios, developed the videogame ‘Crash Bandicoot?

Answer:Naughty Dog.

33. Question: When did ‘Super Smash Bros. ‘first appear?

Answer: 13 September 2014.

34. Question: What is the name of the protagonist from ‘Persona 4?

Answer: Yu Narukami.

35. Question: What’s the name of the object that collects Pokemon?

Answer: Use a poke ball.

36. Question: Where is the best place for wild Pokemon to be found?

Answer: In tall grass.

37. Question: Which type of Pokemon is the Sand Shrew, and what are its characteristics?

Answer: Ground type.

How long did Markus Persson take to create the first version of "Minecraft"?

38. Question: How long did Markus Persson take to create the first version of “Minecraft“?

Answer: One week.

39. Question: What is a Charged Creeper, exactly?

Answer: A creeper struck by lightning.

40. Question: What is the best way to make obsidian?

Answer: Mix water with lava.

41. Question: When was the first release of ‘Minecraft?

Answer: 7 Oct 2011.

42. Question – When was “Pong” released?

Answer: 29th November 1972

43. Question: Which video game is the most popular?

Answer: ‘Minecraft’.

44. Question: In what year was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System released (SNES),

Answer: 1991.

45. Question: Which gaming console was the most popular in 2020?

Answer: Nintendo Switch

46. Question: In what year was Nintendo founded

Answer: 1889.

47. Question: Which video game franchise is Blizzard Entertainment most well-known for?

Answer: “World Of Warcraft”.

48. Question: Which video game company has worked with SONY to create the PlayStation?

Answer: Nintendo.

49. Question: What is the meaning of the name Nintendo?

Answer: “Leave your luck to heaven.”

50. Question: Which gaming console was used by the United States Air Force to create a cluster supercomputer in a supercomputer cluster?

Answer: PlayStation 3 (PS3).

51. Question: Which type of food was Pac Man modeled on?

Answer: Pizza.

52. Question: What was the name for the character later to be called Mario in the arcade version of “Donkey Kong“?

Answer: Jumpman.

53. Question: Which handheld gaming system is the most popular?

Answer: Nintendo DS.

54. Question: Who was the first video game character to see a balloon in the Macy’s Parade

Answer: Sonic the Hedgehog.

55. Question: Which video game is the most expensive?

Answer: “Grand Auto V Theft”.

56. Question: What year was the first headset for virtual reality created?

Answer: 1995.

57. Question: What crowdsource funding platform was responsible for the success ‘Oculus Rift‘?

Oculus Rift was purchased by Facebook for $2 billion in 2014, two years after it was funded on Kickstarter. You have an idea that you believe is excellent.

58. Question: What was the cost of a virtual reality device in the 1980s?

Answer: $49,000.

59. Question: Who was the ’30s science fiction writer that predicted virtual reality?

Answer: Stanley Weinbaum.

60. Question: In what year was the prototype for a home-based console video game?

Answer: 1967.

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