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65 vs 75 Keyboard: Which Is Layout Better?

When it comes to choosing a keyboard, the decision often comes down to two popular sizes: 65 vs 75 Keyboard. The 65-key model is typically smaller and more compact, while the 75-key version provides additional keys for improved functionality.

While both options have pros and cons, the larger 75-key keyboard may be the better choice for those who type frequently or need access to additional features. It offers more space to work with, making typing easier, and the extra keys provide access to helpful shortcuts that can make productivity soar.

Ultimately, the best choice will depend on individual needs and preferences, but the 75-key keyboard may be the superior option for most users.

Summary of 65% Keyboards

Keyboards with 65% of keys are modified versions of the 60 form factor. One thing that makes the 65% form factor keyboards more compelling is the additional features keys that assist in providing more of a keyboard experience.

The majority of keyboards have 68 keys. That’s 7 keys greater than keyboards with 60% more keys. The additional keys that 65% of keyboards include are beneficial for those accustomed to larger sizes like full-size and 10keyless keyboards, which are tied to smaller keyboards.

They are compact at 65%, yet allow users to use arrow keys and three essential functions that can be programmed according to the user’s preference.

The small design is recommended to those who want to make the most of their desk space but want the keyboards’ additional keys. In addition, this type of design is very travel-friendly due to its size, ideal for those who want to carry their keyboard to work.

Pros of 65% Keyboards

  • Travel-friendly and portable
  • Takes up less desk space
  • Small, yet still offers seven keys to boost productivity.

Cons of 65% Keyboards

  • Doesn’t have key functions
  • Limitation in terms of Third-Party Case Option
  • The most popular model is 65% custom and Keyboards that are pre-built

Popular 65% Custom and Prebuilt Keyboards

Some examples of 65% customized keyboards on the market include the KBDFans KBD67Lite and Tofu65, Wuque Studio ikki68 Aurora, Graystudio Think6.5v2 and Space65 R2, Keychron Q2, and the Mode SixtyFive. There are also budget-customized keyboards, such as the Tom680 and Keydous NJ68.

Pre-built keyboards with 65%, some of the most popular choices are those like the Ducky Miya Pro, Leopold F660M, Epomaker’s GK68XS, Keychron K6 and the Akko’s 3068B, as well as MOD005.

Summary of 65% Keyboards

Summary of 75% Keyboards

75% of keyboards are considered the most practical and functional for people looking to cut down on space but must keep their keyboards with arrow keys.

But, this type of board has no number pad and is equipped with more minor navigational keys than a typical 10 keyboard. Navigation keys are generally located on the right of the board, in the form of a vertical line that contains the delete, delete pages up or page-down keys by default. In addition, it includes the arrow keys to function.

There are different kinds of 75% keyboards, such as the exploded model that divides the keyboard into narrow spaces in 4 sections:

  • The alphabet and modifiers
  • The key arrows
  • The navigation keys
  • The function keys are located near the center of the keyboard

In contrast, smaller 75% of keyboards are those where sections are combined to make them smaller.

The latest 75% of keyboards on the market have distinctive features, such as the rotary encoder and OLED display, that can increase the efficiency of your keyboard. These features and navigation keys may be programmed with QMK, VIA or any other third-party software to meet the user’s preferences.

Pros of 75% Keyboards

  • It also includes function keys as well as additional navigation keys that the user can program,
  • The new 75% keyboard is released and features distinctive features like OLED displays and rotary encoders.
  • A sleek and compact design that doesn’t take up any desk area

Cons of 75% Keyboards

  • Larger than 65% of keyboards are more likely not suitable for travel.
  • It also has a few options for Third-Party cases because of its distinctive design.

Popular 75% Custom and Prebuilt Keyboards

Popular customized 75% keyboards include those from the GMMK Pro, Keychron Q1, Cannonkeys Satisfaction75, KBFDans KBD75, Idobao ID80 and ID80 and Owlabs “Jelly Epoch”.

A few of the most popular budget-friendly keyboards include Feker’s IK75. Budget keyboards are currently less extensive than 65% of keyboards, so there are fewer choices to pick from.

The most popular choices for pre-built keyboards are the Keychron K2 and K3, Royal Kludge RK84, Keydous NJ80, NuPhy Air75, Iqunix L80 Formula, and The Vortexgear Race 3.

Like 65% of keyboards, The majority of the pre-built 75% are either not equipped with hot-swappable features or are on the affordable part. However, select custom-built keyboards for an additional cost.

Summary of 75% Keyboards

What’s the difference Between 65 vs 75 keyboard?

1. Gaming and Function Keys

If you are heavily dependent upon the functions row located high on your keyboard, you should opt for a keyboard that is 75 percent instead of a 65 percent one since the former does not include the function row.

These function keys are essential for serious gamers who often assign shortcuts for the keys they use to play their most loved games. It’s important to know that gaming-specific keyboards can be significantly different when looking for the most efficient Corsair keyboard.

2. Size and Portability

If you’re looking to save desk space or for smaller keyboards to carry with you on your travels, choose 65 percent of a keyboard. They are tiny and have a tiny footprint.

However, it’s different in that 75 percent of models are enormous, but they are only marginally more significant compared to their 65 percent counterparts. These two kinds of keyboards are less and more compact than traditional keyboards.

What's the difference Between 65 vs 75 keyboard?

3. Cases and Accessories

Both keyboards cater to a small market, so they only have a few options through accessories or cases from third parties.

However, this is changing slowly, but it is happening as more and more users decide to use different types of keyboards over the traditional large models.

If we were to give an advantage to one type of keyboard in this area, it is 65 percent of keyboards. Several 75 percent of them have distinctive designs that need help locating covers.

4. 65% and 75% Keycap Compatibility

Keycap compatibility for the 65% keyboard and 75% keyboards is the same in that it requires only the correct shift to achieve 1.75u to be of the same size.

The best part is that most keycap sets come with one 1.75 shift key. However, it’s always best to read the description to see if it is present. The only difference they share is that 75% of keyboards require functional row keycaps.

Which is the Better Keyboard Form Factor?

If we’re looking for functionality and efficiency, keyboards with 75% of the keys are the best choice. It has all the required features but is still very compact and modern.

Most keyboards come with distinctive features, such as The Keychron Q1, which you can either put in the rotary knob or different personalized badges, based on your preference.

However, 65 percent are appropriate for people with a small desk space or who carry their keyboards around as they are less bulky. You’ll be only thinking about whether you require function keys. If not, go for a keyboard with 65% of the keys.

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