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Is Fall Guys Cross Platform? Tips Full Guide 2022

In recent months, the multiplayer game Fall Guys has taken the world by storm. The game is a unique take on the battle royale genre, and its colorful aesthetic and cute characters have won over many fans. One question that has been on many players’ minds Is Fall Guys Cross-Platform? This would allow players on different gaming systems to compete against each other. The answer is yes.

Fall Guys – A Quick Introduction

Mediatonic is one of the most well-known developers currently. Mediatonic is a British game developer specializing in creating games for consoles and mobile devices. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was one of their most recent games.

It was first launched for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in August 2020, and later for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS5 in September 2020.

There are 60 players in Fall Guys. The goal is to complete mini-games. They all move around in a field full of obstacles. Mini-games require you to jump and grab onto objects rather than climb them or dive to clear gaps.

Diverse platforms can be used to jump into different pools of water. This helps you keep your momentum. To win, you must avoid other players. You will need to devise a strategy to deal with them.

Every player wants to know if Fall Guys support cross-platform play. This means you can play the game on multiple devices (if it supports cross-platform). Let’s now get to the bottom of this question.

Fall Guys - A Quick Introduction

Is Fall Guys Cross-Platform?

You can play Fall Guys on any platform, including Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Games Store. Your Epic Games account will give you full support for cross-play, partying, progression, and more.

Mediatonic has announced that Fall Guys will be free-to-play on May 16. This means more people can enjoy this chaotic battle royale. S, Nintendo Switch, and PS5 to the roster as part of the shift to its new service model.

Cross-play and progression are now important questions with so many systems joining their ranks. Gamers could only play with other gamers on the same platform. PC users were limited to playing with other PC gamers. Cross-progression between Steam and PS4 was added in Season 6, but it seems that this feature will be required for future ports.

This is how you expect all platforms to interact when “Fall Guys” transitions to free play.

Connecting the Fall Guys to Epic Games Account

1. Let’s start with what Epic Games Account is.

We are glad you asked! Epic Games Accounts are logins that allow you to connect with friends on Epic Account Services-supported games and platforms. Millions of players already use Epic Games Accounts to enjoy Fortnite and Rocket League, and you can now use the same account for Fall Guys!

Once you have linked your Epic Games Account to the Fall Guys platform, your platform progress will be your primary profile. This is your Fame Path, Costumes, Nameplates and Fame Path progress. Epic Games Account allows you to take your Fall Guy’s progress wherever you go.

2. To play Fall Guys, will I need an Epic Games Account?

Yep. Yes. Fall Guys Season 6 brings cross-platform progression to the Blunderdome. Epic Games Accounts are what allow us to do that. You can log in with your normal details to link an Epic Games Account to Fall Guys if you already have one. Follow the in-game instructions to create an Epic Games account if you don’t already have one.

3. I can play on both the PlayStation 2 and PC. How can I choose my primary profile?

Fall Guys can be played on multiple platforms. Your primary profile will be the platform you link your Epic Games Account to first. If you first link your Epic Games Account to PlayStation, then the items (such as Costumes and Nameplates) will be the ones you bring with you wherever you go from that point forward.

4. What about my Crowns, Shards, and Kudos.

All Fame Path levels, Crowns Shards, and Kudos progress will be transferred from your primary profile. These rewards can’t be combined with Crowns Shards or Kudos in other accounts. If you have Crowns and Kudos on another account, make sure to use them before the Season 6 launch in Fall Guys. Once you merge, any remaining Crowns or Kudos from other platforms will not be transferred.

5. What happens if costumes and DLC are available on both my PlayStation 2 and PC accounts?

After you’ve linked your Epic Games Account, contact our Player Support team to request that you transfer the costumes or DLC content to your Epic Games Account.

6. What happens if I link the wrong profile?

Our Player Support team will be happy to change your account to the profile you choose. Our team can only make this change once, so please keep in mind that any changes are final.

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Connecting the Fall Guys to Epic Games Account


1. Is Fall Guys Cross-Platform on PS4 and PC?

We asked this question, and we are happy to answer it! It is cross-platform and compatible with both PCs and PS4s. You can also play with friends on your device by downloading the game and setting up a match.

Fall Guys is cross-platform and can be used on both PCs and PS4s.

This allows you to have fun with a wider variety of people, so you won’t feel lonely while playing.

It allows people with different devices to play the game together. This is an excellent way for them to have fun.

You can also challenge your friends via other platforms and see what they do against you.

You don’t have to purchase the same game from two different shops.

2. Are Fall Guys Cross-Platform Xbox One and PC?

Fall Guys is not cross-platform. This means you won’t be able to play with your friend on Xbox One and a PC if you’re playing on the Xbox One.

There are many reasons for this:

It is impossible to play the Xbox One game on your PC because it does not come with a controller.

The Xbox One was designed to be used with console gaming, not on your computer. You can do certain things when connected to the Internet using an Xbox One. This is something that the PC can’t duplicate.

You will need to search elsewhere if you want a cross-platform game for PC or Xbox One. Or you can buy the same device as your friend.

3. Are Fall Guys Cross-Platform Xbox One and PS4?

Fall Guys is not cross-platform. It’s only available on the Xbox One, PS4/PS5. This means that the PlayStation players can’t play with Xbox One players.

This is because Xbox Live and PSN handle online multiplayer differently.

To play Fall Guys against another player on a console, the player must have an account for both consoles. A person who purchased Fall Guys digitally on one console cannot give it to another or lend it to them.

4. Are Fall Guys Cross-Platform Xbox One and Nintendo Switch?

Fall Guys is not cross-platform for the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. This means that players with the Nintendo Switch cannot play against those on the Xbox One or vice versa.

Developers have stated that they are working on the way to allow player accounts to work across consoles. However, at the moment, there is nothing for both consoles.

5. Is Fall Guys Cross-Platform Android and IOS?

Yes, Fall Guys works on both iOS and Android. This means you can play with your friends on Android and iOS devices.

It also means that your friend can download the game to any device, no matter what it is, and you can challenge them anytime.

6. Are Fall Guys Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Yes, Fall Guys works cross-platform on both the PS4 & the PS5. You can also play with someone using the new PS5 console if you have a PS4 account.

7. Fall Guys Cross-Platform Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S?

Yes, Fall Guys works cross-platform on both the Xbox One (X/S) and the Xbox Series X/S. This means that if your friend is on Xbox Series X/S and you are on Xbox One, you can still play together.

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