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Keychron K10 Review: Dimensions, Build Quality, Backlighting… 2023

The Keychron K10 review is an excellent mechanical keyboard for both work and gaming. It has a tenkeyless design, allowing it to fit into smaller spaces while still providing plenty of space for your hands to move around. The switches are Gateron Blue, providing a satisfying clicky feel that many users enjoy.

The build quality is also top-notch, with the case being made from aluminum and the keycaps from doubleshot ABS. The RGB lighting looks great and can be customized to your liking.

In addition, the battery life is impressive, lasting up to 70 hours on a single charge. Overall, the Keychron K10 is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable mechanical keyboard for their daily use.

Keychron K10 Review

Keychron K10 is a full-size mechanical keyboard that comes with Bluetooth support. In contrast to other mechanical keyboards, it is focused on efficiency and not gaming. It can be used with at least three gadgets at a time. It allows you to attach it to your computer or tablet and your phone.

And It features an option to macOS and Windows compatibility, meaning that it works with both operating systems, so it’s in the right mode.

It also comes with additional keycaps that work with every OS. It’s compatible with clicky, linear as well as tactile Gateron switches, as well as an option to hot-swap it. It comes with full RGB backlighting. Since it’s not compatible with a specific first-party application, it isn’t possible to customize your RGB backlighting or reprogram the keys. However, Keychron recommends using third-party software.

Keychron K10 is good for work. It’s built well and has two settings for incline. However, it isn’t equipped with an armrest.

It’s equipped with linear tactile and clicky mechanical switches. Additionally, the Gateron Brown switches in our model provide excellent-quality of typing. It can connect more than three gadgets simultaneously, and all keys function perfectly on Windows and macOS.


  • Multi-device Pairing with the possibility of up to 3 devices
  • Switch to Windows and macOS support
  • Excellent quality of typing


  • The wrist rest is not included.

1. Dimensions

  • Size: Full-size (100%)
  • Height: 1.6″ (4.0 cm)
  • Width: 17.1″ (43.4 cm)
  • Depth: 4.9″ (12.4 cm)
  • Depth with Wrist Rest: N/A
  • The weight is 1.99 pounds (0.902 kg)

Keychron K10 is a 100 percent keyboard. It’s more powerful than the 96 percent Keychron K4 because it has some additional functions keys, such as insert and print Screen. It’s a layout that’s manageable too.

2. Build Quality

The build quality of the Keychron K10 is excellent. The model we tested has an aluminum chassis plate. However, it is also possible to get the version equipped with an aluminum plate instead.

It’s solid, and the chassis made of plastic only exhibits some flex when you put a lot of pressure on it. The ABS keys feel great. However, they’re not as strong as PBT and could be smoother. The keys themselves are stable and don’t sway excessively when you type.

The more important keys, like those of the Spacebar, Enter and Shift keys, are extremely solid as well, and even while the Spacebar produces a different sound than the other keys, it is equally loud regardless of which side you’re using. There are feet made of rubber underneath to secure the keyboard securely, making it impossible to move when you use it regularly.

The incline feet may be less slippery. However, they keep the keyboard in place and should not collapse when it is moved. A newer version of these keyboards has higher quality construction and uses PBT keycaps, known as the Keychron K Pro Series.

Keychron K10 Review: Ergonomics

3. Ergonomics

  • Board Design Straight
  • Minimum Incline: 3.6deg
  • Medium Incline: 8.4deg
  • Maximum Incline: 11deg
  • Wrist Rest: No

Keychron K10 has okay ergonomics. It’s a straight keyboard that comes with two different incline options. Even if you don’t have feet with an incline, it comes with a high height.

It’s not comfortable working on it for prolonged durations due to the high profile, and I would be better off with an ergonomic wrist rest. The device doesn’t include one. However, Keychron offers wooden rests for wrists for sale separately.

4. Backlighting

  • Backlighting: Yes
  • Color is RGB
  • Individually Backlit Keys: Yes
  • Color Mixing: Good

Keychron K10 has full RGB backlighting, with individual keys. It is possible to change these effects of lighting directly from the keyboard. However, you aren’t able to alter the lighting effects.

It’s pretty good at displaying pure white. However, the keys give it the appearance of a warm tone. The white light shining between the keycaps appears better.

5. Cable & Connector

  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Detachable Absolutely (Wired mode and charge)
  • The length is 3.9 Ft (1.2 m)
  • Connector (Keyboard side): USB type-C

The USB-C to USB-A cable is rigid and holds the kinks in the packaging. It’s uncomfortable and is positioned to the left rather than at the back, like many keyboards.

