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Keychron vs Ducky: Which Is Better? 2022

When it comes to the debate of Keychron vs Ducky, there is no clear winner. Both keyboards offer great features and have their own benefits. The Keychron has a longer battery life, making it ideal for people on the go. It also has hot-swappable switches, allowing users to customize their typing experience.

On the other hand, the Ducky has RGB lighting, giving gamers an extra edge in competitive gaming. It also comes with dedicated media keys, making controlling music and videos easier. Ultimately, both keyboards have pros and cons, so it’s up to the user to decide which is best for their needs.

ANNE PRO 2 Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard


  • Many switch options
  • Bluetooth function
  • Simple key assignment re-assignment
  • Modifiable features through software


  • RGB isn’t as vibrant.

Its Pro 2 keyboard has excellent build quality, with a frame composed of plastic. It needs to make it more solid and well-built for various tasks. Additionally, all keycaps are made of PBT, feel solid, and have a matte surface.

If you click them, you see they are slightly left and right to the right. But, it is essential to be sure to pay attention while writing.

The ergonomics of this keyboard could be uninteresting compared to the other available mech keyboards. No wrist rests are featured, and the tilt settings on the keyboard are fixed. Therefore, you need to be able to alter them to meet your specific requirements. Also, this keyboard is small and bulky and requires much time to familiarize itself.

Arrow keys are not present when using the Fn key and the W A, S, or D keys carrying out their respective functions. If you wish to enable them, you can use”Tap” in the software “Tap” feature to make use of the right shift, Fn and Right CTRL, along with the Context Menu for Arrow keys.

And then there’s the backlighting. It’s undoubtedly impressive. However, you’re left thinking it could do better. Each key is illuminated and comes with full RGB and brightness controls. The keys also have a white internal frame to reflect the light.

But it needs to be more brightly for well-lit rooms. Sure, having backlights in these circumstances is unnecessary, but you’d like a great experience nonetheless.

One of the advantages the keyboard comes with is its fantastic flexibility. It is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that you don’t require a USB dongle if your computer is an electronic device that supports Bluetooth.

Furthermore, The connection can accommodate at least four gadgets which can be switched between. This allows you to multi-tasking while working on your computer.

Many keyboards offer a range of additional features to take advantage of. However, this Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard has a few issues. For instance, every key can be programmed using the software, media keys, num pads, arrow keys, etc. They are not present.

It is also possible to define the functions of other keys. Furthermore, this keyboard features an auto-sleep option so that the battery of 1900 mAh can be conserved. If you’re constantly moving, this feature can assist you, mainly when using wireless.

Pro 2 is a very excellent gaming keyboard. It is a great keyboard that can be customized with RGB lighting. It also can change every key’s programming to macros. Overall, it’s good-made, and the pre-travel and actuation force features are outstanding.

But, we have concerns with the ergonomics of this model, which are not particularly noteworthy since it needs an incline option and hand rests. It’s also appropriate for people who are encouraged by minimalist design.

ANNE PRO 2 Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Ducky One 2 Mini RGB LED Mechanical Keyboard


  • Full macro capability
  • Full RGB personalization
  • Cherry MX switches
  • Design and construction of high-end construction.


  • Switching options are only sometimes available.
  • The software interface needs to be fixed.

The Ducky keyboard is excellent. It has a frame composed of sturdy PBT plastic that gives it a durable appearance. Additionally, the keyboard is flexible, which is excellent for using a standard keyboard.

The keys used in this case are PBT Doubleshot with an exclusive sensation. The stabilizers for the switch that are featured under these keycaps belong to the Cherry MX brand.

The keyboard comes with markings as well as a standard cable. The Type-C cable can be detached, so you can replace only some of the keyboard if it fails.

Contrary to other keyboards, this one comes with two incline settings with ergonomics that we’ll call simple.

Also, there’s no wrist rest, and the keyboard’s straight shape requires very little ergonomic design space. If you’re purchasing this keyboard for typing, it can assist you in getting your work accomplished quickly and efficiently.

If you’re looking for a compact keyboard, this Ducky features stunning backlighting. It’s got plenty of options for full RGB lighting and an optimum brightness that’s high enough to show colors in dimly lit environments.

All you need to do is take advantage of and adjust all board settings. The reason is that the software is integrated without downloading an interface.

The keyboard has virtually all its features integrated into or on its own. There isn’t any interface software. However, there are two types of hotkeys available. They have one with the Fn key and the other with the Fn+Alt key.

Additionally, the switches available include Cherry MX, which is the default. Dip switches are found on the bottom of the keyboard to assist you in changing the position of the Windows keys Fn, Fn Caps Lock, and others.

This is a great gaming keyboard that will meet the needs of any player. The main reason is the lower actuation force and the slow pre-travel speed. Additionally, it makes the inputs feel more fluid.

It’s extremely well-built and gives excellent feedback due to its Cherry MX Brown switches. Although you must perform everything using the keyboard, it’s an excellent option for those who enjoy modifying features.

