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Nvidia’s New AI Photo Creator Works Magic

Unveiling of perhaps the most astonishing digital image creator ever designed took place recently at Nvidia GTC 2019.

The name of the software is GauGAN and it is built from Nvidia’s neural network. This program takes simple paint-like digital drawings and seamlessly turns them into spectacular landscapes.

In order to train the neural network, Nvidia used approximately 1 million images from Flickr.

Notably, while the UI looks rudimentary, the tech is extremely advanced. Real-world relation is built into GauGAN. This means if the user desires a dreary winter landscape, all they have to do is change the season setting and the program will adjust the output accordingly.

While the company says they are still making improvements to GauGAN, the results are already quite astounding. This takes digital art to a new level.

Check out a more detailed version of the magic below.

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