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Hankook’s Futuristic Hexonic Smart Tire

The Hexonic smart tire was unveiled at the Essen Motor show in December of 2018. Made by Hankook, a South Korean tire manufacturer based in Seoul, this wheel adapts to the road’s temperature and surface conditions to provide a more comfortable and safe driving experience.

Hexonic Smart Tire
Photo: Hankook

Largely geared toward self-driving vehicles, autonomy and tranquility are the key factors behind this futuristic tire’s configuration.

Equipped with seven sensors that allow for real-time road scanning, the design is built to provide a seamless driving experience.

The tire’s tread takes the form of hexagons that expand and contract depending on present conditions.

Photo: Hankook

The smart Hexonic tire concept was created by London-based students at the U.K.’s Royal College of Art. The creators took part in Hankook’s Design Innovation project, a bi-yearly competition focused on pioneering development for the future. The motto of the contest was “Extending Future Life beyond Mobility.”

“This project is part of our effort to find creative and efficient solutions for mobility of the future.”

Klaus Krause, Head of the European Research and Development Centre at Hankook

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The Smart Tire In Action

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