Ducky One 2 Mini RGB LED Mechanical Keyboard

Keychron vs. Ducky: Anne Pro 2 vs. Ducky One 2 Mini

PropertiesDucky One 2 MiniAnne Pro
SwitchesCherry MXGateron, Cherry, Kailh Box
Build MaterialPBTPBT
USBDetachable Type-CDetachable Type-C
Bluetooth connectivityNoYes

1. Construction and Build Quality

It isn’t easy to choose the clear winner in this case, given that both keyboards are the same in terms of physical construction and quality. They all have keycaps made of robust PBT plastic. In this way, they are equipped with a highly durable cover and base that will last for a time.

The keycaps’ material is made of ABS plastic. The material is long-lasting due to its rigidity and strength, allowing you to punch the keys for a lengthy time. Another feature they have in common is the Doubleshot keycaps.

At the end that the symbols on every key are made of solid plastic. Consider it a way to think of it: old keycaps were coated with paint that could wear off with time. With Doubleshot, this is far less likely to occur.

The materials used to construct both are similar for the frames and the overall structure. There’s a hidden steel plate that provides an excellent typing base. When you press those keys, you with the exact results you require.

Additionally, steel increases their longevity. This makes them the perfect choice for any user. You’ll want a keyboard you can trust when playing games or writing documents.

Winner: Both

2. Switches

Regarding switches, it’s essential to choose the top regardless of the type of keyboard you choose. The two keyboards offer switches that differ in quality, but you have some choices when choosing. But, the Ducky Mini here lets you utilize just Cherry MX switches.

The good thing about this is that Cherry MX is the original brand and the manufacturer of the key switches used on the board. There’s no choice in the choices available. This is fine for a lot of users.

The Anne Pro 2 review will highlight that you can choose a variety of top-quality switches. They comprise Gateron, Kailh Box switches and every Cherry MX switch. This way, the range of options gives it an advantage over the Ducky. However, unlike many who enjoy Cherry switches, you’ll only feel the difference once you play with another.

Winner: Anne Pro

3. Design Ergonomics

In terms of ergonomic design, Both were designed with great intentions. Furthermore, there’s little to differentiate them as they share the exact dimensions. Furthermore, the Type C detachable USB cable is available on both keyboards.

Our belief, however, is that the Ducky One 2 takes the first place and has excellent reasons too. It features feet that extend and two different options. So the user can get used to the position of the board. Anne Pro doesn’t have this option, which would have distinguished it from the competition.

Winner: Ducky

4. Backlighting

Backlight features are now standard on a lot of mechanical keyboards. The two reviewed here aren’t much different and feature high-quality lighting. The Ducky is much more stunning because of its features and full RGB illumination.

In addition, you can add the maximum brightness that allows for an array of colors in well-lit rooms. Furthermore, you need to adjust all the board settings using a ready-made application.

This Anne Pro here is also excellent, with fantastic backlighting. It’s true, particularly when the keyboard has full RGB and brightness options. Additionally, it comes with a white interior frame that helps reflect light.

That’s not to do with backlighting, as it’s not bright enough. Yes, rooms that are well-lit and offices are light, but it helps if your keyboard can blend in with the surroundings.

Winner: Ducky

5. Other Features

We’ve already mentioned that the Anne Pro has some great features. Although the Ducky One 2 mini keyboard has a solid build and the standard features, it isn’t as good as the previous model in terms of other features.

Anne Pro will be able to connect wirelessly. Anne Pro will offer Bluetooth connectivity. It will attract users who wish to utilize this keyboard in wireless. Additionally, you can pair your keyboard with several different devices. It’s logical to lay back in front of your computer to start working.

Another benefit that Anne Pro offers is the software. It allows you to alter critical bindings and change layers and macros completely.

This means that you’ll have a more enjoyable time using it compared to the “on-board” feature for the Ducky. You can make adjustments that you’ll feel at ease with.

But this Ducky One 2 mini has an advantage with mouse emulated. Although many users will not have this feature, it’s essential to mention it.

Winner: Anne Pro

Keychron vs. Ducky: Anne Pro 2 vs. Ducky One 2 Mini

Ducky One 3 vs Keychron K6

Ducky One 3Keychron K6
  • Great for typing
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes
  • Premium PBT keycaps feel great on the fingertips
  • Does not suffer from ghosting when pressing multiple keys simultaneously
  • Some people found it difficult to get used to the layout
  • Great for typing on
  • Nice heft to it
  • Crisp key clicks
  • Good experience overall
  • Materials are high quality
Compatible DevicesPCLaptop



Connectivity TechnologyUSBBluetooth
Keyboard DescriptionMechanicalMechanical
Special FeatureBacklitWireless



ColorCherry MX BlueGateron Brown Switch
Number of Keys6568
Item Dimensions LxWxH13.19 x 4.33 x 1.57 inches4.21 x 12.48 x 1.46 inches
MaterialPolybutylene Terephthalate



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