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Is Instant Gaming Legit?

In the vast world of online gaming, finding the best deals on your favorite titles is a quest in itself. Many gamers are drawn to key marketplaces, such as Instant Gaming, which promise heavily discounted prices on digital game keys.

However, with the proliferation of unauthorized sellers and potential risks associated with third-party marketplaces, the question arises: Is Instant Gaming legit, and can you trust these platforms with your gaming purchases?

Is Instant Gaming Legit And Trustworthy?

If you’re a fan of all things digital and are always on the hunt for a bargain when it comes to games, you’ve gotta hear about Instant Gaming. Founded by a crew of gamers just like you and me, it’s a fantastic spot to snag legit game codes.

So, how does Instant Gaming manage to keep its prices so low, you might ask? It’s simple. They buy game codes in bulk from suppliers, which usually gets them a pretty sweet deal. And the best part? They pass those savings straight onto us. It’s a win-win!

Now, let’s talk about prices. Instant Gaming might seem like they’ve got higher prices, especially for new releases. But wait, don’t close that tab just yet! They often offer discounts that can reach up to a whopping 70% off the regular retail price. Imagine getting your favorite game for less than half the price you’d usually pay. Sounds awesome, right?

Preordering games is another nifty feature of Instant Gaming. You can lock in your game before it even hits the stores, often at a much lower price than the standard launch price.

And if you’re a console fan, they’ve got you covered too! You can find games for your Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and they’re constantly adding new-generation titles to their ever-growing collection.

Remember, Instant Gaming isn’t a marketplace like G2A. It’s more like an online retailer. And with a whopping Trustpilot rating of 4.7 out of 5, it’s pretty reliable too. So, next time you’re looking for a new game to play, why not give Instant Gaming a try? You might just find your next favorite game at a bargain price!

How Does It Work?

Remember the times when we had to get off our cozy couches and actually drive down to the mall or the local game store to grab physical copies of games? Yeah, those days are long gone. Buying games online, especially from Instant Gaming, is way more convenient. Here’s why:

First things first, you need to create an Instant Gaming account. I know what you’re thinking: “Why should I do that?” Well, there are tons of cool benefits.

Once you’ve successfully shelled out the cash for your game, your shiny new CD keys will be chilling in the ‘My Orders’ section of your account. It’s like your personal game key vault! And if you ever hit a bump and need help, you can easily reach out to the customer service team on the site.

Having an account also makes the whole process smoother and faster. It’s like having a VIP pass to the world of gaming!

Now, let’s get to the best part. After you’ve bought your game, you can redeem your code on your favorite platform and dive straight into the action. The best part? That code is yours forever. It’s like your gaming tattoo, and it lets you download your game whenever you want.

So, why wait in line when you can get your games instantly from the comfort of your own home? Plus, with an Instant Gaming account, you get the best gaming experience. Game on!

How To Buy Games From Instant Gaming?

First off, pick the game you’ve been itching to play and hit that ‘buy’ button. This will send you speeding off to the payment page. If you’re a newbie to Instant Gaming, you’ll have to register. But if you’re already part of the gang, then no worries, you’re good to go.

A little pro-tip here: It’s best to use your Google Play creds when you’re signing up. Now, once that’s done, you’re ready to splash the cash. Pay for your game using your choice of plastic – VISA Maestro, MasterCard, or even digital wallets like PayPal, Paysafecard. They’ve got plenty of options.

The game’s price tag might change depending on the version or platform. Sometimes, it’s a small change, but other times, it’s a big ol’ jump.

Now, let’s chat about IG credits. You can earn these cool beans by following Instant Gaming on Facebook and Twitter, or by installing their browser extension or mobile app. It’s like a little bonus for being part of their club!

Don’t stress about the security of your transactions, they’ve got that covered with a solid 256-bit SSL secured system managed by Hipay SAS. So, your details are safe and sound.

Once your payment is a done deal, your CD key or game pass will be waiting for you in the ‘My Account’ section. Punch that key into the respective distributor (like Steam, Uplay, Origin, etc.), and bam! You’re all set to dive into your new game. Game on!

Instant Gaming Review

1. User Interface

Hey there, my tech-savvy buddies! You know how sometimes you jump onto a website and it feels like you’re lost in a jungle? You want to find that one cool game everyone’s been raving about, but navigating through the site feels like an epic quest? Yeah, I’m sure we’ve all been there.

When we’re talking about Instant Gaming, we’re diving into that kind of territory. I mean, sure, they have some awesome games. But as far as the user interface goes, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give them a 7.

Why, you ask? Well, let’s start with the colours. They’re so bright and in-your-face, they make you feel like you’re in a neon rave instead of a gaming site. You’ll be trying to focus on finding your game, but the flashy background will keep distracting you.

Then, there’s the classification of games. It’s kinda like they were playing a game of hide and seek with the titles. All the games are stashed under the ‘platform’ section, and it takes a real eagle eye to spot the game you’re after.

The website claims to support multiple platforms, but once you dive in, you’ll see they’re a bit light on games for each platform. And what’s with all the games tagged with ‘NA’ (Not Available) instead of a price or discount? Feels a bit like window shopping at a closed store, doesn’t it?

