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Ever Seen a Ferrari That Can Do This?

In a vast Instagram ocean of luxury and exotic car pages, standing out from the crowd is quite challenging. User bat.not.bad has emerged as an exclusive maverick with some of the most unique and fascinating content. In fact, we are making the claim that he has the best supercar Instagram account out there.

The account is run by Iksander Utebayev, a Kazakhstani-based designer known for his flashy and futuristic concepts. He specializes in cutting-edge concept keys that would make James Bond envious. Check out some of his insanely cool creations below.

Bentley Continental GT Concept Key

Ferrari Concept Key with Touch ID

Lego Concept Key For Lamborghini Urus

Concept Key for Pagani Huayra Pearl


Digitized Protection Film 2.0

Oh yeah, remember the Bottle Cap Challenge? He wins with the McLaren P1 uncorking Dom Pérignon.

Iksander’s videos are very cleverly edited and at first glance look real. Real or not, there is no denying the level of creativity and skill behind the clips. Bat.not.bad has one of the best Instagram supercar account out there.

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