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Magic Keyboard vs Smart Keyboard: What Is Right For iPad? 2022

Assuming you are asking for a comparison of the magic keyboard vs smart keyboard: The Magic Keyboard is a full-size keyboard complete with a numeric keypad and function keys.

On the other hand, the Smart Keyboard is a more compact keyboard that connects to your iPad Pro using the Smart Connector. Both keyboards are compatible with the 12. 9-inch and 11-inch iPad Pro models.

Smart Keyboard Folio

The Apple Smart Keyboard has been around for a while since. It was first introduced with the 2015 iPad Pro before being redesigned into a Smart Keyboard Folio in 2018 with the new iPad Pros. The new design could have gone better, and users have looked at alternatives over the last year and a half.

However, this Smart Keyboard Folio has its advantages. In comparison to the Magic Keyboard, both are superior. Innovative Keyboard Folio is far heavier than its counterpart, the Magic Keyboard, lending itself more flexibility for those who want to lower their weight as much as possible.

This Smart Keyboard Folio also has the advantage of being nearly 100% water-resistant. Apple produces these keyboards with a woven fabric made stiff around the keycaps. This means there is no way for liquids to enter the keyboard; the same is valid for dust and other particles.

There are two angles of view available on the Smart Keyboard Folio, a more vertical angle for watching media and a more inclined angle to work from. It is connected via its Smart Connector and has minimal impact on battery longevity.

Smart Keyboard Folio

Magic Keyboard

The Apple Magic Keyboard has much more than it has to offer. It’s also equipped with its Smart Connector but has a full mechanical keyboard that uses a scissor-switch mechanism and a glass trackpad. It does consume some battery life, but only a significant amount.

The switch mechanism that uses a scissor for the keyboard is a significant improvement. It’s not as waterproof as the Smart Keyboard Folio, but it’s much more responsive to type. The fabric keys are characterized by a “click” to them, but they’re very soft and can be “stuck” even when they aren’t being used.

Magic Keyboard is also backlit. It automatically adjusts based on the lighting of the room. However, it can be manually adjusted using options.

Overall Overall, the Magic Keyboard is far more excellent and more robust.

A minor but crucial aspect is the Arrow keys. In the Smart Keyboard Folio, Apple uses a smaller design for the arrow keys; however, they are somewhat difficult to spot. Apple changed back to the reversed “T” design with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and they also changed it for the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro.

If you select to use the Magic Keyboard, you are also adding another USB-C port to the iPad Pro. This is perfect for charging the iPad while leaving the port to the side of the tablet to connect to other devices.

Although the Magic Keyboard is heavier because of the steel plates inside the keyboard. This makes it more solid and easy to move around. If you grab this Smart Keyboard Folio with just the keyboard, it will bend and expands, while its Magic Keyboard stays firm.

Magic Keyboard

Magic Keyboard vs Smart Keyboard: which is the best iPad Keyboard Should You Purchase?

1. Keyboard

The use of Apple’s Magic Keyboard to describe its top-quality iPad case is intended to make clear that it’s a “real” keyboard, complete with the scissor switches you’ll see on the most recent M1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops.

The keys even have backlighting which is a significant enhancement over that of Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the Mac, and they can accommodate 1mm of keyboard travel. On the left side of the keyboard, there’s a trackpad that is likely the primary reason to purchase one.

The keyboards do not come with trackpads or backlighting for those with Smart Keyboard and Smarty Keyboard Folio. Keys themselves are covered with an enveloping material, which means that crucial travel is not possible. Most of the time, typing on it feels as if you’re pounding your hands on the table.

It’s still possible to adore this Smart Keyboard Folio, mainly because the design makes the case slim and prevents dust and other particles from getting caught through the keyboard.

This (and the cost) may increase its appeal to those who are frequently on the go using the iPad Pro, but we’d still suggest spending more for it. Magic Keyboard. If you own an iPad or an older iPad Air that doesn’t support the Magic Keyboard, the Smart Keyboard is also an excellent alternative if you use your iPad for lots of typing.

2. Trackpad

This is a simple one to remember: The Magic Keyboard includes a trackpad. The Smart Folio Keyboard, as well as the Smart Keyboard, do not.

