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Why Are Game Journalists Bad At Games? 2022

There are a few possible explanations for Why Are Game Journalists Bad At Games. Perhaps they’re too focused on writing and reporting instead of playing. Or maybe they just don’t have enough time to devote to honing their skills. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that game journalists are not as good at playing games as some other people in the industry.

Why Are Game Journalists Bad At Games?

Recently, I had a fantastic conversation with Dino Dini, a game developer and streamer. We spoke for almost two hours about the state of modern gaming journalism and its problems. We need to get rid of the bandage: Game Journalism as it exists today is horrible. Let’s talk about why.

1. Qualifications

This is the second one. However, there is a problem with who can speak about video games. There are no guidelines for game journalists, just as there aren’t any standards for making video games. Many people on Youtube and Twitch talk about video games. But how many of them understand the process of game development?

You don’t have to play many video games or go to conventions to be a game journalist. This was something we discussed in our cast. However, it should be obvious that anyone who considers themselves professional should know about making games.

How many people can make a video or write about games and talk with game designers? This is not about PR. I am talking about the intricacies of game design. The common problem with mainstream gaming sites is that they all use the same PR announcements pool.

I know when I receive a PR email, at least three other sites will publish the same news like me, like clockwork.

Game Journalism is challenging to qualify for. It is possible for someone to be a game developer and want to create games. The reverse should be true: You need to know what goes into the game design if you’re going to become a professional journalist.

This last point relates to standards. Professionals should be able and able to discuss any game, even those they don’t like. You’re not a game journalist if you only yell at developers or slander them.

2. Media over Medium

The following article is a fascinating part of the Game Industry/Journalist Relationship. The only industry where people are more well-known than those in it is the Game Industry. YouTube, Twitch, and many other sites were built on a cult of personality. This is evident in the popularity of popular YouTubers, who have taken over the Game Industry.

Many developers must go through a lot of hoops to get their game covered. It goes beyond simply emailing someone to ask if they are interested in their game. Developers must also negotiate terms and conditions to have their game covered.

Most gamers know people who talk about video games more than those who make them.

It creates a market for people who use the medium only for their ends. Clickbait articles, videos, and rants disguised as reviews are all part of the noise that drowns out the signal. This raises another problem: How can we fix it?

Media over Medium

3. They are in it for the money

It could be because of all the video games around them, but many people choose to become video game journalists even though they don’t enjoy games. Many games are mind-numbing. Some are great, but most are designed to drain your brain and leave you with nothing. Candy Crush Saga is a good example. It’s not a bad game, but the game creator wanted it to be mind-numbing. Even those who have never played any video games know what they are. If a game journalist has never played various video games, they shouldn’t be writing about it. Many video game journalists write half-assed reviews. You must know the best and worst games to be a gaming journalist. Duck Blogs is a gamer!

They don't play enough

4. They don’t play enough

Magazines review games as soon as they are released. This is because they have had sufficient time to play the game. Yet, many publications still base their reviews solely on one day of play. Although they do not want to spoil the surprise, journalists must realize that by reviewing a game so quickly and giving their opinion so soon after it has been played, they could be causing more harm than good. The old rule of waiting until a game becomes available for rent or purchase before reviewing it is still a good idea.

5. They don’t know anything about you

Their job is to please you. Talking about gear, community, and other topics is part of their job. Sometimes they don’t know what people want. They will often talk about the latest and greatest. Because Call of Duty is a huge title played by millions of people each year, many sites will feature it. This will prevent smaller game publishers from having their games covered. Duck Blog is committed to protecting all types of video games so that the news media won’t limit us.


6. They don’t have high standards

Even a poor game can still be good if you spend money on it. It can be daunting to be evaluated in a new medium on your own merits. Many game critics don’t want to give a lower score than an 8 or 9, even though only a few games are worthy of it. While everyone wants to be safe and not push developers too hard, we all know there have been many AAA games poorly received over the years.

7. They are proud of those who play

Gamers have been under scrutiny for a long time, something that we have always accepted with a smile. Sometimes, it can be annoying when game journalists go out of their way and brag about how much they know about gaming.

Although they may seem innocent at first, even though they are probably harmless over time, those innocuous comments can add up. It’s almost like someone coming up to you every day and making fun of your hair. At first, you might laugh it off, but then you realize that they are getting to you. This is why game journalists should not poke fun at gamers who play games. It doesn’t make them bad journalists. It just makes them rude.

8. They won’t finish the task in less than an hour

It’s not unusual to hear gamers complain about the length of gaming reviews. While I am guilty of making that claim, it’s not uncommon for me to make similar claims. However, many of my friends think I’m still not done! These justifications are also bogus.

You wouldn’t quit playing if you didn’t enjoy a particular game after an hour. Is it necessary to play for eight hours before the game becomes enjoyable? Is it possible to finish a 40-hour RPG within two weeks? And still, have enough time to write about other games. No!

Video Game Journalism’s Future

This is not an easy problem. There are very few examples of high-quality videogame journalism. It is still referred to as “PR Speak” in the 1980s and 1990s. If video games are considered art, there should be more quality discussion.

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