2. Sorting Mechanism

Now we’re diving into the super cool world of Instant Gaming’s sorting system. And trust me, it’s pretty rad, even if it’s got some quirks.

The super cool part? They’ve got more filters than a pro photographer. You can slice and dice their game catalog by ‘Platform’, ‘Genre’, ‘Price’, ‘Discount’, ‘Gamers rating’, and even some mystery ‘other filters’.

That ‘other filters’ section is the secret weapon for gamers who are all about those regional or non-English games. Plus, it lets you see what games are up for grabs right now, what’s on the pre-order list, and what’s coming up next.

But, hold on to your game controllers, because there’s a bit of a plot twist here. Most sites rank their bestsellers based on global sales, right? Well, Instant Gaming dances to a different beat. Their bestsellers list is all about what’s hot on their site. This could lead to some gamers thinking they’ve struck global gold, when really, it’s just an Instant Gaming diamond.

Another funky thing is their ‘lowest price’ filter. You’d think this would give you the games that won’t empty your piggy bank, right? But nope! Instead, you get a whole lot of games labeled with an ‘NA’. It’s like going on a treasure hunt, but instead of treasure, you get… well, not much of anything. A little tweak in their code could totally fix this.

Instant Gaming Service

If you change your mind, you can score a refund. Just remember, you’ve got 10 days from purchase to make your move. They’ll check if you’ve used the code or not. If you haven’t, boom! Refund to the rescue.

If you’re a boss at creating content or if your Twitch streams are hotter than a summer barbecue, then Instant Gaming has got something that might just tickle your fancy. How does becoming an Instant Gaming partner sound?

It’s kinda like being a part of an exclusive club, only instead of a secret handshake, you get to be part of their affiliate marketing program. This means, you can offer your followers a discount on games when they sign up and buy through your link. You get to play games, make your followers happy, and earn a bit on the side.

Why Is Instant Gaming So Cheap?

You see, Instant Gaming has a pretty nifty business model that lets them sell games at prices that seem too good to be true. But trust me, it’s all legit!

First off, they sell digital copies of games. That means no physical discs, no packaging, no shipping, nada! All of this helps them cut costs. When you buy from Instant Gaming, you just get a key that you can use to download the game. Easy peasy!

Another way they keep prices down is by buying games in bulk. Just like when you buy a million cookies from the store and get a discount (okay, maybe not a million, but you get the idea). They buy a huge number of game keys at a time, which usually gets them a nice discount from the game publishers.

Also, sometimes they buy games in regions where the prices are lower, and then sell them globally. This is called ‘region pricing,’ and it’s all about the fact that games are priced differently in different parts of the world.

Instant Gaming Alternatives

1. Steam

This epic platform is run by Valve Corporation and it’s like the superhero of the digital gaming universe.

Steam isn’t just about buying and playing games. It’s also super helpful with keeping your games up to date. Whether you’re playing Valve’s own games or ones made by other companies, Steam makes sure you’ve always got the latest version. No more hunting for updates!

What’s even cooler is this thing they’ve got called Steamworks. It’s like a magic tool for game developers to sprinkle Steam features into their own games. It’s all about making games better, easier, and more fun for us gamers.

So, if you’re looking to buy the latest games for any platform, Steam is your go-to place. It’s like your personal gaming assistant that’s always ready to help out. Game on with Steam!

2. Green Man Gaming

These folks zoomed into the gaming world in 2009, on a mission to tackle the big challenge of delivering the freshest, most awesome video games to gamers like you and me.

Green Man Gaming is like a gigantic digital game library. With a catalog supporting multiple gaming distributions and platforms, it’s got a massive collection of over 6600 games. Imagine that! It’s like being a kid in a candy store, except it’s a gamer in a game store.

What’s super impressive about Green Man Gaming is that they’re making their mark globally. A whopping 95% of their cash comes from sales outside the UK. That’s a lot of global gamers loving what they’re doing!

And guess what? They’re not stopping there. They’re dreaming big and have announced plans to float on the Alternative Investment Market, which is part of the London stock market. They’re going all-in to grow their global operations even further. Game on, Green Man Gaming!

3. Origin

This is Electronic Art’s own playground that they launched back in 2011. Think of it as a one-stop-shop, or rather a super cool digital mall, where you can buy and sell legit games.

The super-duper thing about Origin is how it hooks up your games with your profile. As soon as you buy a game from Origin’s website or app, BOOM! It’s instantly attached to your profile. And the best part? You don’t need to mess around with CD keys to start playing.

So if you’ve ever lost a game CD key and had to turn your room upside down to find it, you know how huge a deal this is! It’s like having a magical keychain that always knows where your game keys are. No fuss, no muss, just pure gaming bliss!

4. GOG

Let’s take a time machine back to 2008, when GOG.com first arrived on the gaming scene. It’s like the grandpa of game distribution websites, but don’t let that fool you, it’s still super cool and hip!

GOG.com is like a digital game shop that has a special focus on Windows, macOS, and Linux games. So no matter if you’re a PC, Apple, or Linux fan, you’ve got something to play.

What’s super cool about GOG.com is how easy it is to find awesome games. Its user interface is like a super-friendly game guide, showcasing highlighted games, top recommendations, and the best sellers. So whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual player, you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

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