Keychron K10 Review: Wireless Versatility

6. Wireless Versatility

  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Bluetooth Multi-Device Pairing: 3
  • Proprietary Receiver: No
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable

Keychron K10 can connect with up to three devices simultaneously via Bluetooth. Keychron states that its rechargeable battery will last up to 240hrs with the backlight off and 70 hours when the backlight is turned on.

7. Extra Features

  • Media Keys: Hot Keys
  • Macro Programmable Keys: No
  • Trackpad/Trackball: No
  • Wheel: No
  • USB Passthrough: No
  • Numpad: Yes
  • Windows Key Lock: No
  • Lock Indicator: Caps & Num Lock

There are a few additional features in the Keychron K10. Two switches are located on the left. One switch allows you to change the OS compatibility, while the other switches between the connection type.

It has specific keycaps that work with Windows and macOS, which means you can adapt the keyboard to your computer’s operating system. It is possible to control lighting RGB lighting directly from the keyboard. However, no specific software allows personalization, and you cannot modify any key.

8. In The Box

  • Keychron K10 keyboard
  • USB-C cable to USB-A cable
  • Keycap remover
  • 6x extra Windows keycaps
  • User guide

9. Keystrokes

  • Key Switches: Gateron Brown
  • Mechanical: Yes
  • Feel: Tactile
  • Operating Force: 51 Gf
  • Actuation Force: 41 gf
  • The Pre-Travel Time: 2.8 mm
  • All Travel: 4.0 mm

The Keychron K10 has Gateron Brown switches. However, you can purchase this with the Clicky Gateron Blue and linear Gateron Red switches instead.

While they have a greater pre-travel time than other tactile switches we’ve tried and used, they’re easy to use and give adequate tactile feedback. You’ll be able to tell when you’re about the press of an element, which aids in reducing errors.

10. Typing Quality

It’s a great keyboard. Keychron K10 has great typing quality. The majority of keys are steady and don’t squeak. Even though there is some wobble with the alphanumeric keys, it isn’t easy to detect.

Even the bigger keys, such as Spacebar and Enter keys Spacebar or Enter keys, are stabilized well. When it comes to the Spacebar, It has an acoustic that is more hollow than other keys, and it rattles slightly more, but it’s still comfortable.

The ABS keys feel silky and soft. However, this means they’re slippery after the oil accumulates on the caps. These Gateron Brown switches on our model feel soft, which means they’re not as tactile as other switches.

However, If you’re a fan of tactile switches, you’ll nevertheless appreciate these. Pre-travel is a bit long and could be better for speedy typing. However, it can help reduce the chance of making mistakes.

It has standard spacing for keys, and your fingers should be energized after long typing sessions. However, your wrists could be aching because there isn’t an armrest.

Keychron K10 Review: Typing Quality

11. Typing Noise

These Gateron Brown switches on the Keychron K10 are quiet and should not be a nuisance to others in the vicinity. However, the noise you hear when typing depends on the switch you select. In addition, the Gateron Blue switches should be more pronounced.

12. Latency

  • Latency Wired: 10.8 ms
  • Latency Receiver: N/A
  • Latency Bluetooth: 24.3 ms

Keychron K10 has decent latency. It’s too fast for gaming competitively. However, you shouldn’t experience any delay when typing. If you’re looking for a mechanical office board to play games on, consider the Razer Pro Type Ultra has significantly lower latency.

13. Keyboard Compatibility

  • Windows: Full
  • macOS Mac OS X: Full
  • Linux: Partial
  • Android: Partial
  • iOS: Partially
  • iPadOS: Partially

It is the Keychron K10 has excellent compatibility. Contrary to most keyboards, the keys function with Windows and macOS, provided you have set the compatibility switch on the left to the correct OS. The keyboard even has additional keys that work on each operating system.

In the case of Linux, there is no Screen Brightness (F1 and F2), and the Fn + F3 functions aren’t working. In addition, the Voice Assistant key registers as C in Windows mode and is registered as Space within macOS mode. However, everything else works in either mode.

When using iPadOS and iOS, You must select the compatibility option to macOS, and all keys work, except F3 and F4, because the Voice Assistant key registers as Space.

A Voice Assistant button on Android will open the Contacts application, while the Windows key opens Voice Assistant. It’s the Fn + F4 is an alternative to the email app.

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