It’s an enormous benefit to the Magic Keyboard since you’ll need to connect an external trackpad or mouse for the same effect as the Smart Keyboard. The gestures for the trackpad are generally like the ones you’d utilize on the MacBook; however, there are iPad-specific gestures as well. Make sure to read our detailed how-to page for more details.

3. Adjustability

Similar to the Smart Keyboard Folio before it was, it’s similar to the Magic Keyboard keeps its iPad Pro in place with a strong magnet. There’s a compelling reason to use that grip.

Because of a cantilevered hinge in the Magic Keyboard, you can tilt the iPad upwards to 130 degrees until you have the ideal viewing angle you would use on a MacBook.

This iPad itself “floats” above the keyboard, which means you don’t have to be looking down as far as you do use its Smart Keyboard Folio.

Its Magic Keyboard is a bit more comfortable than the other models for use on a lap. However, they’re all designed for use at desks. Its Smart Keyboard Folio only allows for two viewing angles, which are pretty steep.

In essence, you move the iPad to one of the two grooves on top of the keyboard, and magnets securely hold it. Using the Smart Keyboard only with a one-view angle could be more comfortable, and it’s challenging to work on any flat surface.

4. Ports

It is worth noting that the Magic Keyboard has a USB-C pass-through port that allows charging directly into the hinge. It is only used to charge your device, but it’s a plus that this port opens up the USB-C port of the iPad for USB thumb drives, wired mouse or any other peripherals you wish to connect.

Indeed, the Smart Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio do not have ports, at the very least, when you exclude a Smart Connector that’s used to connect the tablet to the device in the first location.

Magic Keyboard vs Smart Keyboard: which is the best iPad Keyboard Should You Purchase?

5. Compatibility

Both versions included in the Smart Keyboard Folio and the Magic Keyboard case work with all versions of iPad Pro made after 2018. If you’re planning to equip with 2018’s iPad Pro with the new Magic Keyboard, go for it.

The issue becomes more complicated If you’re thinking of using this year’s Smart Keyboard Folio with the 2020 or 2021 iPad Pro since the cutout for the camera on this model in 2018 is small to fit into the square array that is found in the new 2020 iPad Pro.

In addition, the 2021 12.9-inch iPad Pro is slightly larger than the previous model, but the previous Magic Keyboard case works with the latest model in our tests. However, it is recommended to purchase one that is compatible with your iPad model.

6. Weight

The Magic Keyboard case is noticeably heavier than the Smart Keyboard Folio and adds quite a lot of extra weight for the iPad (1.6 pounds as opposed to 0.89 pounds).

If you’re planning on transporting the iPad Pro around with the keyboard, you should consider this. If you’ve got its Magic Keyboard attached, the iPad Pro is closer in weight to the laptop than an iPad.

7. Price

The Magic Keyboard comes with a price that is shocking 349 dollars to get one of the 12.9-inch models. In terms of perspective, it’s higher than the price you’ll spend on a regular entry-level iPad. It’s less expensive at $299, but it’s still an enormous amount of money.

For this model, the Smart Keyboard Folio, the 12.9-inch model, is priced at $199, the 11-inch model is $179, and the Smart Keyboard costs $159. This is a striking difference but bear an eye on the fact that you’re losing out on several features using Apple’s previous design.

8. Features

The Magic Keyboard has the option of a backlight. This makes it much more comfortable to type in dim lighting. This Magic Keyboard Folio does not have a backlight, but it includes the function row mentioned on the keyboard.

Additionally, there is the fact that the Magic Keyboard has a USB-C port, which makes charging the iPad more convenient, something that is something that the Magic Keyboard Folio does not.

This is likely because Magic Keyboard Folio is compatible with the essential iPads as opposed to the more costly iPad Pro range that the Magic Keyboard comes with.

Both are connected to the Smart Connectors of the iPad and do not require charging since they draw the juice out of the iPad.


Apple’s design for these keyboard cases can be a bit confusing since the Folio version, made to fit the smaller iPad, is the superior overall design. The functionality row is excellent, while the two-part design is more flexible. However, your choice is determined by the iPad you have already picked.

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