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How To Fix Laptop Hinge Is Broken? Tips New 2022

When your laptop hinge is broken, it can be a real pain to fix. But with a little know-how, you can have your laptop up and running like new in no time. In this article, Glitchmind will show you how to diagnose and fix a broken laptop hinge.

How does the Laptop Hinge work?

Hinges are objects that allow two things to correlate. Like a laptop, a Hinge attaches your back, screen, and front portions of the laptop.

You might have problems using your laptop if the hinge is broken.

It may not open correctly or close properly.

Laptop Hinges: Why Did They Break?

The Hinge of the Laptop has a very delicate part. If you don’t take it after that, it could be broken very easily.

There is no warranty on the Laptop Hinge parts. If the hinge breaks, you will need to fix it yourself. Otherwise, the service center will charge you money to repair the hinge.

These are some of the methods that your Laptop Hinge was damaged. If you follow these steps, you can protect your laptop from any broken Hinge pieces.

1. Do not open your laptop properly

If your laptop is not opened correctly and you don’t give it enough muscle, it will put extra strain on its hinges. When it becomes unable to bear the load, it will be damaged.

2. Do not close your laptop

We often close our laptops in a hurry and put too much pressure on them. The hinge can then be damaged.

3. Situation that occurred

We sometimes place our laptops in awkward positions, so it is possible to break the unusual occurrence.

Sometimes, our work makes it challenging to bend our laptops enough that our Laptop Hinge feels the strain. In this case, the hinge may also feel the pressure.

4. Screw falls

There are many small screws in the laptop. If one of these screws falls, the hinge can also be broken.

How to Check if Your Hinge Is Loose

Typical changes that can lead to a complete loosening of the hinge are that your computer will initially feel easier to open. You may not need the slightest force to open your laptop anymore.

After you open the screen, it will wobble and drift to new or different positions. This is the first sign that you’ll notice before your hinges start to loosen.

How to Check if Your Hinge Is Loose

Signs of damage/loose and the wearing of the hinge

Many signs can indicate hinge damage. While some signs are obvious, others may be hidden.

The hinge or housing may have physical damage. These can be easily seen.

The display will not stand at 90 degrees or be moved to your desired position.

The hinge can become stuck and make moving more challenging than necessary. It may not appear from the outside. This is an indication of the problem. The hinge housing in the screen will soon be damaged or cracked if it is not fixed promptly. When you move the screen, it will make a creaking sound.

Sometimes, you may hear a cranky sound when closing the laptop. These signs are an indication that one of your screws may be loose.

The hinge is made of pure plastics. The screws are attached to these plastics. The plastic screw hole will shrink over time, causing the screw to become loose.

Fixing A Broken Laptop Hinge

You can make a laptop monitor that wobbles stable. There are many solutions. Some are simple and require no tools, while others need drilling machines and nuts.

As I expect most people reading this post to be familiar with the tools-less methods, I will prioritize them. But, I will also include the techniques that require some prior skill and experience.

A laptop isn’t a toy. It is a costly item. It is difficult to disassemble and fix any problems. This is how it should be done.

Many people mistakenly believe that it is impossible to fix a broken hinge. The only solution is to handle the situation or call the manufacturer to have it fixed.

1. Repair a Laptop Hinged Without Disassembling

Place a flat object on the back of your laptop. Make sure that the screen section of your laptop is on the back of the thing to prevent it from moving. This is what I did last year when I tried to play PS4 on a laptop with this problem.

You can also use friction pads to fix the Hinges. These friction pads can reduce wobbling and open the screen easily.

You can also order a replacement part from the manufacturer, especially if your warranty is still valid. Talk to your manufacturer about the problem, and they’ll give you some suggestions. It is essential to get in touch with your manufacturer for simple troubleshooting.

Take a tube gorilla glue epoxy. Next, glue the tube of gorilla glue epoxy together to ensure it holds. If it ever breaks, you can use the glue to repair it. Super glue is also available. Super glue can be used, but it depends on the hinge system of your laptop. In some cases, the tension in the hinge may cause it to fail.

Place the hinge on the outside of the case. You will first need to use your drill to drill pilot holes measuring 2mm into the case cover. The bottom two screws in the bezel/garnish will be used. The pilot holes should be enlarged to 3mm. Drill from the case covers back towards the hinge. Attach the screw from the case side to the bezel side. You can file the screws down if they are too long. A dab of black enamel can be used to hide the nuts. This repair will only require one screw per hinge.


Remember that you cannot buy 3mm coupler nuts at hardware/home improvement stores. They can be used to hold a circuit board apart. It can be purchased at a computer repair shop electronics supply store. You can also use Chicago screws or binding screws.

2. Repair a broken laptop hinge by disassembling the laptop

A simple self-trouble-shooting can save you some little cash.

First, you will need to disconnect all cables and take out all screws that connect the laptop’s base to the keyboard.

To make it easier to reassemble, note where each screw is located.

The flat head screw can remove the hinge cover on the top of the motherboard.

Take the laptop monitor out of the base and unplug it. Then, unscrew the hinges.

Reassemble the laptop by following the steps above.

How to Fix Damaged Plastic Cover Attached To The Hinge

There are several ways to resolve the problem.

You can loosen a nut to loosen the hinges.

You can replace the hinges. These replacement parts are available at a low price from many 3rd-party shops. eBay has many sellers. Before you buy, match the part number.

Tip: If the lower or upper plastic housings are cracked or damaged, there is no alternative but to replace them.

Fixing A Broken Laptop Hinge

How to prevent Laptop Hinges From Breaking

1. Do not settle for poor build quality

This question can be answered by examining what causes laptop hinges to break. Many casual laptops are of poor quality. It is pretty standard for laptop hinges to fail after just a few years of regular use. It is best to secure a similar device on a desk. You risk your laptop getting damaged if you bring it to work or school. It is best to purchase something more expensive and of higher quality.

2. Make sure to close your laptop properly

You’ll often see students hurrying around their laptops on university campuses. They would sometimes leave things between the screen and keyboard and then down the lid. This is the leading cause of hinge damage. Laptops can be expensive and delicate, so it is best not to rush to close the lid. It is always a good idea not to leave anything between.

3. Avoid improper carrying

Poorly carrying your laptop is one of the main reasons it breaks or gets damaged. It would help if you closed your laptop’s lid when you worked. Then, take your laptop with you and put it in a bag. People who rush to carry their laptops and hold the screen can put a lot of strain on the hinges.

The hinges eventually weaken over time and eventually crack. You might want to consider buying a larger laptop if you find yourself in such a situation. It’s nearly impossible to transport heavier machines around without being careful. You might also consider older ThinkPads and gaming laptops.

4. Transport

Laptops are always subject to wear and tear from regular transportation. Ensure your laptop is secured correctly when you carry it to school or work. You should not take public transport with people who bump into your backpack. This will place pressure on the hinges and cause them to crack. It is best to leave your computer alone if you can’t avoid it.

You should protect your laptop and avoid traveling during peak hours if you cannot leave it home. You can also opt for something lighter and more durable. The MacBook Air is a great choice!


A broken hinge can make your laptop unusable and cause headaches. It is not advisable to either throw it away or buy a new one. That would be an additional expense.

All the above steps are combined with a great youtube video. It should now be possible to determine if the hinge can be repaired.

Follow the steps if you are able. If you’re not sure, contact a professional to help you.

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